E90 vs F30: Which One is Actually Better?

You’re interested in purchasing a 3-series BMW, but you don’t know which one to buy. Maybe you’re just interested in learning more about them but don’t actually want to own one.

Either way, the 3-series is a great little car, especially if you buy it from the right owner. The all new F30 3-series is incredibly good looking and is better than any other 3-series before it.

Due to financial reasons, the F30 is somewhat of a bad idea for most of us. Many of us will begin to look at the E90 generation 3-series because of its much lower price.

You could go older than that, the E46 and E36 are great little cars, but most of us want something a little newer. Your main options are the E90 and the F30, so let’s dive in and compare BMW E90 vs F30.


Much like the E46 before it, the E90 had some pretty big shoes to fill in. Once again BMW delivered a killer product, but he market changed. The demand for more luxury features and less sporty features had increased. BMW met this demand by making the E90 larger, and more luxurious than any 3-series before it.


BMW actually did so well with the E90 that it was the best selling luxury car from 2006 to 2010 in the US and Canada. The E90 was available in a coupe, sedan, and convertible. They all have different “chassis codes”, so the platform is commonly referred to as the E9X chassis.

This generation 3-series was the first to receive a V8 in the M3 model. All models before it had BMW’s famous inline-6 engine.

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Once again BMW had big shoes to fill in. The E90 was the best selling luxury car in the US for 4+ years in a row. BMW unveiled the F30 in 2012, and released it in late 2012. Once again there was a demand for more luxury features, and a larger car. BMW delivered, making the F30 the fastest, and most luxurious 3-series to ever come out.


BMW brought back the inline-6 in the F30’s M3 model. But it was very different than any other M3 engine, including the E90’s V8. This time BMW strapped a pair of turbos to the M3’s inline-6. Many journalists initially complained that it will take away from the true M3 experience, but after driving it they retracted their statements.

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E90 vs F30: Which One is Prettier?

Before I start this portion of the article, I want you to know that part of this is subjective. You might completely disagree with what I say and that’s completely fine.

The E90 was bigger than any other 3-series before it. This was done to meet the market desire, which was to increase luxury. The F30 is slightly larger in every single dimension than the E90. They are both relatively small sedans, especially when compared to other sedans in the US market.


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The E90 was also one of the prettiest 3-series to ever come out, but it felt like it wasn’t true BMW. The E90 looks like its missing some of that BMW sharpness. Luckily BMW brought back this “sharpness” with the F30.

The F30 is also more aggressive front and rear. It just looks more pissed off than the E90.Overall they are both very pretty sedans, but the F30 takes the crown when it comes to the looks.

E90 vs F30: Reliability/Strength

As time goes on it seems like BMWs are getting less and less reliable. The E30 and E36 were built like tanks. The E90 brought forth a bunch of electronic issues. This is because the E90 was much more complex than any 3-series before it.

The electronic issues were sort out with the F30, but there are still issues. The “N” series engine is said to have problems in the E90 model, which was mostly sorted out for the F30 model.

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Many of the smaller E90 model’s “N” series engines were replaced by more efficient 4-cylinder in the F30. This helped increased reliability for the lower model F30s. Over all the BMW brand is actually much more reliable than most people realize. They’re expensive to fix though.

E90 vs F30: Luxury

As time has gone on, BMWs have become more and more luxurious. The average consumer wants more luxury features per dollar than ever. The era of the sports car has died down a huge amount.

Like I said before, the E90 was the best selling luxury car in the US from 2006 to 2010. It was way more luxurious than any 3-series before it. Consumers still wanted more luxury features, so BMW delivered with the F30.

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The F30 is without a doubt way more luxurious than any other 3-series. It rides better and quieter. It also has a better sound system, a nicer interior, and more ridiculous features.

This really shouldn’t surprise you to much that the F30 is more luxurious than the E90. I won’t go into detail about features, but both have a plethora of features that you probably won’t even use.

E90 vs F30: Price

If you’ve read our E36 vs E46 article, then you know that BMW prices can vary a huge amount. Especially if the vehicle is modified for track use such as Spec E36. From what i’ve found in my local market (Phoenix, AZ), E90 prices range from $8k all the way up to $20k for a 335i.

If the lower models are what you’re interested in than don’t be worried they range from $7k to $10k.

