Jeep vs Land Rover: Which One is Actually Better?

If you’re just getting into off-roading then chances are you’ve heard something about the Jeep vs Land Rover debate. Both are designed with off-roading in mind, and both are exceptionally good at it

One is built in America, the other is built in the UK, but which is actually better? Well, there’s a lot of different aspects to cover, as well as different generations of the Jeep vs Land Rover debate. So, let’s dive in, and compare Jeep vs Land Rover.

Jeep vs Land Rover: Interior

Assuming you don’t live under a rock then you should know that the Land Rover brand is known for its luxury. When you think of high-end vehicles, most people will think of a Range Rover, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

The luxury of a Range Rover transfers over into other Land Rover models. For this example, let’s look at the Discovery II.

Discovery II Interior


The Land Rover Discovery II was an impressive new version of the loved Discovery. With this new model, Land Rover upgraded nearly everything, including the interior. All Discovery II’s came standard with dual power sunroofs, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power seats, heated seats, Home-Link system, all leather everything, dual-zone climate control, and more.

So, as you can see from that quick list of features, Land Rover’s are really luxurious. Even by modern standards, the Discovery II is a really nice vehicle.

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Jeep’s, on the other hand, are a little lacking in the luxury department. For this comparison, let’s look at the XJ Cherokee. The XJ came standard with cloth interior, manual windows, manual locks, manual seats, a standard climate control system, and nothing else fancy.

Yes, you could get higher up XJ models like the Laredo, which came with power everything, leather seats, and an upgraded sound system. But, standard vs standard, Land Rover blows Jeep out of the water.

XJ Cherokee Interior


Newer models, on the other hand, are much nicer for both Land Rover and Jeep, but Land Rover’s still have much nicer interior’s in 2016. At this point, Land Rover has become a standard for luxury vehicles.

Jeep vs Land Rover: Reliability

Okay, so when it comes to reliability, what do you think would be more reliable? If you said to yourself “Land Rover’s and Range Rover’s are super  unreliable, so of course the Jeep must be the more reliable one!”, then you wouldn’t be alone.

I too thought that since Jeep was American made, it would be way more reliable than anything European, but man was I wrong. Don’t believe me? Here’s reliability articles for both Jeep and Land Rover.


Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie. As a big Jeep fan, it pains me to see this chart. This chart is a list of reported problems/repairs per 100 vehicles. The vehicles are all 2014 models. As you can see, Jeep and Land Rover, are nearly tied. Quite honestly, they’re both absolutely terrible when it comes to reliability.

Jeep 4.0L


What about the good ole’ 4.0L Jeep engine? Yes, the 4.0L Jeep engine is one of the most reliable production engines ever, but the 4.0L Land Rover engine is also pretty good. While both have their Achilles heel, they’re both incredible durable engines.

Jeep vs Land Rover: Off-Road

These are both off-road oriented vehicles, so it would make sense to compare how they do off-road. As much as I would love to give you a good off-road comparison, it’s not that easy. “Why?” you might ask, its because off-roading is just more than ground clearance.

Its articulation, wheel base, approach and departure angles, chassis strength, axles, and most importantly, the driver. I’ve seen Mazda 3’s go where some Jeep’s couldn’t because the driver knew what he was doing.

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Before I tell you which is better off-road and why to let me tell you this. I am a big Jeep fan, and the other writer (Kristoffer) for this website is a big Land Rover fan. We’ve both taken our vehicles off-road tons of times, so I have a lot of real world experience with both of these vehicles.


One big difference between the Discovery II and the XJ Cherokee is how the 4WD system works. In the Land Rover, its actually AWD, which means that there is a differential in the transfer case. The Jeep, on the other hand, is 4WD, because when 4WD is engaged power is locked 50/50 between the front and rear axle.

Why does this matter? Because it greatly changes the characteristics of how it handles off-road. See, the Land Rover is always in AWD, which means if you’re going down the road, and hit a sudden patch of ice you’ll be fine, but the Jeep has to be in 2WD on the road, which can cause that same patch of ice to send you flying off of the road.


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Another big difference between these two is the traction management. While some Jeep XJ’s came with a rear LSD, most didn’t. If you know how open differentials work then you know they’re not that great for off-roading. The Land Rover also came with open differentials.

The difference here is that Land Rover’s come with a pretty advanced 4-wheel traction control system, whilst Jeep’s don’t. This traction control system is basically the equivalent of having lockers front and rear.


There is so much more I could go into regarding the off-road performance of these two but it would take all day long. Bottom line, my Jeep(s) have gone places that Kristoffer’s Land Rover couldn’t, and his Land Rover has gone places my Jeep(s) couldn’t.

We’ve both gotten stuck countless amounts of times over the years.

Jeep vs Land Rover: Old

Thus far we’ve focused on mainly the older Jeeps and the older Land Rover’s. The Discovery II has a way nicer interior, and overall is a way nicer vehicle to drive every single day.  The XJ Cherokee is more reliable than the Discovery II, but not by much.

