Top 10 Best Mods for Toyota MK4 Supra

The release of the controversial Toyota GR Supra back in 2019 has made the car enthusiast community gasp, both in awe and dismay. Sure, the MK5 Supra is back with a vengeance, but it looks more like a BMW than a Toyota.

For this reason, many car enthusiasts still favor the Toyota MK4 Supra above any generation of Supra released because it’s more fun to own and modify.

If you’ve seen the Fast and Furious movies, then you’ve probably discovered how awesome a Toyota MK4 Supra looks like, especially if once fully-modded out. Today, many available aftermarket mods for the MK4 Supra will make your car faster, more powerful, and make it look more stylish.

Whether it’s something to lower your car’s ride height, make it look good, or anything else, we’re pretty sure that there’s a mod out there for your chosen application.

Scroll down to see the list of the best Toyota MK4 Supra. We’ve created this so you won’t have to scour the Supra forums to see the best mods to get for the best Supra ever existed. Check it out!

#1 Tires

If there’s one easiest mod anyone can get on their cars, it would be new tires. All of the power output improvements and aesthetic mods you get for your vehicle would mean absolutely nothing if you’ve got worn out and ugly tires.

The OEM tire size of the 1998 turbocharged Toyota MK4 Supra is 245/45R17 in the front and 245/40R17, so if you want some awesome-aftermarket tires, try not to deviate as much from the OEM specs.

#2 Wheels

Since you’re planning to replace your tires, then why not get a new wheelset too? Wheels and tires go hand in hand, and it’ll be in your best interest to get a new set of wheels instead of fitting aftermarket tires on stock wheels.

The wheel fitment of the Toyota MK4 Supra ranges from 16″ to 20″ in diameter and a width of 8″ to 10″, just to give you an idea on what aftermarket wheels to get.

#3 Intake Systems

Whether you got a turbocharged or a naturally aspirated 2JZ, it’s safe to say that you’ll need something to rev up your engines even more. Sure, the Toyota MK4 Supra is powerful enough.

However, it still has a pretty restrictive stock intake system that’s stopping your car from unleashing its full potential. By introducing an aftermarket intake system on your Toyota MK4 Supra, you’re giving it a chance to breathe better and therefore perform better.

So what is the job of aftermarket intake systems, and why are they better than the stock? In a nutshell, aftermarket intake systems offer an alternative way of supplying air to your engine.

These aftermarket products often have better features such as sophisticated reusable air filters, less restrictive pipings, and protection against water and heat. A high-quality aftermarket intake system will supply colder and oxygen-rich air into your engine, allowing it to burn fuel more efficiently.

#4 Exhaust Systems

If a car can figuratively inhale oxygen, then it gotta exhale at some point too. An intake system works hand-in-hand with an exhaust system, acting as if they’re the car’s mechanical lungs.

Exhaust systems are responsible for controlling the hot exhaust gasses out of the vehicle. It’s also the main component you’d want to modify if you want your car to sound either aggressive or mellow, depending on your preferences.

Most performance exhaust systems available for the Toyota MK4 Supra features mufflers that can potentially transform your car from a subtle chill car into a domineering JDM wonder.

There’s a whole lot of car science behind it. Overall, if you want your car to sound better and get some extra benefits like reduced back pressure, it’s the exhaust system you’d want to tinker with.

#5 Single Turbo

Many people believe that twin-turbocharged cars actually use two turbos. In reality, some vehicles like the latest MK5 Toyota GR Supra utilizes a twin-scroll single turbo. The newest Supra owners may be lucky enough to have twin-scroll single turbos, but those who own the MK4 Supra aren’t that lucky. 

That’s why many hardcore car enthusiasts bolted mean turbos into their older Supras to dramatically increase its horsepower output. A bigger and meaner single turbo can improve your car’s power output like it’s on steroids.

The 2JZ is pretty much a legendary engine, so it’s only fitting that you get something for it to help your car produce more power as if it was on steroids.

#6 ECU Tune-Up

Most car enthusiasts who’ve luckily got their hands on an MK4 Supra have the turbocharged variants. Turbocharged cars are the best ones to get tuned up because an easy to get mod like an ECU tune is bound to give turbocharged cars better performance.

