The Partisan One SUV. Door Handles Sold Separately.

This morning the automotive blog-isphere was awash with this…thing? This is the Partisan One Suv. According to a press release from this company-that-totally-exists-you-guys; “A well-known Russian engineer and designer from Germany, Dr. Juri Postnikov, who caught GAZ on the “Comtrans-2017” in borrowing his developments, presented to the general public a universal army SUV “PARTISAN ONE”, … Read more

Cruisin’ The Coast is the Craziest Car Show You (Possibly) Haven’t Heard of!

In just a few short days I’ll be heading south to the general area of Biloxi, Mississippi for what has to be my favorite ridiculous cruise in/week-long party/unsolicited burnout contest/Car nerd Valhalla simply called Cruisin’ the coast. What is “Cruisin’ The Coast”? Cruising’ the coast (Or CTC from here out because acronyms are fun) started … Read more

‘Ring Fight 2017; Why I Love the Porsche GT2 RS

It seems like, over the last few years at least, that lap times around Germany’s famed Green Hell have stopped falling. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some impressive runs, like last the Dodge Viper ACR’s farewell 7:03.03 run, the Mercedes AMG GTR’s 7:10.92 and the new front-wheel-drive hero Civic type R taking the … Read more

I Bought The Most 90’s Car Ever for $300

I bought a $300 Eclipse GSX that hasn’t run in 10 years. That sentence alone is almost enough to commit someone into psychiatric care, or at least a very good shrink. Before you decide that I’m fit for a straitjacket let me explain myself. I know I’m the new guy here and you don’t know … Read more