Cobb Tuning is in BIG TROUBLE

For those of you who are into Subarus, Porsche, Ford Ecoboosts, or Nissan GTRs, you’re probably familiar with Cobb Tuning. They’ve long been one of the premier aftermarket parts companies for those aforementioned automotive brands, with their flagship product being the Accessport, which is essentially a platform to flash your vehicle with and it also … Read more

What are Ford’s Best V8 Engines Ever?

Throughout Ford’s long history, they’ve introduced dozens of different engines and most notably they introduced tons of different V8 engines, which have historically powered their most popular vehicles such as the Mustang, the Ford GT, the Broncos, the Raptor, the F150, and so on. Really, the V8 is very much part of their heritage, as … Read more

The Biggest Car Engines Ever

In the world of cars, the method of producing power used to be increasing displacement, but as we’ve gone into the modern century and turbocharging is increasingly popular among manufacturers, extremely large engines have almost entirely been phased out in favor of smaller and more efficient engines. And that got me thinking, what are the … Read more

Every BMW M3 Engine Ever

In the world of sports cars, there’s one car that has reigned supreme over nearly everything for decades, and that’s the BMW M3. Really, it’s long been the benchmark for what a good car is and what isn’t. It combines the best of handling, power, looks, braking, and price. Part of making an amazing car … Read more