How to Choose the Right Fox Body K-Member

If you’re in the market for a new k-member for your Fox Body there are some things you need to consider before purchasing one. In this short guide we’ll cover what the k-member is, its function, and what to look for in an aftermarket one.

What is a K-Member?

The K-member on the Fox Body chassis is basically the piece that ties everything in the front together. It’s what your engine is bolted to, as well as your front suspension and steering rack. Since it pretty much ties everything together the rigidity is very important.

Build Material

Like I mentioned above, the rigidity of the k-member is extremely important. Just like how subframe connectors improve the chassis rigidity, so does the k-member. High-end k-members will typically be made of chromoly. Chromoly is extremely strong and fairly lightweight, but it is very expensive. Low-end k-members will typically be made of mild steel, which is weaker than chromoly and slightly heavier, but it’s much cheaper.

Suspension Geometry

One of the best features of an aftermarket k-member is the ability to change the suspension geometry. One of the most common geometry changes is to move the front wheels forwards. This helps with drag racing as it makes the vehicle more stable, as well as help keep the front end down when launching the vehicle.

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Aftermarket k-members can also bring slight change to camber, caster, suspension pick-up points, and a coil over setup. For a street Fox I would definitely stay with a factory geometry k-member to simply your alignment. Most k-members will require you to switch to a coil over setup, so keep that in mind when you decide to get an aftermarket k-member for your Fox Body.

Engine Mounts

With the insane popularity of the Chevy LS engine, it’s no surprise that people want to swap it into their Fox Body. However, this poses a few issues, mainly engine placement and engine mounts. An aftermarket k-member can solve these issues and make your engine swap a much simpler operation.


This is undoubtedly the most important factor when deciding what k-member you should purchase. For a street driven Fox Body I would recommend a mild steel tubular k-member with factory geometry. The low cost of mild steel will save your wallet and you’ll still experience the benefits of a tubular k-member.

If you plan on track racing your Fox Body I would definitely recommend getting a chromoly k-member with track focused suspension geometry. Although it will be significantly more expensive, chromoly will help shave weight off the front of your Fox Body which is very important for track racing.

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If you plan on drag racing your Fox Body look for a k-member that will push your front wheels forwards slightly. It might decrease your Fox’s cornering capability but it will be more stable down the 1/4 mile and you’ll be able to launch it harder.


Remember, the k-member pretty much holds the entire front end of your Fox Body together, so try to avoid cheaping out when you get one. You’re better off saving for a bit longer and purchasing a higher quality chromoly k-member. Here’s a good place to start your search for the perfect Fox Body k-member.

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