Top 4 Best Exhausts For Subaru Impreza WRX

There’s nothing more satisfying than owning a Subaru WRX. The sheer excitement of driving a cult-classic car that has garnered a lot of fans just for its awesomeness, both on the rally and the street is just too good.

This is one of the most famous cars JDM cars that is reliable, amazing, and simply powerful.

The sound that the Subaru WRX exhaust system makes is distinctive enough to have its nickname: the Subie rumble. This is one of the features that make the owners of these types of cars excited every time they have the chance to drive it.

But of course, some people like to crank that sound to another level. How? By installing an aftermarket exhaust.

Having a Subaru WRX exhaust upgrade will mean three things. One, a better sound. Two, a significant power increase for your car. And three, a new pleasing aesthetic.

If you’re on the hunt for the best aftermarket exhaust for your Subaru WRX, then you should check out the list below.

#1 INVIDIA Gemini R400 Quadtip Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • WEIGHT: 49.5lbs
  • MAKE: 304 Stainless Steel
  • COMPATIBILITY: Subaru WRX/Subaru WRX STi (2015+)

Are you a big fan of those quad-tip exhausts? They simply look amazing on some cars, especially the Subaru WRX. It improves many performance aspects of the car: power, turbo lag, and sound.

If you’re looking for a cat-back exhaust for your car that has a quad-tip, then you need to see the 1INVIDIA Gemini R400.

This Subaru WRX aftermarket exhaust is notable for giving your ride a unique and high-quality sound. It doesn’t just highlight the sound that your car makes; it improves it!

For a reasonable amount of money, you can outfit your car with a classic quad-tip look matched with a significantly reduced muffler drone sound.

The only downside you need to look out is how popular it is. If you want to look unique, you may want to think twice before buying this one, mainly because quad-tips are common at the moment.

But truthfully, the pros of this cat-back exhaust outweigh its cons.

#2 Tomei Expreme Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • WEIGHT: 22lbs
  • MAKE: Titanium
  • COMPATIBILITY: Subaru WRX (2015+)

Looking unique in a famous car has never felt so exhilarating. Featuring TOMEI and their Expreme Cat-Back Exhaust, made from titanium for peak durability. This cat-back exhaust is designed to express the Subaru WRX’s true performance.

With it’s racing layout made from a lightweight material, you’ll never ask for more.

This cat-back exhaust is amazingly light. It is made from titanium for additional durability, yet it is light enough to improve the total balance of the car. It also optimizes the flow of exhaust gasses so the engine can fully maximize its potential.

You can even feel a significant power increase!

Watch out for the sound, though. All those most people like its deep and growling sound, many drivers find it too loud for the daily commute. Aside from that, it only has one exit.

For those who want their Subaru WRX to look unique, this is good. But for those who want the quad-tip look, you may think twice before having this purchased.

#3 BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • WEIGHT: 48lbs
  • MAKE: 304 Stainless Steel
  • COMPATIBILITY: Subaru Impreza WRX/ WRX STi (2015+)

We have another one of that titanium cat-back exhaust, and this time, it’s on the BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System. Borla lives up to their motto: “Sound like heaven, go like hell” with this exhaust system.

Its deep and rumbling sound is a perfect feature from a 2019 Subaru WRX aftermarket exhaust.

The sound it emits is loud, deep, and deliriously mean. With this cat-back exhaust outfitted on your Subaru WRX, you’ll enjoy a car with better throttle response and less turbo lag.

You can even feel a significant power increase with this one on! This Subaru WRX exhaust system is the real deal.

But if you prefer cars with a loud and confident roar, this one may not be for you. The BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is notorious for belonging to the quieter versions of the S-type mufflers.

Truthfully, it makes your Subaru sounds like a Mustang. Aside from that, the muffler spread is a bit wide and tends to rub on the inner plastic.

#4 Invidia Q300 QuadTip Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • WEIGHT: 66lbs
  • MAKE: 304 Stainless Steel
  • COMPATIBILITY: Subaru WRX/ Subaru WRX STi (2015+)

And for the last one on our list we have another quad-tip from INVIDIA, and this time it’s a Q300 cat-back exhaust. The Invidia Q300 QuadTip Cat-Back Exhaust System boasts its capability of boosting your car’s power by a notable amount.

Using a dyno chart, they’ve jotted down the additional power increase this cat-back exhaust made for a WRX.

Each of the pipes in this exhaust system showcases a 4” thick stainless steel mount to heighten the power produced by the engine. With this cat-back exhaust on, you can hear a louder sound compared to the factory exhaust installed.

It is discreet and considerably reduces the muffler drone.

The only drawback you may face is the fact that it’s not that loud compared to the other cat-backs featured on this list. Did we mention that it’s discreet? Another thing is its quad-tip look.

If you’re looking to be unique in terms of that exhaust tip look, you should think twice about this cat-back exhaust.

Many car lovers agree that the Subaru WRX is one of the most iconic JDM cars of all time. Aside from its famous body and stunning performance, it also captures the attention of its fans because of the Subie rumble.

If you own one, then you know how it feels like to drive a car with that kind of satisfaction.

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