Fiesta ST: Three Features You Didn’t Know About

After about a week of owning my Fiesta ST I have found some things that I never knew about it. I thought I knew this car inside and out from all the reviews I’ve read, but I was wrong. Here are the three things I’ve found that you probably also didn’t know about.

Interior Lights

I’m not completely positive that every Fiesta has this feature, but mine has some pretty nifty interior lighting. I was cruising down the road and decided to see what this random button did, and it turned the foot area on the floor red!

You can cycle through and choose from eight different colors, but favorite is red. It illuminates driver, passenger, and rear passenger foot wells, as well as the cup holders and little slot above the glove box.

Hill Start Assist

Right as I left the dealership in my Fiesta ST I was immediately confronted with a hill I had to stop on. I am comfortable hill starting in most manual transmission cars. But I still wasn’t very familiar with the car so I was pretty nervous.

Right as I let off the brake and began to let the clutch out I noticed it didn’t roll backward. I thought maybe the hill was less steep than I initially thought, but upon further investigation I found that to be incorrect.

I scrolled through the setting menu and found a little setting called “hill start assist”. As you might’ve already figured out, hill start assist will temporarily hold the foot brake while you release the clutch.

The result is you not rolling backward at all when you have to start on a hill. Not sure if this is a common feature on new manual transmission cars but its very new to me!

Rev Hang/Matching

Occasionally I will hear people complain about “rev hang”. You know when you rev your engine up and it decides to hold itself at that RPM for longer than you’d like. In the case of the Fiesta ST the whole rev hang issue isn’t much of a problem.

But, it seems like the Fiesta ST helps you smooth out your shifts. Shifting from third to fourth, you’ll find that once you put the clutch in, the revs hang at the correct RPM for fourth gear before you actually let out the clutch.

It’s a little hard to explain, but basically, the Fiesta ST helps you smooth out your upshifts. Downshifts, however, are completely dependent on you being smooth.


So, those are the three weird and somewhat hidden features of the Fiesta ST that I didn’t know about. The interior has some pretty cool boy racer lighting, hill start assist will save you on those steep hills, and the engine computer helps smooth out your upshifts.

As I find more weird things about the Fiesta I will continue to update this article.

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