Top 5 Best Subaru WRX Performance Modifications

The Subaru WRX can be classified as one of the most iconic JDM cars that have ever driven the planet. It’s aggressive and focused stance gives off a uniquely captivating style. It has its very own rawness that creates a unique type of satisfaction and entertainment for those who drive it.

The base model of a Subaru WRX is impressive enough. What better way to unleash its full potential as a rally/streetcar than to modify it. There is an abundance of aftermarket parts you can purchase for your Subaru WRX, but what are the best ones to pick first?

Performance mods are the ones you should first look into. Once your car functions at peak efficiency, it will be more user-friendly and will boost your confidence both as a driver and as a car owner. Each one of these tires is made to satisfy specific purposes, so make sure you’re taking down notes!

We’ve created a list of the best Subaru WRX mods that you should prioritize. Cosmetic mods are great and all, but having a car with nice handling and performance is the real deal. Ranging from tires, intakes, to tuning, we’ve got you covered.

#1 Tires

The wheels and tires are probably one of the most underappreciated components of your car. From an outside perspective, they function the same as feet and shoes. If you keep your feet and shoes look great, they’ll give you the benefits you need. But if they’re worn out, then you should try replacing those shoes (not your feet!).

When you’re out there looking aftermarket tires and wheels, you need to consider the following factors. First, its anatomy. What is it made from? Second, toughness. Is it durable enough to withstand long miles of driving? Third, size. Do the tires of your choice fit your Subaru WRX? And lastly, price. If you can afford performance heavy-duty tires, then great!

The tires are one of the best mods for a Subaru WRX. Since this car came from a bloodline of rally cars, then you should sate its craving for high-quality performance tires that can handle tough roads.

#2 Cold-Air Intake

When it comes to best Subaru WRX upgrades, the cold-air intakes are one of the most important. To put it simply, cold-air intakes helps your engine breathe more effectively. Once an engine can breathe effectively, it can function better. Intakes are important for Subaru WRXs because it subtly improves the car’s power output.

Many aftermarket cold-air intakes in stores can benefit your car. If you have no idea where to start, we recommend intake systems like MAPerformance, Grimmspeed, and ETS cold-air intake systems. For a reasonable price, they can help your Subaru WRX in inhaling better air for its engine.

They are pretty easy to install too! Intakes are one of the best performance mods for Subaru WRX, so make sure to put this one on the top of your list.

#3 Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

When you inhale air, you need to exhale it afterward. This is the purpose of exhaust systems: to remove the exhaust gasses formed after the combustion of the air-fuel mixture in the engine. By eliminating the exhaust gas efficiently, you get more power and better performance for your car.

Fortunately enough, many aftermarket exhaust systems can be found in the marketplace. For Subaru WRXs, they range from single exits to quad-tip exits. Choosing what type of exhaust system that would fit perfectly in your car depends on you.

Cat-back exhaust systems are also responsible for that deep growling sound that we all love. The Subie rumble is exciting enough, but when it’s partnered with an aftermarket cat-back exhaust, you’ll experience the car’s roar rise to another level. Exhilarating!

If you have no idea where to start looking for, we recommend cat-back exhaust systems like INVIDIA Gemini R400 Quadtip for the quad-tip exits and the Tomei Expreme for the single exits.

#4 Intercoolers

Subaru WRX is just like any other car. They need to eliminate excess heat developed by the engine or else it will overheat. That’s where intercoolers come in. Installing this mod on your Subaru WRX will help your car in eliminating the excess heat from your engine and dissipate into the ambient space.

An intercooler is a must in a Subaru WRX, especially if it is turbocharged. Temperatures tend to rise once it enters the car’s system. With the help of an intercooler, it cools the air, enriching the incoming air with more oxygen. More oxygen in the engine means better fuel combustion.

Replacing the OEM intercooler will give your car an advantage when it comes to the car’s heat management. For Subaru WRX, there are two types of intercoolers at play: front mount and top mount. Both have their advantages, so choose wisely before buying one.

#5 Tuning

When it comes to searching for the best WRX mod, there’s nothing that can beat a fine, old tuning. You can have all the performance modifications like tires, intakes, exhausts, and intercoolers, but without the proper tune-up, you’re not unlocking the Subaru WRX’s full potential.

Installing modifications can be tricky too. If you outfit your WRX/STI with the mods of your choice without have the car tuned, you may run into some trouble. Problems like poor power distribution may arise and may give you a massive headache. Luckily for you, there are power kits available in the market.

Tuning your Subaru WRX can also open a lot of closed avenues like having the opportunity to utilize alternative fuels like ethanol and premium unleaded gasoline (93 octanes). Although your car may be required to undergo some fuel system modifications if you want to make use of these alternative fuels.

Other Subaru WRX mods are great and all, but if your want to unlock your car’s full potential, then you should heavily consider these five performance mods. They not only improve your car’s effectiveness, but they also give you a riding quality as you’ve never experienced before.

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