Subaru EJ25: Everything You Need To Know

They were brought to us by the automotive company that once a division of Fuji Heavy Industries became internationally recognized for their boxer engines. Subaru made their way onto the streets introducing EJ engines. In the succeeding years of its development, EJ engines became the mainstay engine of Subaru on most of its vehicles. And … Read more

Subaru EJ22: Everything You Need To Know

In 1989, Subaru started producing EJ22 for their Impreza and Legacy models. A campaign to satisfy the consumers with continuous engine development in succession and modification throughout the years. The EJ family of engines is intended to replace the EA engines of the same automaker. With that, how does the EJ22 sits differently among its … Read more

Nissan RB25 vs RB26: Which is Better? 

The difference between the RB25 and RB26 engines is merely based on their power, torque production capabilities – most of the time. But what is more than that? How about the upgrades? Electrical, Mechanical, and Technical improvements. Both engines are powerful in their own right. They have enhanced turbocharged variants to improve the engine performance, … Read more