Top 5 Best Cold Air Intakes For Honda Civic FK8 Type R 

As we all know full and well, the Honda Civic FK8 Type R is capable of speeding like a marathon runner on steroids. One of the few components that are responsible for that is the cold-air intake. This is an incredibly important element in your FK8 Type R simply because it is turbocharged.

Afterall, turbochargers are force induction devices and they have to get the cold air that they use somewhere else. That’s where the intake comes in. What it does is it forces ambient air into the engine, helping it to burn fuel more efficiently.

With the help of turbochargers which increases the air’s velocity, they help the engine burn fuel better.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for the best aftermarket intakes to be installed on your beloved Honda Civic FK8 Type R, then the list below is for you. We’ve searched interwebs for the best aftermarket cold-air intake so you won’t have to. Check them out!

#1 aFe Takeda Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System


FEATURES: 5-Layer Oiled Media


COMPATIBILITY: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

As one of the top-tier intake manufacturers, AFE is committed to providing its customers with only the air intake system that they can make. The AFE Takeda Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System can give your Honda Civic FK8 Type R up to a whopping 14hp and 16lb-ft in horsepower and torque. That’s insane! 

So what do you get from this intake system? A carefully and neatly crafted air intake system housed in a one-piece housing to make it compact. Both the housing and intake tube is made using rotational molding, which means minimal parts will tend to break loose. 

The best thing about this intake is the media that it uses – five layers of mesh cotton gauze oiled up. This type of air filter offers better airflow and potential performance increase. However, keep in mind that oiled filters need more maintenance than usual. Just a reminder: it has five layers.

#2 PRL Stage 1 Air Intake System


UNIQUE FEATURES: Hand-molded filters


COMPATIBILITY: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

Are you on a tight budget? Are you still itching to buy air intakes for your Honda Civic FK8 Type R despite the tight budget you’re in? Worry no more! There are tons of cheap aftermarket intakes out there that will fit in your car perfectly, and this one is the best of them. 

Introducing the PRL Stage 1 Air Intake System, a cheap yet highly functional cold-air intake system for Honda Civic FK8 Type R. The filters are oiled to maximize its filtration system. By doing so, it keeps the air pure – free from particulates that may potentially harm your engine.

Do you know what’s surprising about this intake system? It requires no tuning! In it, you’ll get a four-ply silicone hose, some clamps, a flange, and an air filter. Reviews about this cold-air intake are fantastic.

Customers are happy, claiming that it’s really easy to install is long-lasting. Nice!

#3 AEM Cold Air Intake System


UNIQUE FEATURES: Heat shields with trimmed lining

POWER GAIN: 17.1hp

COMPATIBILITY: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

Now if you think that the aFe Takeda air intake system has the highest horsepower increase in this, congratulations. You’re wrong! Introducing the AEM Cold Air Intake System, capable of one-upping the previous ones on the list with its 17.1hp increase in power. Yes. You’ve read that right.

So what do you get from purchasing this intake? As mentioned above, an increase in horsepower. Second, a heat shield to protect the intake from its neighboring components. Third, an aluminum tubing that allows maximum airflow.

And fourth, dry air filters that can last up to 100,000 miles before it gets choked out on its dirtiness.

The cool thing about this one is you get a lifetime warranty! In case you have trust issues and you’d like your air intake to be replaced if it suffered from factory damage, then you can.

Additionally, you can hear the sound it emits. Other intakes don’t usually do that!

#4 K&N Cold Air Intake Kit


UNIQUE FEATURES: Custom heat shield


COMPATIBILITY: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017-2019)

The fourth one on the list belongs to the reliable K&N Engineering and their cold-air intake. This one beats the living crap out of the stock air intake by 50% in terms of airflow – dyno-tested to make sure that the power increase is real and quantifiable.

This thing right here offers a tremendous amount of benefits that your Honda Civic FK8 Type R can reap. K&N’s world-class quality ensures that your car, when installed with this cold-air intake, will experience better engine sound, enhanced acceleration and uphill capabilities, and more. 

The juicy thing about the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit is their million-mile limited warranty to protect your vehicle in case factory defects arises. To add a cherry on the top, previous customers say that this one is fairly easy to install. Just like a breeze!

#5 Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake

MANUFACTURER: Injen Technology

UNIQUE FEATURES: Design to work with the stock tuning


COMPATIBILITY: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017-2019)

And last but certainly not least, we have the Injen Technology and their Evolution Cold-Air Intake System. There’s a reason why there is a “technology” on their name. Wanna know why? It’s because they take their R&D seriously.

That’s why they’re capable of manufacturing products of this quality.

The best thing about this cold-air intake is how impressive are the materials used to create this cold air intake. From roto-molded tubes and housing to the air filters made from their very own SuperNano-Web media.

Their cold-air intake is truly amazing.

On its own, the stock and OEM parts, the Honda Civic FK8 Type R is already a beast. However, if you install the cold-air intake of your choice on this car, you will get an upgraded high-performance JDM car.

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