When it comes to off-roading its more about the driver than the vehicle, and both Jeep’s and Land Rover’s are incredibly capable off-road machines. So when comparing older Jeep’s vs older Land Rover’s, you’ll find that quite honestly, the Land Rover’s are nicer to drive every single day.

But the Jeep’s might be a better choice for reliability. It honestly comes down to personal preference.

I’ve owned both and I can tell you right now that I would rather drive a Land Rover Discovery II every single day, and rather have a Jeep XJ Cherokee for an off-road rig.

Jeep vs Land Rover: New

If you’re not a car/truck enthusiast, and just want to know which one is the better option for you, then this is the part you’ve been waiting for.  When it comes to newer Jeep’s vs Land Rover’s things like off-road ability aren’t that important. Why is this? Because over time Land Rover has become less about off-roading and more about luxury.

One big difference with both Jeep and Land Rover is that now in 2016 they all comes with fully independent suspension, other than the Wrangler.

The solid axle suspension design is quite ancient and can only handle so well on the road. The independent suspension might be loads better on the road, but it’s not so good off-road. Both now come with pretty advanced traction management systems, as well as a ton of other driver assists.

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One thing that hasn’t changed is the interior comparison. While new Jeeps are much nicer than old Jeeps, they still don’t compare to Land Rover’s. Like I mentioned earlier, the Land Rover brand has become the pinnacle of luxury suvs and luxury vehicles in general for that matter.

In all reality, modern Land Rover’s are way better than modern Jeeps. But, as a die-hard Jeep person, I would still rather have a new Wrangler than a new Land Rover.

Jeep vs Land Rover: Summary

So, when it comes to the Jeep vs Land Rover debate, the winner really depends on the age. Older Jeep’s aren’t that nice to drive on the road but are slightly better than Land Rover’s off-road. Older Land Rover’s are arguably better than Jeep’s off-road and are way nicer to drive on the street daily.

Newer Jeeps and newer Land Rover’s are both much nicer than their older models, but the Land Rover brand has gone in a different direction. Newer Jeep’s are unquestionably better off-road but are still lacking when it comes to interior comfort, especially when compared to the Land Rover.

So basically it boils down to this. If you drive off-road a lot, get a Jeep. If you drive on the road and off-road a lot, get a Land Rover. Or just pick your personal preference. I prefer Jeep’s, but that’s just me.

25 thoughts on “Jeep vs Land Rover: Which One is Actually Better?”

  1. Hey Bryce, great site, been binge reading non-stop since yesterday. It all started with a small block V8 search… and then I was hooked! 🙂
    Really enjoying the off-road articles. As I live in Europe, I may have better luck with Rover and Toyota for used trucks and parts.
    That said, care to elaborate on the Mazda 3 shennanigans? You can’t just picque our curiousity and leave us hanging, you know. 😉

  2. I have two Landrovers now, and it should not be classified as off road vehicles. Look at the tires, piece of sxxt. It is not designed and manufactured for off-road. I am going to get Jeep soon.

  3. As a normal dude who wants a nice ride but is still conscious of the value of things, Jeep makes way more sense. And now in 2018 the interiors are damn decent, but def not over the top superluxe like LRs. It’s funny how I can get the top spec Cherokee for around the same price as the bare bones LR Discovery Sport (which only says to people you ain’t as rich as you pretend to be). I’d get a LR only if I had so much money that it wouldn’t make any sense to not have the nicest stuff and just pay whatever it costs to have its unreliable parts fixed. For now, I love my Jeep.

    Ps- You’re killing me with those apostrophes

    • Don’t know about the vehicles ( mechanic just phoned to advise my
      Disco 11 head gasket is blown again) but I really know about apostrophes and I agree – gasping for breath here!

  4. The Jeep excels over stone’s and rocks compared to the older LR’s. When you’re crossing over stones and rocks (assuming they clear) the Rover really doesn’t like it… It’s too solid and heavy for these conditions and requires you to go painfully slow or you will hear all kinds of expensive noises. However it will beat out the New Jeeps in Snow and water and possible mud or sand depending on the tires or mods. A stock LR will bog in sand but when you add offroad tires and a lift it will do great.

  5. Thanks for the write up- it was thoughtful and honest. I grew up in Africa and love the older Land Rover Defender- unbeatable in the mud even if they do break down… I do take issue with your use of apostrophes though- that’s pretty inexcusable on the editing side!

  6. For the money a jeep cherokee is a great buy than the well over priced rover. I think your dependability study is a sham. Lol… Seriously, How many more millions of cherokee’s are on the road than rover’s? Laughable… Everyone knows that rover’s are prone to catastrophic engine failures. Partly do to slipped liners. Don’t believe the hype. Jeeps are great for the money and are way more dependable that a rover. ? thanks… I neede a good laugh… Rover is something a dentist would nuy wife!

