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  1. All the new Land Rover’s are an absolute joke on and off road. They have 4 and 6 cylinder engines with made in China body molds and do not perform up to par off road. When you see them driving down a moderate hill, or through tall grass or 10 inches of water on the marketing videos – that is the reason why. They are not up to par compared to the D1 -D4.

    Take off the Land Rover logo and they looked like they popped out of a Kia Factory. Land Rover was sold from UK to Ford. Then Ford sold it to some company in India who is coasting off the brand name.

    And unlike the old Discovery I and II’s – these new Discovery’s are terrible. Don’t listen to the people on the forums who are shilling or getting subsidized to say rosy things about the new Discovery’s. These cars are a joke for the MSRP. In my opinion it’s better to buy a used DI DII, 3 or 4. After the D4 there is nothing good enough. Your paying 70k for a Kia with a Land Rover logo. I drove one of these at the dealers obstacle course and it was an absolute joke compared to my 1999 Discovery II. They wanted almost 70 for this joke of a car after all was said and done. Not to mention the back of the car look’s like a giant diaper.

    My modified 1999 DII will tear these new Land Rovers up and they won’t be able to cross deep water crossings or snow.

    Land Rover got away from their African Safari Roots. Bottom line. Instead they went in the direction of Land Rover in name only, image and luxury just like the article says. And the older D’s with leather are very nice on the inside.

    If I had to choose between a new Jeep and a new Discovery – I would take a new Jeep even though you will pass another Jeep on the Road every 4 seconds.

    I could easily purchase a new Discovery with cash but would be a fool to do so even for half price. I am now looking a well maintained Discovery 1 from 1989. Yes 1989. 30 years older and it would outperform the “Land Rover” off road – and it looks like a Land Rover should.

    I’ve said on all the forums (and have been banned as well) these new cars are not Land Rovers anymore.

    Suggest anyone with cash and some mechanic knowledge buy a D1 – D4 and fix it up with new parts. You can make it so so cool. Even if you have no mechanic knowledge you can pay a mechanic for a full rehab AND you can add performance package items for way less than 70k. The D2’s in spite of their reliability issues were ahead of their time and have all the technology of the new D’s. Considering they were made in 99-04 this is impressive. There are certain issues and VIN’s you need to avoid so you will need to educate yourself using the forums before purchase on the Land Rover forums.

    The bottom line is that these new Land Rovers are an absolute joke to look and and perform under par off-road for almost 70k. Little better than a glorified KIA. For almost 70k I expect far better than this. I am wondering if you put off road tires on a top of the line KIA if there would be any difference off road.

    Land Rover must get back to their old design roots with a better engine before I even consider purchasing new.

    • As the owner of a 2003 D2 I agree. four years ago I had to put a new engine in mine, as the previous owner had overheated it and slapped a set of Headgaskets on her before selling on. It was not the gaskets, but the liners. Even though the engine cost me a pretty penny, I find it money well spent. 114,000 miles and she still looks good, goes great, and even when the engine finally dropped that liner, has always gotten me home (I did go through 15 gallons of water to get home that day)

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