Best Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Healthy habits have thankfully become popular in the past decade, and people have started leaving their comfort zone in order to have the best adventure they can.  For those who don’t like running or hiking, riding a bike is the next best thing.

The only disadvantage to riding a bicycle as a hobby is that it’s pretty large, and if there’s more than one bicycle that needs to be transported, it can be an issue. Thankfully, there are solutions made specifically for fixing this issue – bike racks.

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you can find truck bed-mounted bike racks, roof bike racks, or trunk-mounted bike racks made for SUVs and sedans.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best trunk-mounted bike racks available on the market. 

Installing a Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Before we start our list of the best trunk-mounted bike racks, it’s helpful to mention how they’re actually installed.

Most models come with support bars and straps that eliminate the need for any special tools or drilling. This is a great feature, especially if you don’t tow your bicycles every day. Bike racks that are mounted on the car’s trunk extend the car’s length, and it isn’t one of the safest things to have installed on your car permanently

After choosing the right model that’s compatible with your specific car, the bike rack is mounted in a matter of minutes. On a half-opened trunk, place the bike rack in the middle. You’ll probably need another set of hands to help you hold the rack in place, after which you’ll only need to connect the corresponding straps. Once all the straps are tightened, you can safely mount your bicycles.

Here are some of the most popular choices when it comes to trunk-mounted bike racks.

The Saris Solo Bike Rack

Our first pick includes the Saris Solo bike rack that’s specifically made for carrying one bicycle. This bike rack is 100% made from recycled plastic and has a total weight capacity of up to 35 lbs. It’s very simple to install, and easy to store when not used due to its small size. 

The Tyger Auto Deluxe 1-Bike Trunk Mount

The second pick in our list is the Tyger Auto Deluxe 1-Bike Mount. The difference between this one and the previous one we mentioned is the design and weight capacity. The Tyger bike rack can carry a bike that’s almost two times heavier than the Saris bike rack. The Tyger bike rack can withstand up to 55 lbs. Its lower frame is also padded which helps protect the car from damage caused by the bike, and the rack also includes a safety strap to keep the bike from moving during transport.

The only downside to this trunk mount is that it can’t be used on cars with a rear spoiler.

Thule Outway Trunk Mount Bike Rack

The Thule Outway trunk mount bike rack is designed differently than the previous items in our list. This rack is lifted which in result improves visibility through the back window, and the licence plate isn’t obstructed.

The great thing about the Thule Outway bike rack is that it fits a wide array of vehicles, even those with a rear spoiler. This bike rack is fitted with steel cables and rubber protective pads for a more secure fit.

Allen Sports Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike trunk mount rack is a great option for those that have the need to carry up to four bicycles at once. Mounting this trunk rack takes just a few minutes, and the bottom foot and straps keep the bikes completely secure whether you’re driving on the freeway or on uneven terrain.

Although this particular trunk rack is large enough to accommodate 4 bicycles, it’s light, and durable. It’s made from alloy steel and weighs less than 15 lbs.

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Ultra Compact trunk bike rack is an amazing accessory that will allow you to carry up to two bicycles. The thing that makes this particular bike rack model is that it’s foldable, and when it’s fully folded, it can be fitted into a regular backpack.

The Ultra Compact trunk bike rack is fitted with three adjustable straps, making it very secure. The legs and spine protect both the car and bicycles. 

FIERYRED Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The FIERYRED bike rack is among the highest-quality trunk-mounted bike racks you can get. This model is made for carrying up to three bikes at once, and it’s made of heavy-duty materials that guarantee exceptional durability. With polyester straps and alloy buckles, you can easily adjust this bike rack to fit almost any car, making it safe, and secure.

The great feature about this bike rack is that it can carry any type of bicycle, from a rugged mountain bike to a kids bike. Both the car and bikes are protected with EVA pads all around, so even if you carry three bikes, you don’t need to worry about scratching your car’s paint along the way.

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a stylish accessory that’s also providing great functionality, the Saris Bones car bike rack is the ideal pick. It comes in two colors – red and blue, and its not just a helpful accessory, but one that will improve the look of your car when you’re not carrying your bike or bikes.

This bike rack is capable of withstanding the weight of two 35 lb bikes easily, without compromising safety or durability. It’s built with 100% recyclable materials in the USA. The bike rack is made from a high-quality lightweight material, making it easy to lift and mount on any vehicle. Its innovative design allows mounting on sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks with or without a rear spoiler, and the rubberized feet, you won’t have to worry about any type of damage to your car or bikes.

The Saris Bones car bike rack is durable, stylish, and most important of all, safe to use in almost every situation.

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