The CRAZIEST Car Inventions You’ve NEVER Seen

With modern automobiles, we haven’t seen any crazy or outlandish inventions because automakers now know what works well and what doesn’t. But it wasn’t always that way. So today, let’s take a look at some of the craziest automotive inventions you’ve never heard of. #1 Turbo Axle You’ve heard of adding a turbo to your … Read more


In a recent article, we looked at some of the worst engines in automotive history and you guys loved that article, but there were only so many engines we could fit in that one article. So today, we’re looking at five more of the worst engines in history. #1 Chrysler 2.7L V6 Sludge Machine Jumping … Read more

Why Are These Becoming SO EXPENSIVE?

My first car cost me $1,200, and I later sold it for $2,000, and I’ve ever since then, I’ve had an addiction to affordably priced cars. So, today we’re going to take a look at a few cars that are still affordable now but are rapidly going up in price. For this video and article, … Read more


From commie cars to Camaro’s that run zero to 60 in 20 seconds, history is full of absolutely terrible cars. So today, we’re going to look at some of the worst cars ever and see just what makes each one so terrible. #1 Chevrolet Corvair Alright, getting straight into it, let’s take a look at … Read more

Why Nobody Bought These Cars

Some cars sell and some cars don’t. In fact, some cars continue to sell even though no one actually really likes them. prius with my face masked into it So today, let’s look at some cars that nobody bought even though they should’ve. And getting straight into this, let’s take a look at a car … Read more


In today’s car world, we’re used to Mustangs and Camaros making upwards of 500hp naturally aspirated, but cars weren’t always this powerful. So today, let’s look at some of the most pathetic cars ever, where it would be faster to flintstone the thing rather than use the engine under the hood. Let’s get into it. … Read more