Top 6 Best Lowering Springs for 2010+ Chevy Camaro

When you think of a Chevy Camaro, an image of a powerful and muscular car suddenly pops into mind. Even on stock, this Mustang-killer looks good and handles great. However, its wheel gaps ruin the potential of this car to look even better. To fix such a problem, you need to reduce those wheel gaps by using a suspension upgrade specifically made to solve such an issue: lowering springs.

Lowering springs are affordable solutions you can use to resolve that ugly wheel gap that prevents your car from looking personalized. These components are relatively easy to install and are great at fulfilling their primary purpose: slamming your car to the ground in the most cost-effective way possible.

Come check out our list of what we think are the best lowering springs for the 5th and 6th gen Camaro.

#1 AFE Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: aFe Power
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1”-1.25”/ 1”-1.25”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Chevy Camaro LS, LT, SS (2010-2015)
    • Chevy Camaro ZL1 (2012-2015)
    • Chevy Camaro Z/28 (2014-2015)

If you’ve got a fifth-generation Chevy Camaro and you’ve searched for the terms “camaro5 lowering springs”, then you’ve probably seen what lowering springs the people of the forum love the most. It’s the aFe Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs. It’s affordable, it looks good, and it’ll lower your car pretty decently.

The aFe Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs, better known in the Camaro community as PFADT, is a lowering spring of progressive design. Designed to work well with the OEM shock absorber, the PFADT can give you both the lowered stance and improved performance you’ve always wanted for your car. 

What’s more, expect these lowering springs to not corrode easily and produce any squeaking noise. These are some of the usual reasons why Camaro owners love the PFADT lowering springs; you will really get what you’ve paid for.

aFe Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs Features:

  • Works well with OEM shock absorbers
  • Lowers your car by 1”-1.25”
  • Tailored for V6 and V8 applications
  • Glossy silver powder coating finish
  • Backed by aFe Power 1-Year Warranty

#2 Eibach Springs PRO-KIT Performance Springs

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1”/1.3”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Chevrolet Camaro LS, LT, SS (2010-2015)
    • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (2012-2015)
    • Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 (2014-2015)

Nascar. Formula 1. These are some of the big names that Eibach has been involved in, and it’s pretty safe to say that their suspension products aren’t just the average run-of-the-mill merchandise out there in the aftermarket today. They pretty much know what they do, and they do it damn well.

In the case of the Chevy Camaro, they’ve decided that: “Hey, why won’t we instill some motorsport spirit to this Mustang Killer at a very affordable price?” And that’s precisely what they did. These Camaro Eibach lowering springs will give your car that lowered look that you’ve always been looking forward to having.

For the Chevy Camaro, they give you the Pro-Kit Performance Springs, a suspension upgrade that can lower your car by about 1” to the front and 1.3” to the back. It gives your car a decent height drop that comes along with some performance improvement, all thanks to a newfound lowered center of gravity.

Eibach Springs PRO-KIT Performance Springs Features:

  • Lowers your car by 1” on the front and 1.3” on the back
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Provides performance-level handling
  • Tried and tested by Eibach engineers/professionals racers
  • Backed with Eibach 5-Year Warranty

#3 H&R Super Sport Spring

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.8” / 1.7”
  • Vehicle Fitment: Chevrolet Camaro LS, LT (2010-2011)

H&R Springs stands beside Eibach as one of the most prominent lowering springs providers that exist today. Honestly, just ask any Camaro owner or even any car enthusiast about H&R Springs, and they’ll surely tell you how solidly built their products are. Every suspension upgrade made by them will give cars a significant improvement, and the springs they’ve made for the Chevy Camaro are not an exception.

Designed for seasoned enthusiasts looking for something better than the average lowering springs offered today, the H&R Super Sport Spring offers a decent drop in ride height. It also retains the OEM ride comfort you’re accustomed to, but the handling will be much better, all thanks to a newly introduced lowered center of gravity.

To achieve a performance stance for your Chevy Camaro, the SuperSport Springs will lower your vehicle by 1.8” to the front and 1.7” to the back. Both of these measurements are enough to make your car look great, as if it’s personally customized for the showroom while maintaining an OEM ride quality.

