Top 8 Best Lowering Springs for Honda CRX

A lowered suspension is one of the best upgrades you can do to your Honda CRX.

This four-decades-old car provides its owners the best of both worlds: daily and performance-oriented driving. By lowering this vehicle’s suspension, you’re giving it a more stylish and sporty look that will often be the center of attention.

Yes, we can’t deny that the car itself is old, but its glamor is still there, especially when modified correctly.

If you’ve chosen the Honda CRX as your project car and you’d like to lower it, then you have two main modes to choose from. You can either opt for lowering springs or coilovers.

Coilovers are great, but it’s ideal for drivers who want to put their cars to the test on the tracks and are usually made for performance driving. On the other hand, lowering springs will give you the grandiose aesthetics of a lowered car without compromising much of the ride quality and the health of your vehicle.

The list below features the best Honda CRX lowering springs that are available in the market today. We hope that aftermarket this list will help you set up your criteria and preferences before you ultimately get your suspension lowered by using lowering springs.

All of the springs featured in this list vary from spring rate designs, applications, and most of all, prices. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right on to it!

#1 Ksport GT Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Ksport USA
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 2.5” | 2.25”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

Let’s start off the list with some Honda CRX lowering springs capable of providing an aggressive drop in ride height. The Ksport GT Lowering Springs will set you up for a long time, thanks to its chrome silicon construction, characterized by its high tensile strength.

These lowering springs can give you a significantly improved handling and as well as an aggressive race car look. With its aggressive ride height reduction and a progressive spring rate design, you can have a sportier ride on your Honda CRX anywhere you go.

Ksport GT Lowering Springs Features:

  • Aggressive height drop (2.5″ for the front and 2.25″ for the rear)
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Made from high-tensile strength chrome silicon wire
  • Backed with Ksport USA 12-Month Warranty

#2 Eibach Performance Pro-Kit Springs

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.2” | 1.2”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

The name Eibach is almost synonymous with the term “lowering springs” in the car enthusiastic community. This is because they created arguably one of the best performance-oriented lowering springs that give many cars the lowered stance and aggressive look it’s owners have always wanted.

One of their creations is the Pro-Kit Lowering springs, designed to provide your Honda CRX a mild drop in ride height. Not very low, and not too high either – just the right dip.

Eibach makes their lowering springs with heavy R&D in mind, so you can be guaranteed to enjoy a sports stance without compromising comfort. There’s no doubt that the Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs is a bang-for-the-buck purchase you can have for your Honda CRX.

Eibach Performance Pro-Kit Springs Features:

  • Mild ride height reduction (1.2″ for both the front and the rear)
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Performance handling
  • Tested by Eibach engineers and professional performance drivers
  • Backed with Eibach 5-Year Warranty

#3 TruHart Performance Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Truhart
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 2.5” | 2.25”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

Now, if it’s cheap yet effective lowering springs that you want, then you’d better check out this Truhart Performance Lowering Springs. These lowering springs offer a sporty ride along with an aggressive lowered stance without being too stiff or too soft.

You can expect a solid build quality and excellent riding experience once you’ve given these springs a space on your car.

And even if it comes with a pretty affordable price tag, you won’t be disappointed by the kind of competence TruHart has imparted on their Performance Lowering Springs.

These springs even come with a lifetime warranty, which says a lot about TruHart and their suspension upgrades.

TruHart Performance Lowering Springs Features:

  • Aggressive ride height reduction (2.5″ for the front and 2.25″ for the back)
  • Cheap yet effective
  • Works best with TruHart Sport Shocks 
  • Improves handling and road capabilities of your car
  • Backed with TruHart Lifetime Warranty

#4 Megan Racing Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.75” | 1.75”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

If you’re a seasoned car tuner, then there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Megan Racing and their suspension upgrades. Many car enthusiasts opt for Megan Racing lowering springs because of how affordable and how well they are built.

Not to mention the orange powder-coating it has, which makes it even more aesthetically appealing. These Megan Racing Lowering Springs are capable of slamming your Honda CRX to the ground by up to 1.75″ for both the front and the rear, giving it a decently lowered stance without the tradeoffs of annoying and stiff ride quality.