  7. In the process of turning my 2008 LR3 into the ultimate overland vehicle. Been going off-road ever weekend lately in Colorado. The LR3 can go anywhere a Jeep can go and more. Select the correct terrain program and let the car do the work. Great clearance, amazing traction and power. And all with 21st-century comfort.

  8. I owned a Jeep Wrangler for 8 years and I had two accidents in the winter. One was on the expressway where the wrangler spun out and slammed into the wall twice. I had a discovery for 10 years with no accidents. I feel safer in a Land Rover!

  9. I thought Jeeps were great until I drove a Land Rover. Honestly, how many times out of the year do we actually go off-roading? We have to drive year round to get to work and school. Slippage in a Jeep is no fun in either rain or snow. You don’t have to put giant tires on a Land Rover, it already feels tall. Do drivers off-road in the rain? In a Jeep, it’s best to wait until it’s dry out. Jeeps are all over the road but a Land Rover will stay where you put it. It’s better to buy an old Jeep for off-roading and any Land Rover to get you where you gotta go safely. The Jeep is lighter which is good for crawling rocks. Do you really want a light vehicle when driving on the road? Some say that Jeeps are all the rave, but clearly those people probably don’t drive their families around all day. You will bounce all the way to wherever you are going in a Jeep.

  10. You have to disregard this article because the author is a hardcore Land Rover Discovery II fan. He makes videos on You Tube. He jerks off to his Land Rover and worships it. He would marry it if it was legal (should be any day now). He is probably having sex with it right now.

    So you have to consider the source.

    Everyone knows Land Rover used to be the best and aren’t anymore.

    • Hi David. I owned my Discovery II for a very short amount of time and ended up selling it because of engine issues. The Discovery II was a very nice vehicle, but reliability forced me out of it. I’m major Jeep person and I’ve known owned 3 XJ Cherokees, and I will always have a special place for Jeep in my heart.

  11. Hi Tony,
    I’m looking at 2008 Range Rover. I’ve been looking at Jeeps as well. I live 2.5 miles up a dirt road, in the mountain of VA, that I can’t cross sometimes due to 7 streams that can sometimes become impassable. I have a 2018 crossover that just doesn’t have enough clearance. There are only certain times of the year that I need the clearance and off road capabilities, but I can’t really get a sense from your article, which one would be a better option. I’m looking to spend under 10k.

  12. I have a Jeep Wrangler that does everything I want to do. My daughter who lives in Colorado has a Range Rover. The last time I was out to see her I drove the Range Rover around for a while. My assessment….The Range Rover is actually a Jeep Wrangler in a tuxedo

  13. My Jeep suspension was nowhere near as robust as my Landrover (my Land rover came after the jeep). These vehicles are built like tanks and have been making them since, I think the 1950’s. They used all over the world and several continents. Land Rovers are used in the deserts fro various military to the hills of Nepal so they are tough.

  14. my 2012 stock lr4 with AT grip tires kills jeeps on hilclimb all the time! owned since 2014 now has 170k never had any issues. i drove my friends 2017 jeep and could not wait to get out of the most uncomfortable ride ever! seriously just buy a side by side if your that beat up. seriously, can feel every crack in the pavement. why live this way. I can drive 50 k on rutted off road jeeps would have the fam prety beat up at that speed.

  15. I owned a Land Rover Discovery for many years (2004 to 2013) and loved it. I don’t go off-road a lot, but the Discovery was acceptable when I did. The BIG problem I had with the Land Rover was that it seemed like there was always some little thing going wrong with it. Nothing big, but a lot of irritating things. And Land Rovers are EXPENSIVE to have work done on them. An oil change cost $150; you cannot rotate the brakes, you have to replace them and that cost (in 2008 for example) $1200+. During the nine years I owned it, I had to replace brakes three times. I had to have a radiator replaced. I had to have countless unidentified things worked on or replaced. If you don’t mind spending a lot of money having work done on your car, Land Rovers are great and a lot of fun to drive. I now have a jeep. I’ve had it for two years and the only thing that has gone wrong is the battery went dead on me this past week. Give me a jeep every time.

  16. I haven’t read the whole article yet, but after seeing your “comparison” pictures of the Land Rover Discovery II to the Jeep XJ interior I am less than impressed. You’re comparing the interior of a Land Rover built sometime after 2002 to an ancient version of the XJ. Why not choose the final iteration of the XJ for that interior shot? Even then the XJ was older than the Land Rover but the final version of the XJ had a much upgraded interior. If you were comparing Fords to Chevys would you compare the interior of a Model T to a Camaro’s and then pan the Ford???

  17. I realized after sending my previous comment you were comparing pictures of your personal XJ to what is probably your friend’s Land Rover Discovery II. So you’re forgiven for not using a more modern XJ for a fairer comparison (which the XJ still would have lost anyway). 😀


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