Top 6 Best Lowering Springs for Nissan R35 GTR

One of the most popular ways to modify a car is to get it lowered. It’s not that expensive compared to other mods like exhaust systems or turbocharger upgrades, and you can immediately see the change on your car.

If you own a Nissan GTR R35, then you’ve probably have done it for your car – or maybe you’re still planning to. Either way, getting your Nissan GTR lowered is a cheap yet effective way to make your vehicle look better.

There are undoubtedly many ways to lower a vehicle, but today we’re going to talk more about lowering springs. They have been quite popular in the previous decades, but as more suspensions rose from the ladder, such as coilovers and air suspensions, they have been somehow cast aside.

However, lowering springs still plays a fundamental part in the aftermarket car community because they’re simple and straightforward. 

Because of the popularity of the Nissan GTR R35, aftermarket parts are abundant for it. You can quickly get your hands on some decent lowering springs, but why settle for decent when you can get the best?

The list below features six of the best lowering springs offered in the market today, made explicitly for the Nissan GTR R35. Check them out!

#1 H&R Sport Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: H&R 
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 0.75 | 0.75
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2021)

Since we’re talking about lowering springs, let’s start with one of the best manufacturers of lowerings springs: H&R. Being the most popular product of H&R, the Sport Spring kit guarantees an enhanced look on your car with a new lowered look.

Car enthusiasts love these springs because it’s very affordable, and at the same time it does its job very great. These Nissan GTR lowering springs change your car’s ride height without affecting its ride quality too much.

The H&R Sport Spring Kit reduces your car’s ride height moderately by about 0.75″. This decrease in ride height is ideal for GTR owners who don’t want their cars to hug the ground too much – just a slight reduction in ground clearance would suffice.

Aside from that, the progressive spring rate design of the H&R Sport Springs allows you to have an enjoyable ride quality.

H&R Sport Spring Features:

  • Moderately lowers your car’s ride height (0.75″)
  • Applicable for sporty driving
  • 100% made in Germany
  • Made from highly-tensile 54SiCr6 spring steel
  • Makes your car more fun to drive

#2 RS-R Ti2000 Down Sus Lowering Springs 

  • Manufacturer: RS-R
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 0.8”-1.0” | 0.8”-1.0”
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2015)

Nissan GTR R35 lowering springs that offer a moderate drop in ride height seem to be among the most common options GTR owners opt for. Like the previous lowering springs, the Ti2000 Down Sus lowering springs from RS-R offer a meager drop in ride height.

The only difference is this one provides a height reduction from 0.8″ to 1.0″. RS-R has a long and extensive history when it comes to on and off-road performance, so you can be sure that they’ll treat your Nissan GTR R35 pretty well.

RS-R took into consideration the OEM suspension geometry of your car, along with other factors like shock dampening and optimal GTR ride height levels before they created the Ti2000 Down Sus lowering springs.

By doing so, they’ve created a set of lowering springs that can reduce your Nissan GTR R35’s stance while somehow improving its handling. RS-R is one of Japan’s leading providers of suspension upgrades, so you can be assured that the Down Sus lowering springs isn’t “kinda sus.”

RS-R Down Sus Lowering Springs Features:

  • Springs made from titanium composite material
  • Durable and more lightweight compared to the typical lowering springs
  • Better vehicle responsiveness
  • Resistant to sag
  • Backed with RS-R 3-Year Limited Warranty

#3 Swift Springs Spec-R Lowering Springs 

  • Manufacturer: Swift Springs
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.0” | 1.0”
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2011-2014)

If you call yourself a car enthusiast and you haven’t heard of the Swift Springs, then you’re probably living under a rock. Kidding aside, Swift Springs is one of the prominent lowering springs manufacturers in the aftermarket scene.

Many coilover brands like BC Racing offer Swift Springs as an optional spring set for their coilovers. So what makes these GTR lowering springs so good?

For the Nissan GT-R R35, Swift Springs Spec-R lowering springs. Mainly built for track duty, the Spec-R lowering springs are track-tested for the race performance yet good enough for daily driving.