Megan Racing Lowering Springs Features:

  • Decent ride height drop (1.75″ for both the front and the rear)
  • Made out of SAE 9254 cold wound steel
  • Resistant to premature sagging
  • Orange powder-coating finish
  • Backed with Megan Racing 1-Year Warranty

#5 Tein S-Tech Lowering Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.5” | 1.4”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

Tein is another one of those prominent names you’d see in the Honda CRX aftermarket scene. The S.Tech Lowering Spring Kit can approximately lower your car around 1.5″ for both the front and the rear end, giving it a pleasant and aggressive appearance, along with an improved road holding capability.

Designed to work well with both stock and aftermarket shocks, these lowering springs perfectly balance performance and comfort. Every penny you’d spend on this spring kit will genuinely be worth it.

Tein S-Tech Lowering Spring Kit Features: 

  • Mild drop in ride height (1.6″ for the front and 1.4″ for the back)
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Some applications include a silencer rubber
  • Green powder-coating finish
  • Backed with Tein 1-Year Warranty

#6 Vogtland Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Vogtland
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.0” – 2.4”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

If you prefer a set of lowering springs crafted through German engineering, then you might want to check out these Vogtland Lowering Springs. Designed to provide multifaceted improvements to your Honda CRX, the Vogtland Lowering Springs have a compounded spring rate that lets you use your car for different applications.

With these lowering springs installed on your Honda CRX, you can drive aggressively and, at the same time, cruise the freeway conveniently. You can also lower your vehicle’s front and rear sides by around 1.0″ to 2.4″.

By spending just around two hundred bucks, you can get decent quality lowering springs that can potentially set your car up for a very long time.

Vogtland Lowering Springs Features:

  • Decent drop in ride height (around 1.0″ to 2.4″ for both the front and the rear)
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Made in Germany
  • Compounded spring rate goes well with both spirited and casual driving
  • Backed with Vogtland 10-Year Limited Warranty

#7 D2 Racing Pro Series Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: D2 Racing
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 2.5” | 2.25”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

If you’re a fan of the motorsports scene and want to incorporate some racing spirit into your Honda CRX, then the D2 Racing Pro Series Lowering Springs is for you. The brand excels in manufacturing racing-grade suspensions that transform cars like the Honda CRX into something very different – a daily/sports car hybrid.

With its progressive design and high-tensile material, you’ll be introduced to a driving quality that’s not too stiff yet sporty enough to give you a good time. And also, you’ll be giving your car an aggressive race-ready look you’ve always wanted for in a vehicle.

D2 Racing Pro Series Lowering Springs Features:

  • Aggressive ride height reduction (2.5″ for the front and 2.25″ for the back)
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Aesthetically pleasing purple powder-coating finish
  • Backed with D2 Racing 1-Year Limited Warranty

#8 H&R Race Springs

  • Manufacturer: H&R
  • Spring Design: Linear
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.9” | 1.8”
  • Compatibility: Honda CRX (1988-1991)

Saving the best spot for the last, we have the king of springs, H&R. For high-performance drivers who want their Honda CRXs to be possessed with the spirit of racing, we give you the H&R Race Springs.

Unlike most of the springs featured in this list, the H&R Race Springs have a linear spring rate design. Yes, it’s a tad bit stiffer than your typical progressive rate springs, but it gives a more consistent feel for the driver, mainly when applied on the track or even the drag strip.

These lowering springs can significantly improve your car’s vehicle response and prepare it for whatever’s waiting on the track.

H&R Race Springs Features:

  • Mild drop in ride height (1.9″ for the front and 1.8″ for the back)
  • Linear spring rate design
  • Specifically for better vehicle response, tight handling, and race-like performance

Please note that most Honda CRX lowering springs fit the 1988-1991 models of the Honda Civic. This is to avoid confusion and give you an idea that, yes, most suspension upgrades made for the Honda CRX will also fit the same year models of the Honda Civic.

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