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Used prices for the F30 seem to be around $15k to $35k. Since its a fairly new vehicle it’s still in its major devaluation stage. This causes used prices to be very unpredictable. Brand new you can get a 328i F30 from about $40k.

A 340i can be had from around $50k. The F30 is rather obviously way more expensive than the E90.

E90 vs F30: M3

Like I mentioned earlier, the E90 and the F30 are both very different from the normal M3. One has a V8 and the other has twin turbos. But the M3 is much more than just its engine. M3s are supposed to be track ready machines that can out perform anything else in their segment.

For a long time the M3 has been the golden standard for sports cars. If you’re interested in more M3 content check out our 335i vs M3 article.
Let’s look at the E90 M3’s performance numbers:

  • Horsepower: 414 horsepower @ 8,300 rpm
  • Torque: 295 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpm
  • 0 to 60: 4.5 seconds
  • 60 to 0: 110 feet
  • 1/4 mile: 12.4 seconds @ 114 mph
  • Curb weight: 3,629 lbs

As you might be able to tell from these numbers, the M3 is a very fast car. The one drawback of the E90 M3 is lack of torque down low in the rev range. This is the opposite of most V8s, which produce tons of torque.

The torque is all in the engine tuning (camshaft, intake runner length, stroke, ignition timing, etc).
Let’s look at the F30 (F80 technically) M3’s performance numbers:

  • Horsepower: 425 horsepower @ 7,300 rpm
  • Torque: 406 lb-ft @ 5,500 rpm
  • 0 to 60: 4 seconds
  • 60 to 0: 99 feet
  • 1/4 mile: 12.0 seconds @ 119.3 mph
  • Curb weight: 3,351 lbs

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The first number you see might surprise you. Both these M3s have around 420 horsepower. The real story is the torque. The F80 M3 puts down 110 lb-ft more than the E90.

That makes the F80 way faster off of the line, which ultimately gives it a way better 0-60 and 1/4 time. The F80 is also 300 lbs lighter than the E90, which is pretty impressive considering it’s physically larger and more luxurious.

Source: fastestlaps.com

Which One is Better?

The F30 is more comfortable, more luxurious, more reliable and faster than the E90. But due to financial reasons most of us will have have to settle with the E90. If money wasn’t an object than the F30 would be the obvious winner.

Even when money is an object the F30 is still the winner. Let me know which one you think is better in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “E90 vs F30: Which One is Actually Better?”

  1. As this author stated this is a subjective comparison. Both my wife and I have owned e90 BMW 335i xdrive cars. I own a 2011 with the sport, cold weather package, and premium package. She owned a 2008 BMW e90 with the premium and cold weather package. She has not driven the new F30 model but does not like the look of it at all. My wife now drives a 2015 BMW X3 because she is literally a soccer mom and prefers SUV’s over cars. I have recently driven the 2016 BMW 340i xdrive model. I have also driven the 2012,2013,2014 and 2015 BMW 335i xdrive cars. I prefer the look and steering of the e90 model and have no interest in trading it in for any 3 series model to date. I do not like the look, drive and steering of the newer F30 model years. In my opinion the new F30 has lost its sporty feel and is geared too much toward luxury. I put my car in for service every year and to have it detailed. I always request the newest 3 series cars when I have it serviced and detailed. The new 2016 BMW 340i has the new B58 engine which is similar in format to the outgoing N55 but I noticed immediately the increase in power and the steering was slightly improved. The power was not a drastic change as was the steering improvement, but it did increase significantly enough for me to constantly watch my foot on the pedal, which was a nice change and was immediately apparent. If you like all the new luxury amenities and the steering options, which I feel give you less road feel, but it is easier to maneuver at slower speeds, then pick the newer BMW 3 series models. The choice is yours but I can’t wait to get my old 2011 335i xdrive back every year after I have it serviced and detailed. My car still looks brand new, is garage kept and only has 7800 miles on the odometer so I feel it gives a much better comparison than an older e90 car. If you want the more sporty drive of the older e90 model but want a brand new BMW check out the new BMW 2 series coupe. If I was to trade in my car for a new BMW this would be the car I would choose.

