4 Things That Make the Subaru 2.5RS the Ultimate JDM Machine

The Impreza line is perhaps Subaru’s greatest achievement in their 60-year history. Because the Impreza was an extremely versatile “economy” car, it allowed them to compete with companies like Toyota and Honda. Just like many other Japanese economy cars, the Impreza was eventually offered in a performance model. In 1998 Subaru created the Impreza 2.5RS, … Read more

Top 5 JDM Icon Cars That You Need To Own Before You Die

The internet has caused a massive sensation for tuner cars. Once teenagers loved American made sports cars, now they love “JDM” sports cars. With all the different brands and different models out there, which JDM cars are the best? Well, here are five examples of awesome Japanese engineering. 5. Nissan 300ZX TT Nissan made the … Read more