Top 8 Best Buffing Pads

You need a high-quality buffing pad if you want to restore the brand-new look of your car. When using an orbital polisher/buffer or working by hand, a high-quality buffing pad makes the task go more quickly and effectively. Today’s market offers a wide variety of buffing pads made of various materials, including terry cloth, microfiber, … Read more

Top 6 Best Overhead DVD Players

Nowadays, everyone tries to be safer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t choose to travel outside of your home for a change of scenery. More than 680 million drivers are expected to go on road trips this summer, according to predictions from the American Automobile Association (AAA). Even though that is a 3.3% decrease from … Read more

Top 5 Best Transmission Fluid Additives

The majority of drivers are aware that routine oil changes are crucial to maintaining their cars’ top performance, but many disregard their transmissions. A proper transmission flush is significantly more expensive than your typical oil change because transmission fluid isn’t changed on a regular basis like engine oil. A pricey machine is needed for a … Read more

Top 5 Best Transmission Fluids

A transmission needs reliable, consistent lubrication in order to function as intended by the manufacturer, just like the majority of your car’s mechanical systems. Transmission fluid is particularly crucial for automatic transmissions since it not only lubricates the moving parts of the transmission but also supplies the hydraulic pressure required for seamless gear changes. However, … Read more

Top 7 Best Engine Coolants

Your engine’s coolant is essential to keeping it operating well and extending the lifespan of the engine and its parts. A water-based liquid called coolant works to remove heat from your engine. Through a hose, the fluid is pumped into the engine through openings in the engine block called “passages.” The coolant is taken back … Read more

Top 5 Best Backup Cameras

All vehicles sold in the US and Canada, beginning with the 2018 model year, were required to have a backup camera, ending years of delay and hundreds of avoidable fatalities. The majority of vehicles on the road today do not have a reverse camera, despite the fact that this crucial safety device is now a … Read more

Top 9 Best F-150 Accessories

Are you interested in maximizing the usefulness of your F-150? There are a ton of Ford F-Series accessories available to support you. The choice of accessories for your Ford F-Series is endless and includes everything from cargo racks and towing equipment to truck covers and floor liners. It should never be a surprise since the … Read more

Acura RDX vs MDX: Which is the Better Option?

The crossover market is approached by Acura from two angles. But which of these should you be focusing on? Since the brand first arrived in the U.S. nearly thirty years ago, the luxury division of Honda has been producing vehicles that compete with Lexus and Infiniti. Nobody should be surprised that Acura has a selection … Read more