Worlds Fastest Jeep XJ Cherokee

I am a huge XJ Cherokee fan, i’ve owned two, and I currently daily drive one. But, i’ve never thought about building a drag car out of one. This one is equipped with a 505ci Chrysler engine, with a bunch of nitrous, and a ford 9″ rear end. Safe to say this thing is CRAZY … Read more

EPIC Jeep XJ Cherokee Jump

Rednecks never cease to amuse everyone. This was at the Dennis Anderson Muddy Motorsports Park, where they regularly hold short course races like the one this Cherokee was on. I imagine that the words before he went on track were “hold my beer”. Apparently nearly nothing on this Jeep broke, and it was able to … Read more

$80,000 Can Crushing Truck

Have you ever wanted a truck that you could crush some soda/beer cans with? Some guy built exactly that. Well, not really. He built a Dodge megacab dually that lays frame, but found out its perfect for crushing beer cans. Check it out.

Chevy K5 Gets Major Air Time

In typical hillbilly racing fashion, theres always a square body Chevy. But there is also always that one guy who always goes way to hard, and knows its not a good idea. What happens when you combine those two together? You end up with a square body Chevy over 10 feet in the air. I … Read more

Epic Jeep Cherokee Massive Jump

Let me start this off by saying I love XJ Cherokee’s. I’ve owned two and currently have one as my daily driver, I also love the JeepSpeed racing series. Well, this took place somewhere along a race course that a JeepSpeed Cherokee was racing on. It appears to be an illusively large berm that launches … Read more

Epic Truck Tug-of-War Fail

Its not uncommon to see tug-of-war with trucks, especially in the southern regions of the USA. Mostly diesel trucks that are built for mud bogging. This time around the fight was lost in a very interesting way, with a truck frame bent in half. Check out the video and see for yourself what to much … Read more

2 Things that SUCK about Jeep XJ Cherokee’s

Let me start this off by saying that I love XJ Cherokee’s, I had one for my first car and I currently own one. But, there are 2 things that seriously SUCK about Cherokee’s. Frameless and Shameless In case you didn’t know, XJ’s don’t have a frame, they’re unibody. Whats a unibody? A unibody means that the … Read more