H&R Super Sport Spring Features:

  • Mildly aggressive drop in ride height (1.8” on the front and 1.7” on the back)
  • Made from 54SiCr6 spring steel for extra durability
  • Shot-peened for longer life span
  • Backed by H&R Limited Lifetime Warranty

#4 Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Vogtland
  • Spring Design: Dual rate
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.4”/1.4”
  • Vehicle Fitment: Chevrolet Camaro (2010-2015)

Vogtland has been around for more than a century. They have been part of many automotive endeavors that ultimately led them to become a big company that goes toe-to-toe with suspension manufacturer titans like Eibach and H&R. They’ve supplied some key teams in NASCAR. If Vogtland can improve those race cars’ performance, they can enhance your vehicle too. 

For the Chevy Camaro, Vogtland offers their Sport Lowering Spring Kit. Since it exists to make your Camaro handle sportier and drive better as a daily driver, it uses a dual-rate springs design instead of exclusively linear or progressive. The first rate will give you an optimal suspension function under any road condition, and the second rate will provide you with ample vehicle balance during neutral steering.

Expect your car to get lowered by up to 1.4” for both the front and rear. These springs are made of high-tensile chrome silicon, making them stronger, lighter, and more optimal for various handling instances. Overall, the Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit is a cheap yet highly effective upgrade to your Camaro’s suspension.

Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit Features:

  • Lowers your car by 1”-1.25” (front and back)
  • Reduces nose-dive under braking
  • Highly tensile strength
  • Offers excellent handling without compromising ride quality 
  • Backed by Vogtland 10-Year Limited Warranty

#5 Hotchkis Sport Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Hotchkis
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1”/1”
  • Vehicle Fitment: Chevy Camaro (2010-2015)

An aggressive drop in ride height is definitely not for everyone. Some are happy enough to slightly make room to cover the unsightly wheel gaps; at a very reasonable price. If you prefer a decently lowered Chevy Camaro instead of a slammed one, perhaps the Hotchkis Performance Sport Coil Springs are the ones for you.

The Hotchkis Sport Coil Springs will drop your Camaro’s height by just an inch for both ends of the car. Doing so puts the vehicle in such a stance that it looks more like a proper muscle car than a 4×4. And also, it maintains the OEM ride quality you’re used to. It’s one of the best lowering springs for the Chevy Camaro if you’re more into improving your car’s looks.

Hotchkiss made these springs from chrome silicon steel, so expect that they will set your car up for a very long time. These springs are also powder coated with a grey finish, giving them an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a high degree of corrosion resistance. If you want an affordable set of lowering springs that’ll give your car a decent-looking lowered stance, then these springs are for you.

#6 BMR Suspension Lowering Springs (Front Only)

  • Manufacturer: BMR Suspension
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.25”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Chevy Camaro 1SS, 2SS (2010-2015)
    • Chevy Camaro SS (2012-2015)
    • Chevy Camaro Z/28 (2014-2015)
    • Chevy Camaro ZL1 (2012-2015)

To complete our list, we’ve got the BMR Suspension Lowering Springs. Unlike the other spring sets on this list, this one only offers springs for the front of your car. These springs deliver what they promised to give: an improvement in the Camaro’s looks and handling. This makes these springs a desirable option for many enthusiasts, not to mention how affordable it is.

The BMR Suspension Lowering Springs, in a nutshell, will give you a decent drop in ride height and maintain an OEM ride quality. Made from high tensile chrome silicon spring wire, BMR guarantees that these springs won’t sag. These springs will lower the front of your car by about 1.25”.

It’s enough to give your car a sportier stance that’ll grab the attention of any passers-by near you. The BMR Suspension Lowering Springs are perfect for car enthusiasts who just want something to lower the front of their Chevy Camaro.

BMR Suspension Lowering Springs Features:

  • Lowers your car by 1.25” (front only)
  • Observable improvement in handling and ride quality
  • Shot-peened
  • Not recommended for convertible Camaros
  • Backed by BMR Suspension Lifetime Sag Warranty


These are what we think are the best lowering springs for Chevy Camaro. Our goal is to give you an idea of what brand to get for your car. If you’ve got something better in mind, that’s okay! It’ll all end up in your own preferences at the end of the day, so make sure to do some extensive research so you can adequately choose the right one that’ll fit your driving style and aesthetic appeal.

After you do any suspension work, please bring your car into the shop to do some realignment. Any suspension work done on your vehicle will result in some changes in the geometry of the wheel-tire fitment. Lowering gives your car more negative camber, which will eventually lead to uneven tire wear.

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