Top 10 Best Brake Bleeder Kits

The best brake bleeder kit enables you to exit the jack stands and resume driving as soon as possible, neatly, and easily. However, bleeding your brakes or changing the old fluid can be time-consuming and difficult.

You should be aware that correctly bleeding your brakes is crucial for you and your car’s safety before we get into our list of the best brake bleeder kits. These kits enable you to bleed your brakes without an extra set of hands or feet from the convenience of your garage. We created a list of the best brake bleeder kits you should look at.

#1 ARES Brake Fluid Bleeder

Brand: ARES

This brake bleeder extracts brake fluid using workshop air at a maximum pressure of 113 psi, so you don’t have to pump it. You won’t have to hold the handle down the entire time, thanks to the locking handle.

It enables you to manage your brakes fast and simply on your own. This device pulls the old brake fluid out by attaching to the bleeder screws at the brakes rather than connecting to the master cylinder and requiring a second container to catch the old fluid—saving you from pushing the pedal inside.

#2 Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder

Brand:  Motive Products

A two-quart fluid capacity should be sufficient to bleed and change your brake fluid properly. The brake bleeder valve is connected to a hose and bottle, and once the pressure is applied, fluid is forced through the hose and into the bottle.

All hydraulic braking systems can be operated by a single person with less mess and with a simpler cleanup. You could bleed all four brakes at once with several helpers, but you probably don’t need to.

#3 OEMTOOLS Bleed-O-Matic Brake Bleeder Kit


This basic bleeder only needs a bottle with a hose attached; it doesn’t have any moving parts. Add a small amount of liquid to the bottle before using the magnet to connect it to the car to stop air from getting into the lines.

Put the tube on the bleeder of the caliper, open it, get in the car, and press the brake pedal a few times. Return to the vehicle, inspect the fluid color, and tighten the bleeder screw when it is clear. 

#4 Mityvac Pneumatic Brake Bleeding Kit

Brand: Mityvac

The Mityvac is intended to bleed your hydraulic clutch system quickly. The first is a compressed air bleeder, which draws out the old brake fluid from your car’s brake lines using shop air. It can pump out up to 2.1 liters of brake fluid per minute.

The kit also includes a clamp-on refill kit to keep your master cylinder from running dry. The refill kit is made to fit most master cylinders and features a variable control thumb throttle, overflow protection, and a muffler to minimize shop noise. It also contains overflow protection.

#5 ABN Manual Brake Bleeder

Brand: ABN

The three-foot hose makes it simpler and easy to work on the brakes. This design has a master cylinder cap that most brake systems can attach to. In order to attach the brake fluid hose to the cap, a quick-release fitting is used. Therefore, couplings can be made quickly and easily even when the fluid reservoir is still under pressure. Use the gauge that is attached to fill with new fluid, pump up the system, and then bleed the system.  

#6 Beduan 16-Piece Brake Bleeder Kit

Brand:  Beduan 

This brake bleeder uses a vacuum to assist in sucking away the old brake fluid. But this kit doesn’t need shop air as other recommendations do. Instead, it creates a vacuum using a hand pump. Therefore, to provide sufficient pressure to bleed your brakes, you will need to pump the handle continually.

This kit includes several adaptors made to fit the brake bleeder screw on almost any vehicle, as well as a pressure monitor to make sure the system is not overpressurized.

#7 Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Kit

Brand: Phoenix Systems 

This kit pumps brake fluid from the bottom of the system to the top, back into the master cylinder through the brake bleeder screw. It’s also an excellent approach to bleed a system that is entirely dry. Although the master cylinder must be kept from overflowing, only one person needs to perform this bleeding.

Brake fluid is drawn from the bottle by the bleeder and shoved into the bleed screw on the brake caliper. As a result, the bubbles are forced upward inside the system, which is more effective.

#8 8MILELAKE Pneumatic Air Pressure Bleeder


It is a portable pressure bleeder. It functions like a pressure tank and is powered by compressed air from your compressor.

You can connect the tool to the master cylinder of your automobile or truck from a distance, thanks to the 17-foot hose. This kit offers several connections. There are 16 distinct fittings. This should cover any car that is widely available. The kit also includes a carrying box and storage container, so you won’t have to rush to find a fitting when you switch to a different vehicle.

#9 Allstar Performance Brake Bleeder Bottle

Brand:  Allstar

A brake bleeder of the most basic design. It comes with a magnet or lanyard as an option to start. It is useful if your car is made of aluminum or another non-metallic material because it allows you to latch onto any suitable area, such as a bolt head or body panel.

It also features a one-way check valve. Nothing may backflow into your caliper with this check valve, keeping air and old brake fluid out. The 12-inch-long hose can be reattached to the lid when not in use.

#10 JQuad All-In-One Vacuum Bleeding Kit

Brand: JQuad

A simple syringe is designed to function in both directions and is compatible with brake fluid. You can use it without anyone inside the car to suck the braking fluid from the master to the wheel.

It’s also a good technique to bench bleed a brake master cylinder, which you’ll need to do before you install the new part. Otherwise, you risk squandering a significant amount of time and money by bleeding for hours in order to achieve a strong brake pedal. This device might come in handy as a cheap brake bleed option and keep you from replacing your already damaged master with one that is broken.

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