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  1. Hi, love the information you have up here. I have a 1992 Sc400 and the Auto transmission gave up. I want to keep it and install a manual transmission. Do you know which manual transmissions are compatible with my 1992 SC400? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Fred

  2. I have a 2003 tacoma S Runner and would like to make it a little not unique and make it the way toyota should have made it from the start.
    Awd and powerful. What engine do you recommend that is Generation specific I have been eyeballing the 2gr FE engine however it was made in 2004 and my truck was made in 2003. My other thought was the Tundra V8 of that year readily available and a pretty good motor from what I have heard. A Supra engine would be nice too but on the expensive side a goal of about 500 to 700 horsepower and daily reliability

  3. Hello, my name Oleg. I’m involved in car racing drag racing, I’d really like to increase the power to advertise your products. My car is gas 24 for 1 uz fe vvti
    i am from russua

  4. I read your info on the ka24 and the de as well I’m rebuilding my 1997 hard body ka 24 and I cannot find torque specs. To put this thing back together. With all the on line forums you’d think one could find some help. But no luck so far Auto zone advanced etc. Forget it. Can you please recommend a site where I can find the bolt patterns and torque amount for this engine…thank. You. JC

  5. I have a 92 Nissan Cima (vh41de) who would know how to tune one or what add ons could be used to increase power without having it tuned

  6. hi can u help me .
    i have brought my 1st project and the motor that i got is a 8.1L bbc but as i now found out it was run on natural gas as a generator. people have its scrap steel or can it be changed to go in a car
    thank u

  7. Hi, why would replacing the spark plugs in the 2GR-FE 2008 highlander engine cause one of the camshaft’s 3 bolts to shear off? I now have to replace the engine. Could I have avoided it. I do know my air filter was completely clogged, would that have also caused the catastrophic engine failure?

  8. I recently purchased a Toyota matrix, the engine was replaced before purchase, what engine do I have in it ? Stamped number on the block > 1250975zz Is this a 1zz or 2zz engine ? What other way is there to know ?

  9. I have a Class A workhorse Motorhome (2006 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 37C). It has a GM VIRTEC 8100 gas engine.
    I need to replace the battery, but don’t know how to get the hood open to find out the battery number/Mdl I need to buy. Can you help? Thanks.

  10. The site you are referring people to is not its But I have taken the site down. I think you should fox it as there is a 404 error. I have taken down the site but I can give it to you as an addon to your site if you would like.

  11. Hi need to know the sell price for 2006 E 90 BMW 330 Diesel. Km reading 364000 Km
    Please let me know.

  12. Hi from England (UK)
    Watched the informative vid on 2JZ v BM58: Which is better ? and gave it a thumbs up.
    So is the BMW B58 classed as a semi-open deck block or open-deck block ?
    I’ve come across “wet” cylinder liners before. Am thinking of buying a baby BM with the B58 335bhp.
    Also it looks an expensive job to replace Cam/Timing chain if it’s a scheduled maintenance item. Engine needs to come out. ?
    Best Wishes All

  13. Assistance please:
    I have a 2006 Tundra 4.7 185,000 km with a loud deep knock in the low front portion of the motor. I suspect its the crank, ideas?, had the belt done 15,000kms ago.
    Can a 4.0 work as a replacement. What Toyota models/years have compatible engines. Will all function if I use a 1UZ as a replacement or is it worth investigating the knock, If its the front main, would the damage be thru the motor.


  14. I’m looking for a D16A engine for a Honda partner but cannt get one.Can aD16Y or D16Z be mounted and fit without major alterations.

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