Chevy K5 Gets Major Air Time

In typical hillbilly racing fashion, theres always a square body Chevy. But there is also always that one guy who always goes way to hard, and knows its not a good idea. What happens when you combine those two together? You end up with a square body Chevy over 10 feet in the air. I … Read more

Epic Jeep Cherokee Massive Jump

Let me start this off by saying I love XJ Cherokee’s. I’ve owned two and currently have one as my daily driver, I also love the JeepSpeed racing series. Well, this took place somewhere along a race course that a JeepSpeed Cherokee was racing on. It appears to be an illusively large berm that launches … Read more

Just Drift: All Star Bash 2014

Just Drift: All Star Bash is a toy drive event, and its held at Willow Springs in southern California. There’s a good mix between amateur and professional drifters at this event. They never fail to bring us epic videos of the events.

Epic Truck Tug-of-War Fail

Its not uncommon to see tug-of-war with trucks, especially in the southern regions of the USA. Mostly diesel trucks that are built for mud bogging. This time around the fight was lost in a very interesting way, with a truck frame bent in half. Check out the video and see for yourself what to much … Read more