2022 Best 30″ LED Light Bars

LED Lightbars are one of the most crucial investments you can do to modify your vehicle. Whether you’re into activities like off-road racing, operating heavy machinery, or maybe you just want a safe ride home: an LED light bar can help you out.

Not only does it illuminate the trail that you’re driving on, but it also serves different purposes like lighting up a place and keeping a working area safe and secure.

If you’ve bumped into this article, chances are you require some 30” LED light bar. For whatever purpose it may be, we’ve created a list of the best 30” LEDs for you to choose from.

These are rated based on their performance and durability, so rest assured that these LED light bars are just the right picks. What are we waiting for? Hit the lights!

#1 4WDKING LED Light Bar

The 4WDKing has a “king” on its name for a reason. Whatever reason that is, we’re pretty sure that’s because they manufacture one of the best-LED light bars in the whole world. 4WDKing has 15 extensive years of making military products and is popular all around the world for its top-tier LED products.

And now, they offer their 30” LED Light Bar.

What’s in the light bar? The 4WDKing 30” LED Light Bar features super bright lights encased in a highly durable housing. The LEDs are composed of OSRAM LED chips and are organized in two rows to create a concentrated spot and floodlights to illuminate the road and workspaces.

The housing is made from Lexan lens, a material 300 times stronger than your typical glass: UV proofed and Dupont coated.

It also has 13 pieces of cooling fans and a housing made of 6063 aluminum housing that doubles the surface area that the heatsink needs to make top-tier cooling that allows the light bar to survive for up to 50,000+ hrs.

#2 OFFROADTOWN 496W Quad Row LED Light Bar

More rows of LED lights means more area the light can cover. For the second on our list, we have the OFFROADTOWN 496W Quad Row LED Light Bar, a light bar capable of producing excellent lighting effects while being durable at the same time. The wattage is a big tell that this light bar can deliver huge lumens of light. 

What’s in the bag? The OFFROADTOWN LED Light Bar is capable of projecting light at an extreme stretch because of its quad row configuration: 30° spot beams are located in the middle part of the light bar while at both ends, the combo beams (15° spot and 120° flood) are located.

Heat sinks made from aluminum alloys are used to dissipate heat more effectively, allowing the LED light bar to live for 50,000+ hours of use. That’s a durable and long-lasting product.

What sets this LED light bar different from the rest is their use of two additional row leads and advanced optics to ensure that the light produced by the LED light bar will go forward with minimal optical loss.

#3 DJI 4X4 240W Single Row LED Light Bar 

The fun just starts after the sun goes down. That’s why you need quality LED lights to create more lights to illuminate an area. Thankfully that’s where the DJI 4×4 is an expert at.

They made sure that their 30” 240W Single Row LED Light Bar has a longer but narrower panel to give better illumination, double rows of LED chips to provide more light in an area, and an anti-theft bracket to make sure that the light bar is securely attached to the vehicle.

Installing a DJI 4X4 240W Single Row LED Light Bar means that you’re installing a sun on your vehicle. Each piece of LED chip installed produces 4W, totaling up to 240W available at your disposal.

It’s designed for durability, with heat sinks made from 6063 aluminum alloys to make sure that the heat is dissipated effectively and the wind noises are eliminated.

What’s cool about this LED light bar is that it’s only 1” thick! It’s light, easy to install, and most importantly, it’s compatible with a lot of vehicles with truck styles.

#4 KC HiLites C-Series C30 168W LED Light Bar 

The fourth spot on our list goes to the KC HiLites C-Series C30 168W LED Light Bar, an LED light bar made to small but terrible. It’s a perfect concoction of performance and value combined. Available in spot and beam patterns, this LED light bar is surely worth the money.

It’s got a total of 168W, a beam pattern of a spot (12°), and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of usage. The LED light bar’s housing is made of aluminum, and the thermal management installed protects the LEDs from radiofrequency and electromagnetic interferences.

It’s the perfect LED light bar for pickup trucks, ATVs, and SUVs. 

#5 Rough Country Black Series Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 

The last spot on the list goes to the Rough Country Black Series Single Row CREE LED Light Bar, a highly capable LED light bar that gives you command of the dark.

The modern frame offers a stylish yet effective means to project light on an area, and the mounts are adjustable so that you can modify its position anytime you wanted to.

What’s awesome about this LED light bar is its Noise Silencers that prevent any vibrations from generating noises by snapping on the top of the cooling fins.

When you purchase this LED light bar, the package will include the light bar itself, a wiring harness, a light cover, a switch, and a LED hardware specifically for off-road use.

These light bars are just average-sized when compared to the other LED light bars in the market, but it can project enough light to do its work effectively. All of the LED light bars on this list are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all, effective.

Choosing one of these light bars will be one of the greatest decisions of your life.

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