These lowering springs were made with three things in mind: maximize your car’s optimal suspension geometry, enhance your car’s overall performance, and maintain an optimal comfort level enough to make your car street-worthy.

Swift Springs Spec-R Lowering Springs Features:

  • Made from Swift Springs proprietary material (H5S.TW)
  • Moderate drop in ride height (1.0″)
  • Made for track enthusiasts
  • Maintains an optimal comfort for street use
  • Maximizes optimal suspension geometry

#4 Megan Racing Lowering Springs Kit

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.0” | 1.3”
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2015)

Another famous lowering spring car enthusiasts pick for their cars is Megan Springs lowering springs. It’s a decent lowering spring set for those who don’t want to spend a fortune to lower their cars.

Megan Racing springs are built with good materials, enough for it to favor many car enthusiasts, especially those who own a Nissan GTR R35. If you want an R35 lowering spring set that isn’t prone to sagging, then these springs are for you.

You can lower your car by about 1.0″ on the front and 1.3″ on the back for an affordable price. These springs are made from cold-wound SAE 9254 steel, a spring material favored by many manufacturers for its high-tensile strength.

On top of that, the springs are coated with phosphate powder coating to keep them durable and make them resist both rust and corrosion. Megan Racing lowering springs are also known for resistance to premature sagging.

Megan Racing Lowering Springs Kit Features:

  • Moderate drop in ride height (1.0″-1.3″)
  • Made from cold-wound SAE 9254 steel
  • Powder-coated with phosphate
  • Highly-resistant to premature sagging
  • Backed with Megan Racing 1-Year Warranty

#5 Tein S.Tech Spring Kit 

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 0.8” | 0.8”
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2021)

It’s only fitting that you get Japanese-made lowering springs for a JDM car. Introducing the Tein S.Tech spring kit, capable of lowering your vehicle by up to 1.5″. Tein made their lowering springs effective enough to help cars grip the ground better, thanks to a newfound lowered center of gravity.

These lowering springs are tested both for performance and comfort in North America.

The Tein S.Tech spring kit may be the lowering springs for you if you prefer an aggressive drop in ride height. This reduction in ground clearance comes with an improvement in road holding capability as well.

These lowering springs are made from SAE9254V chrome vanadium steel, a strong material that can prevent sagging for not more than 5mm. These springs also have an attractive green powder coating finish which adds additional flair to your suspensions.

Tein S.Tech Spring Kit Features:

  • Aggressive drop in ride height (up to 1.5″)
  • Green powder-coating finish
  • Includes silencer rubbers
  • Can be used along with OEM dampers
  • Backed with Tein 2-Year Warranty

#6 Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Eibach 
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 0.8” | 0.5”
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2021)

Eibach is arguably the reigning king when it comes to lowering springs. They specialize in making cars perform and handle better, especially high-performance vehicles like the Nissan GTR R35.

With these lowering springs fitted on Godzilla, you’re guaranteed to have a car that can corner quicker and faster. After all, they are Eibach, and that’s what they do – push vehicles to their limits and provide mods that can help them overcome those limits.

The Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs are the solution to car enthusiasts’ suspension problems who want to make their cars more streetable. Being one of Eibach’s best-selling products, the Pro-Kit lowering springs improve both your Nissan GTR R35’s appearance and performance dramatically.

The spring rates of these springs will close some of those annoying fender gaps, and at the same time, it’ll make your car balanced and agile with compromising safety and ride quality.

Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit Features:

  • Moderate drop in ride height (0.8″ in the front and 0.5″ in the rear)
  • Works well with OEM dampers
  • Guaranteed improvement in cornering time 
  • Uses an Eibach proprietary, progressive spring rate design
  • Backed with Eibach Million-Mile Warranty

There may be some other options you can use to lower your Nissan GTR R35, but nothing can compete with the simplicity, straight-forwardness, and availability of lowering springs.

This mod is an affordable way for you to achieve that lowered GTR stance you’ve always been looking forward to having.

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