The Ultimate Guide to the Best Chevy Silverado Mods

Chevrolet has gathered over 100 years of truck building experience to make the best Silverado that they can – for now. The latest Chevy Silverado 6.2 V8 3.0L monstrosity capable of 277hp and 460lb-ft.

The previous generations are powerful too, that’s why the Chevy Silverado is considered to be one of the most reliable trucks in the market.

Mounting such a powerful beast means that it should be equipped with some upgrades too. There are so many modifications out there will fit your truck and give it some benefits. Such gains include height increase, performance boost, functionality, etc.

But come to think of it: what are the best Chevy Silverado upgrades someone can get?

If you’re asking yourself the same question then the list below is for you. Beneath are the best mods for Chevy Silverado, ripe for the picking. Check them out to see what mods you should first purchase for your Chevy Silverado!

#1 Leveling and Lift Kits

Ford F-250. GMC Sierra. Chevy Silverado. These are all mighty trucks, but they fall short on one similar thing: uneven stance. Almost all trucks suffer from the “rake”, a phenomenon where the height of the truck’s front is not parallel to the rear’s height.

This may not be problematic at first glance, but it makes your truck look sad and defeated.

Luckily for you, there is a way to solve this. By using leveling and lift kits, you can now make the height of both the front and the rear even. You can enjoy some benefits too! But first, what’s the difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit?

In a nutshell, a leveling kit “levels”, and a lift kit “lifts”. A leveling kit gives you two spacers for the front of the truck to make its height even to the rear. Aside from raising it by a few significant inches, there’s nothing much to it. 

A lift kit on the other hand solves the rake problem while lifting both the front and the rear of the truck. By doing so, it greatly increases the fender-to-tire clearance, allowing larger tires to fit in.

#2 Tonneau Covers

“Tonneau covers? What in the world is that?” The term may be unfamiliar, but tonneau is just another word for bed covers. Bed covers are absolute necessities when it comes to listing out the best Chevy Silverado mods.

This is one of the most functional mods for any kind of truck, and it would do you well if you get one.

There are three types of tonneau covers. Soft-roll up covers, soft and hard folding covers, and retractable cover. The first can be rolled up, the second can be folded into multiple folds (depending on the design), and the third can either be drawn back or drawn in.

Whatever floats your boat, these tonneau cover designs will surely complement the reliability and functionality that a Chevy Silverado can give. After all, why pick up a pickup truck if you can’t protect what you’ve picked up (see what I did there).

#3 Cold Air Intakes

We all love a breath of fresh air. Coincidentally enough, your truck does too! Did you know that cold ambient air can help burn the fuel more efficiently? By doing so, you’re not only increasing the amount of fuel efficiently burnt, but you also help the engine produce more power than it usually can.

Cold-air intake systems are one of the best performance mods for Chevy Silverado, simply because it helps the truck perform even better. If your truck burns the fuel more efficiently, then your truck’s engine produces more power.

If your truck’s engine produces more power, your truck can do more! Simple, right?

There are a lot of cold-air intakes out there in the market. But if you have no idea where to start, try out the K&N Cold-Air Intake for the Chevy Silverado.

#4 Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems go hand in hand with the intake system. Think of the engine as a living, breathing being. If it needs air to function better (intake system), then it needs to expel the used air that circulated inside its system (exhaust system).

Exhaust systems are great for Chevy Silverado simply because it adds more power output to the truck.

So why is the exhaust system considered to be one of the best mods for Chevy Silverado? To perform even better, the truck can use the additional power output that an aftermarket exhaust system can give.

Imagine an average of 15hp increase one you’ve fit in a new aftermarket exhaust. That’s useful!

And also, it gives off that deep and guttural sound that we all love and adore. If you’re looking for the best sounding exhaust systems that provide additional power output for your Chevy Silverado, an aftermarket exhaust is a must-have mod!

#5 LED Light Bars

Pickup trucks are notorious for being multi-purpose. Oftentimes, it is used off-road to tackle dirt, mud, and rubble. There are even times where you have to drive dimly lit areas!

That’s why to finish all the necessary mods a Chevy Silverado needs, an LED light bar is what you need.

There are different varieties and lengths of LED lights out there in the market for you to choose from. Ranging from 20” to 50+”, you get to pick your choice. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to LED lights.

As long as it gets the job done and it satisfies you well enough, then it’s perfect! Do you want to light up the world like nobody else with an LED light bar?

This is the ultimate guide for Chevrolet Silverado mods. They all give your beloved Chevy Silverado in their way. From performance, handling, power increase, and even lighting, these mods will crank up your Chevy Silverado’s level dramatically.

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