Top 5 Best Exhaust Systems for Honda Civic FK8 Type R 

There’s no doubt that the Honda Civic FK8 Type R sounds exhilarating as it looks like. The perfect blend between its aesthetics and sound keeps FK8 Type R owners and enthusiasts grinning from ear to ear.

Driving or hearing one rampage the streets feels like you’re watching a track race.

The Honda Civic’s FK8 Type R’s sound is fine. At the default, the OEM exhaust does a good job of making the car function better while making it sound better. But what if you can improve that to a higher degree?

You actually can. But how? By using aftermarket exhaust systems!

Aftermarket exhausts are a great way to improve your car’s performance. It increases your engine’s power output, makes it look nice, and it creates that sound we all truly love.

Are you looking for some aftermarket exhaust to outfit your Honda Civic FK8 Type R? Check out the aftermarket exhaust systems below and see what fits best in your car.

#1 HKS Hi-Power Muffler SPEC-L

Manufacturer: HKS

Weight: 25.6lbs

Part Number: 31019-AH006

Compatibility: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

HKS has a great reputation for delivering the best value for your money. In the case of the Honda Civic FK8 Type R, they have the Spec-L Hi-Power exhaust system to make your car perform better and look better.

The package comes with a 2” dual exit cat-back exhaust system attached to tips made out of carbon fiber. These tips makes your car look more stunning than it already is.

The weight reduction it offers for your car is a tremendous 13lbs. On top of that, it can handle up to 400+hp build without any hint of power loss.

What’s so great about the Spec-L Hi-Power exhaust system is that it’s made from Japan. The Honda Civic FK8 Type R is made from Japan, so trusting a JDM car to a JDM car parts provider would be a great idea.

#2 Invidia Gemini Full Ti Exhaust

Manufacturer: Invidia

Weight: N/A

Part Number: HS17CTRTG3ST

Compatibility: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

The Invidia Gemini Full Ti Exhaust System is a race-inspired style that looks aggressive, both on the performance and flair. Just look at those burnt blue tips! This exhaust system may be a little pricey, but it sure is a bang for the buck. 

What you get from this exhaust system is the best value for your money. This 3” cat-back exhaust optimizes three muffler exits. The cat-back exhaust is made from durable titanium and is connected with three mufflers, together with a single mid-pipe resonator.

Invidia may not be cheap, but many customers give this exhaust system a big thumbs up. The sound is amazing too, based on the videos and reviews based around this cat-back exhaust system.

#3 aFe Power Takeda Axle-Back Exhaust System

Manufacturer: aFe

Weight: 35lbs

Part Number: 49-36626-B

Compatibility: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

Now let’s divert from the previous cat-back exhaust systems for a bit. For the third one on this list, we have an axle-back exhaust system from aFe. A cheap alternative from the highly-priced cat-back exhaust systems would be a great idea, right?

Here’s what you’ll get for buying this awesome axle-back exhaust system. A piping system made from durable 304 stainless steel, mandrel-bent to perfection. All of these pipes are MIG-welded to ensure the exhaust system’s durability, strength, and compactness.

It also has a sick dual exhaust exits too!

The awesome thing about this axle-back exhaust is how cheap it is. With a product this inexpensive compared to the others, you may think that this is low-quality, but clearly, this is not the case. Customers love it, and maybe you will too!

#4 Hooker Cat-Back Exhaust System

Manufacturer: Hooker Exhausts

Weight: 50lbs

Part Number: BH7301

Compatibility: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017+)

Now let’s return to cat-back exhausts. Hooker Exhausts is not a popular brand of aftermarket exhaust, but looking deeper into their products, it’s safe to say that they make good quality exhausts.

The cat-back exhaust system’s features include the following. A guaranteed horsepower gain of 9.38hp and a torque increase of 9.55lb-ft, tubing made from 18 gauge stainless steel, and angle-cut tips with their logos on it.

Overall, this cat-back exhaust is a good one. It even utilizes all the existing OEM components needed to install it!

The best thing about this one is the quality of this exhaust. Their company’s slogan, “Hooker – When Only The Best Will Do” is their commitment to their customers.

It says that if this exhaust system doesn’t satisfy you, then it’s not their best.

#5 GReddy HG Supreme SP Exhaust

Manufacturer: GReddy

Weight: 66lbs

Part Number: 10158215

Compatibility: Honda Civic FK8 Type R (2017-2018)

And now for the last one on our list, we have GReddy and their HG Supreme SP Exhaust. This is by far one of the best exhaust systems that you can find for a Honda Civic FK8 Type R. They have a great reputation, and they will surely give what your car deserves.

Here’s why GReddy can be considered as a premium buy. They’ve retained the three-tip configuration that the Honda Civic FK8 Type R typically has, and improved it big time.

The piping diameter is increased to enhance the exhaust gas flow, thus creating more power in the engine.

Performance? Aggressive looks? Deep and growling sound? The GReddy HG Supreme SP Exhaust has that covered for you. This is one of the most recommended exhaust systems for you in this list.

GReddy has catered to a lot of Honda Civic FK8 Type R, so they know how to spoil your car to the fullest.

The Honda Civic FK8 Type R is a proof that JDM performance cars provide the best driving experience. That kind of experience can be further improved by outfitting it with a modification like an aftermarket exhaust.

It gives you additional power gain, it allows your FK8 Type R to roar, and lastly, it makes your car look even sicker than it already is.

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