Top 5 Best Modifications For Nissan 370z

The Fairladies have been making their fans crazy. Modifying these cars are just simply satisfying! Most Fairlady owners, especially those who have a Nissan 370z in their garage experience great delight in modifying their cars to the fullest.

There are a lot of aftermarket mods out there that can give your Nissan 370z great benefits in terms of aesthetics and performance. All of these mods cater to the different tastes that 370z owners have, so whatever mod you have in mind, we’re sure that it exists somewhere out there.

Of course, modifying your car is a great idea. But if you don’t have the budget for a total makeover and you want to take it to step by step, then you should identify what are the best mods to install on your Nissan 370z first. In this list, we give you the best 370z mods that can give your ride an overall upgrade.

#1 Wheels and Tires

The tires and they are just too underappreciated. They do the dirty work and yet they don’t get much of a credit. That’s why if you’re planning to modify your Nissan 370z, you should consider replacing those tires first. Why?

The wheels are not just for the looks; they provide functionality as well. By modifying the diameter of the wheels depending on your purpose, you get a much satisfactory riding experience. You can either vouch for a smaller or a larger wheel. 

As for the tires, they provide traction and distributes the weight of the car evenly on the ground. The more you use them, the less traction it can get, so replacing the OEM tires with an aftermarket one is a splendid idea. 

Remember, larger wheels means better grip and traction. Smaller wheels are great for better handling, and are more fuel-efficient too! They both have their disadvantages, so make sure that you pick the right wheel and tire mod for your Nissan 370z.

#2 Exhaust System

Owners of the Nissan 370z are greatly familiar with how their car sounds like. When doing a cold start, the 370z sounds like a purring beast requesting five more minutes of bedtime. But when it’s fully awake and you’re revving it up, this is where you can hear it roar; loud but elegant.

The OEM exhaust system of a Nissan 370z is fine. But if you want to upgrade your exhaust system because you want significant power increase while sounding great, then you should check out aftermarket cat-back exhausts available in the marketplace. 

Most of the cat-back exhaust systems available for the Nissan 370z have dual exits. Some have single exits too. But if you want that signature dual-tip look, you should try out aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems like the Invidia Gemini 370z Exhaust.

#3 Cold Air Intake

Together with the cat-back exhaust, the intake work with them hand-in-hand to help an engine to breathe better. By allowing engines to inhale better quality air, you let the engine burn the air-fuel mixture far better than the stock intakes.

So why should you prioritize cold-air intakes? Getting performance mods for Nissan 370z is a great idea, especially if you value performance greater than aesthetics. Don’t get us wrong, cosmetic mods are what makes a car look awesome. But if you want to make your 370z run better on the inside, then cold-air intakes are great options. 

There are several selections of cold-air intakes out there that can benefit your cars a lot. If you have zero ideas where to start when it comes to intakes, then you should check out these cold-air intakes, compatible with a Nissan 370z.

  • DNA Motoring Catback Exhaust System
  • Borla  Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Tomei Expreme Titanium Exhaust System 

Remember, cold-air intakes help your engine inhale better air. Cat-back exhausts help the engine exhale better air. Both give significant power increases that the 370z use.

#4 Lowering Springs

When it comes to JDM cars, modifying its suspensions can alter how a car looks and perform, especially if it is a Nissan 370z. The Z-series is a bloodline of racing cars, but the modern revisions are imbued both with race and street spirit. Outfitting your Nissan 370z with the right suspension mod can do your car a lot of good.

There are two choices that you can consider when it comes to modifying a 370z’s suspensions: lowering springs and coilovers. The former is the most accessible ones since they are cheaper and easier to install. The latter, however, is a more expensive but better choice. On this list, we’ll focus on lowering springs.

Lowering springs are made to reduce the clearance between the tire and the fender. A car with a much-lowered center of gravity will have better handling and cornering capabilities

If you’re having difficulty in knowing where to start, then check out products like the Tein S.Tech Lowering Spring.

#5 Brakes

Halt! Stop right there! For the last one on our list, we feature a show-stopping mod for your Nissan 370z: brakes. You can drive your car as fast as you want for as long as you possibly can. But eventually, you will stop your car. And what car component is responsible for stopping a car? The brakes.

Admit it. There’s a running thought in your mind. Something along the lines of “why would I even consider modifying my brakes? Seriously?” We can’t blame you for that. If you have no idea where to start, note that you can shop for pads, rotors, brake fluids, and even big brake kits. 

There are available break kits in the market. This is a better option instead of purchasing each component separately. Brake kits are composed of calipers, brake pads, and a rotor.

And there you have it. These are the five best Nissan 370z mods that you should prioritize first. You may be asking yourself: “Why not go for the cosmetic mods first?” You can, but having a finer performing car is far better than a good looking car. Be sure to pick the right mod for your Nissan 370z!

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