Top 10 Best Mods for Ford Mustang S197

Whether you’re a racer, a seasoned car tuner, or just a beginner car enthusiast that wants to show off your Ford Mustang S197, there’s a high probability that you’re planning to mod it.

A cool looking car like the Ford Mustang S197 exists to be driven and displayed, whether it’s on stock parts or on aftermarket modifications. Ford built these cars for speed, and it’s the type of car you’d show off at a car meet event. 

Are you looking for some mods for your Ford Mustang S197? We’ve got your back. The mods below can improve a lot of attributes in your car, including performance output like horsepower and torque, handling, and even aesthetic appeal. 

Check out the list below and see the most awesome mods you need to make your Ford Mustang S197 look and perform better!

#1 Wheels

Just like how we humans instinctively look at other’s shoes when we first meet them, people will also look automatically at a car’s wheels at first glance. Don’t get us wrong, the OEM wheels look sick, but wouldn’t it be nice to get an upgrade?

The wheel specs of a Ford Mustang S197 range from 16″ to 18″, so if you’re planning to get some wicked looking wheels like the Niche Gamma M190, then you’d better get your hands on some bigger tires. Bigger tires look way better on the Ford Mustang S197.

#2 LED Lighting 

Imagine you’re driving a Mustang S197 on the highway, and the sun is starting to set. You’re keen on showing off your car to the public, so you turn your headlights on, but there are only a few people looking at your car.

Why, may you ask? Maybe it’s because your headlights look basic! Modifying your headlights and replacing them with LED may do the trick. Most LED headlights nowadays, like the Raxiom Smoked Style Headlights, have some pretty cool features that’ll make your car into a head-turner.

These features include integrated Accent Halos, and of course, better visibility during your midnight runs.

#3 Suspension Upgrades

Lowering your car is one of the first steps you should take if you want to make a significant change in the way you drive your vehicle. Not only that it makes the car look more stylish thanks to its lowered stance, but it also improves your vehicle’s handling.

Pony cars like the Ford Mustang S197 are infamous for having boat-like handling, so it’s in your best interest to get some suspension upgrades for your vehicle.

You have two main options: a set of lowering springs or a coilover kit. A good set of lowering springs like the Eibach Sportline Performance Spring Kit can lower your car’s ride height pretty well while making the ride quality sportier yet more streetable.

Coilovers, on the other hand, offer ride height reduction and some controls on the damper settings. Most coilovers offer ride height and damper settings adjustability.

That’s why if you want to put your wheels on the track on the weekends and drive it daily during weekdays, then it’s best to get your hands on some of the best coilovers for an S197 Mustang, like the BR series coilovers from BC Racing.

#4 Cold-Air Intake System

Any stock air intake system is guaranteed to be restrictive, and that’s a fact. A restrictive air intake system prevents you from releasing the hidden horsepower your car can produce. That’s why it would be best to replace your OEM intake and replace it with an aftermarket one.

Many cold-air intake systems like the Roush Mustang intake kit are an excellent way to free up the restrictions and allow more cold and filtered air into the Mustang’s engine.

#5 Exhaust Systems

Have you heard what a Ford Mustang S197 sounds like? It sounds fantastic, even on stock exhausts. However, there’s always room for improvement, and you should know that a better sounding exhaust system is within your grasp.

A lot of auto parts manufacturers offer aftermarket exhaust systems that sound louder and more aggressive. Some offer mildly sounding ones, and those are pretty great too.

An excellent example of a great sounding exhaust system that would fit a Ford Mustang S197 would be the Borla ATAK axle-back exhaust system.

#6 Bolt-on Supercharger

Whatever trim you may own, we all know for a fact that a Ford Mustang S197 holds a lot of punch. Its horsepower rating ranges from 210hp (Mustang 4.0L V6) up to 662hp (Shelby GT500).

But do you know what’s better than power? MORE POWER, BABY! You can do many options to put steroids on your engine, but the best choice for the Ford Mustang S197 would be a bolt-on supercharger.

On a good day, a supercharger can add up to 46% to your total horsepower output (on average), so think about adding a bolt-on supercharger on your beloved Mustang.

#7 ECU Tuners

With the advancement of technology, it is not surprising that ECU tuners are getting popular as a car mod. Tuning your car’s ECU can dramatically improve your car’s internal characteristics, paving the way for a more customizable setting that would fit your driving style.

The ECU tune-up benefits are the following: better engine response, an increase of up to 35% in power, fuel economy improvement of up to 15%, and significantly lower CO2 emissions.

Take a look at the High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Programmer from Power Tune Performance to have an idea of what a good ECU tuner can do to your car.

#8 Resonator Delete

If you want to make your car sound louder, yet you don’t want to spend much on a full-blown aftermarket exhaust kit, there is a cheap alternative you can do; have a resonator delete.

By installing something like the Flowmaster Scavenger X-Pipe, you can now change your car’s sound profile without spending as much on a performance exhaust system.

#9 Sway bar links

Are you somehow of a daredevil, and you love to drive your Ford Mustang S197 at high speeds and dominate sharp turns? Then you probably know how scary it feels to have too much body roll.

An unstable car is as terrifying as a car that you can’t fully handle. This is the situation where sway bars come into play; sway bars stabilize your vehicle and prevent your vehicle from rolling over, especially during sharp turns.

A right sway bar like the Eibach Performance Sway Bar Anti-Roll Kit will be a very significant investment if you want to continue your adrenaline-filled activities.

#10 Shift Knobs

While it may not be the most expensive and glamorous upgrade you can add on a Ford Mustang S197, changing your shift knobs can be a great way to express your sense of creativity.

You can look at it as a small detail that complements your car’s interior design and style.

There’s always a lot of space for creativity when it comes to the Ford Mustang S197, so if you want something cool like samurai sword shift knobs or something unique like the TCI Street Fighter Auto Transmission Shifter, you have the freedom to do so.

Bonus Mod

What better way to make a pony car look more streetable than having spoilers installed on it? Besides looking cool, spoilers can significantly improve your car’s aerodynamic capabilities and reduce its overall drag.

There’s a lot of spoiler options you can choose from, such as factory-style spoilers, lip spoilers, rear window spoilers, and even custom spoilers. And if you’re not satisfied with just a generic spoiler, why not get a full body kit to make your S197 Mustang look more consistently fantastic?

Why Should I Even Modify My Car?

There are some good solid reasons as to why you should modify your Ford Mustang S197. For most people, modifying a car is just a hobby, while it is an obsession for others. Some even consider it as an addiction!

In whatever angle you try to look, car modification can put many good benefits on the table, such as making a car look more aesthetically pleasing, amplifying a car’s performance outputs, and enhancing a car’s handling and drivability, especially under strict and demanding conditions.

If you’re a car enthusiast, then you’d probably understand the need to modify a car. Why? Because you love it! There’s a lot of good reasons why you should modify your vehicle.

If you want better performance output, better handling, or a better-looking car, then you should modify your vehicle, even if it’s just for the fun of it!

Aftermarket modifications can bring out the best in a car, especially if it’s a pony car that belongs to the fifth generation of the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang S197 is a very popular domestic car.

With that popularity comes many aftermarket options you can choose from if you want better horsepower, better handling, or even a more aesthetically appealing vehicle. Aftermarket mods can make your Ford Mustang S197 stand out.

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