World’s First Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Aventador

Underground Racing is always raising the bar of the high performance automotive world. They’re known for their twin-turbo Gallardo’s that they run at airstrip events, and they DOMINATE the competition. However they’ve never ventured into the bigger Lamborghini’s, that is until October 8th, when they released a video of the worlds first twin-turbo Aventador, that … Read more

Massive Race-Car Crash: Bathurst 2015

The danger of racing is always prevalent, but sometimes a huge crash will happen and remind you just how dangerous the sport is. This happened during an Australian racing series. The white car was bumped from the rear at 120mph+, and was sent flying off of the track. Smashing into the wall, rolling down the … Read more

900hp Turbo Foxbody on the Track

Here we have a 1988 Foxbody Saleen, fitted with a fully built 331ci stroker engine. Feeding the 331 stroker engine is an 80mm turbo, and its putting the power to the ground through a 4R70W automatic transmission. This is a full interior street car, with a sound system and A/C that runs 8 second passes … Read more

Foxbody Mustang: Street & Track Mayhem

Who the hell doesn’t like Foxbody Mustangs? They’re lightweight, decently powerful, and a hell of a lot of fun. Thats pretty evident in this video, burnouts, drag racing, and street shenanigans are what the Foxbody was built for. In fact, we love them so much that we wrote “5 Reasons to Buy a Foxbody Today“. Check … Read more

Epic Redneck Car Jump Fail

What happens when you take a junk cadillac, a mudpit, a jump, and a bunch of rednecks? A great time, and near death. They launched the cadillac a good 30ft in the air, and it ended up on its roof, with the passengers stuck inside. Luckily some of the crowd jump in the rescue the … Read more

$80,000 Can Crushing Truck

Have you ever wanted a truck that you could crush some soda/beer cans with? Some guy built exactly that. Well, not really. He built a Dodge megacab dually that lays frame, but found out its perfect for crushing beer cans. Check it out.

1000HP GTR Oklahoma Street Racing

T1 racing brought one of their GTR’s out KC2K13, and ended up racing a GSXR1000 with some nitrous. Safe to say this was one close, high speed race. Both the GTR and the bike were racing up to around 180mph and who knows how fast the GTR was going. Check it out.