  2. Just traded in my E92 for the F30. And I’m completely disappointed, I’m debating on returning it and get my 2007 E92 back. Overall the car looks great, but I didn’t buy a 30k car just to look good. It has lost all of the BMW roots. Bad steering, horrible loose, bouncing suspension, terrible I4 engine…. I’m still confused why they would ever cut 2 cyclindes. This will be the last BMW I will ever buy if it keep it. Old generation BMWs it will be. And I’ll just keep them in prestige condition.

    • Totally agree with you on this
      Lucky I went to the BMW m experience first and drove all the m- cars and may I add the i8 was incredible to drive but don’t have 100,000 pound to spend
      The track day has saved me many thousands of pounds

  3. Drove the f30 m3 on a BMW track experience and was gutted
    I was looking to replace my mapped e90 335d but now will be keeping it
    To electronic for me and also had no feel to it when track driving
    Think I will be investing in a lsd for mine

  4. I just can’t afford to keep my e92 335i, stepping down to a f30 328i. Hoping for better and more manageable maintenance.

  5. I drive a 2011 E90 and before that a 2007 E92. I have spent some time in F30 loaners from the dealer and my next BMW will not be a 3 series. I haven’t had the chance to check out the 2 series yet, but if I go BMW next time I will and if the handling is there I’ll probably go that way – unless I’m suddenly loaded, and then I’ll take that M5, thanks.

  6. From specifications F30 sounds great, but is all paper. Driving experience E90 is cool. no matter companies always change their design based on the feedback and inherent issue

  7. Personally, I would never consider trading my e90 335i for a newer F30 335i. Although there are many similarities, and on paper the F30 powered by the n55 is a newer, better car there is no comparison when driving the two. The N54 found in the E9X models is an engineering marvel. An open-deck motor than can safely handle 600-700whp, and 850whp+ when pushing its limit is unbelievable. Also, the E9X’s just feel so much more connected to the road. They have a much better feel, overall. Even if the F30’s were the same price – there is no way I would convert.

  8. Not to nitpick, but the last generation 3-series M3 is NOT the same platform as the base model. Base = F30, and M3 = F80. I was surprised myself, but that’s the fact.

  9. I went from a 2006 330i, to a 2011 335i coupe, to a 2013 335i sedan.

    HANDS DOWN, the F30 feels better on the road.
    The transmission is MUCH MUCH snappier, and has 8 gears!
    At any speed, you floor it and it finds the right gear and flies.
    The 19″ wheels and suspension keep it feeling glued.
    When you yank the wheel it feels lighter on its feet, like it WANTS to turn.
    The e92 felt front heavy, and more like it didn’t want to change direction.
    The interior has a better and design and better options.

    The list goes on but, but a couple of pros for the e90/92. The e92 felt more solid, like, when you hit small bumps, the interior didn’t make any plasticy creeks squeaks and rattles. Also, in comfort mode the F30 steering is a little light. In sport mode it’s good. BMW should have allowed me to change the steering weight without making the tranny hang in the gears forever! So overall e90/92 steering had a better feel, but the F30 still out handles it and feels better on the road to me.

    If you bought anything less than a 335i and you wanted power and sportiness, you’re just foolish. You saw the 0-60 times and the less than 19″ wheels but you still bought it 😉

    So, perhaps the e90 328i is better than the F30 328i?

    But 335i is MUCH better on the F30 platform. To me the F30 feels much sportier and more planted. It feels lighter even if it’s not (camber/castor adjustments?).

  10. Thanks for the good article, I pretty much agree with all of it, just have to add one thing after owning both.. If money IS an objection, better get a nicer spec E9x from the right owner than a naked f3x..!! At least automatic, sports seats, hifi xenon etc.. 🙂

  11. I own a 2011 BMW 328i xDrive (e90) and a 2013 BMW 328i xDrive (F30). Hands down I prefer my e90 for performance over my F30. Of course the F30 is more advanced electronically but the performance is lacking (loose steering, throttle response, loose corner turning, etc…). I drove numerous BMW’s (loaners: X3, X5, X6, 328i xDrive 528i xDrive, 428i xDrive, etc…) and none performed like my e90 (Can’t really compare the SUV’s though). #IWasNotImpressed

  12. Went from a 2007 328i E90 to a 2016 340i F30. There are lots of trades offs. However the pros outweigh the cons in my case. The much more powerful engine is the biggest plus.


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