By simply hooking up your car on a computer or an ECU reprogrammer, you can dramatically improve your low-end torque, high-end horsepower, and even your fuel economy.

#7 Coilovers

Coilovers are perhaps the most sensible mod to get for a car like the Toyota MK4 Supra. The vehicle itself is fast, reliable, and is very fun to drive. What might be the best way to improve its looks and at the same time make its handling sporty enough to make you feel as if you’re a part of the Fast and Furious franchise? Coilovers!

So what do coilovers do to your car? To put it simply, coilovers are an effective way to lower your car’s ride height and, at the same time, give you control over its handling. Most aftermarket performance coilovers are adjustable, both in terms of ride height and compression/rebound settings.

Coilovers are a bang for the buck purchase for a lego car like the Toyota MK4 Supra.

#8 Lowering Springs

Do you feel like coilovers aren’t the thing for you, and you’re looking for something subtler and cheap? Then lowering springs are the closest thing to coilovers you can get your hands on. They’re pretty accessible, straightforward to install, and they are very budget-friendly.

Lowering springs are for the car guys who want to make their cars look cooler by lowering their car’s ride height without caring too much about its handling.

What’s the difference between coilovers and lowering springs? A coilover kit is adjustable while lowering springs aren’t. A good coilover kit can potentially make your car a bit sportier than usual because you’re given a chance to tinker with its compression and rebound settings, along with its ride height.

A great set of lowering springs, however, can only decrease your car’s ground clearance. If you’re lucky, it’ll somehow improve your handling too.

#9 Sway Bars

Sway bars are for those aggressive drivers who don’t want their cars to, well, sway. Also known as stabilizer bars, sway bars are precious because they can dramatically help stabilize your vehicle at a meager cost.

With just a couple of a hundred bucks, you can get yourself an easy-to-install mod that is guaranteed to help you cut through sharp corners like you’re a pro drifter. 

#10 Big Brakes

Suppose you’re planning to make your Toyota MK4 Supra more powerful through some of the mods mentioned above. In that case, you better have something that has an equal stopping power as well.

The reason why big brakes are at the end of this list is that they’re the most underrated mod. Car enthusiasts like us are guilty of modding every nooks and crannies of our cars, but we’re not giving ourselves the safety we deserve.

A mighty big brake kit is enough to keep your Toyota MK4 Supra in contact with the ground, even after a sudden stop. Thanks to its inherently larger size and disc area, along with grippier brake pads, big brake kits can be a vital mod in keeping you and your passengers safe.

And also, big brake kits are eye candy; they can make your car look more awesome. They are great for track use too!

3 Things to Remember When Planning to Modify a Car

Cars are definitely the best toys for the big boys. As car enthusiasts, we can’t deny how fun and exciting it is to modify our beloved project cars. However, whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, there are some key things to remember when planning to modify a vehicle.

#1 Car Modification Is Very Pricey

We get it: modifying our cars can be a guilty pleasure. But at some point, we have to admit that tinkering and buying aftermarket parts for our project cars is a very costly endeavor. A few sets of mods can already cost you thousands of dollars, so it’s best to prepare a financial plan before buying a car mod compulsively.

#2 Car Modification Can Compromise Your Safety

When it comes to car modification, you can put yourself in a heap of trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. If done correctly, car upgrades can maximize your driving experience to make it more fun and exciting.

When done haphazardly, however, you can put yourself in literal danger, both physically and financially.

#3 Modifications Can Tamper a Car’s Warranty

All car manufacturers provide a specific period wherein you can avail the service and repair they offer; as long as your vehicle meets a particular set of conditions.

Modifying your vehicle and replacing the stock parts with aftermarket ones can put you into trouble if you’re planning to make use of that warranty, so be wise with your gear head decisions.

The Toyota MK4 Supra is no doubt one of the best JDM cars of all time. Its availability for modification makes car enthusiasts eager to modify it, so they can alter according to their preferences.

The aftermarket industry has so much in store for the Toyota MK4 Supra, so there’s no need to worry about running out of upgrade options.

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