Top 10 Best Car Audio Batteries

Even though factory automobile audio systems are more advanced than ever, car stereo installers and enthusiasts are here to stay. But if you only use the factory battery, you might not be getting the most out of your system because modern cars put huge demands on their electrical systems.

If you try to use your stereo in the parking lot for more than a few minutes, you might risk having a dead battery. Alternatively, you risk having a cell that cannot handle the simultaneous use of your music, radar cruise sensors, and heated seats, leaving you stranded. A battery designed for car audio is necessary. These are the greatest car audio batteries, allowing you to pound harder and for a longer period of time.

#1 Optima Yellowtop

Brand: Optima

The Redtops from Optima Batteries are made to start and run your car, while the Bluetops are made for lengthy pulls without charge, like a golf cart. In order to allow for deep cycle activities, such as blasting your car audio for hours during a concert, as well as for starting the engine over after you’re finished, Yellowtop combines the greatest aspects of both.

#2 XS Power D-Series

Brand:   XS Power

For car audio lovers like you, XS Power creates sealed batteries. They are sealed to stop leaks and to allow the installation of an additional one practically anyplace in your car. Its batteries ensure that they can endure the maximum amount of vibration that your subwoofers can produce.

While the engine starting performance of standard batteries is tested and rated, XS Power also measures maximum amps. That much force can be released in a short period of time, similar to when the kick drum hits on your favorite song. This D3400 battery can provide 3,300 amps and has a 135-minute backup.

#3 Mighty Max Battery Viper VP-600

Brand:  Mighty Max Battery 

When you need a battery to power your audio system, you may not be as concerned with volume as you are with sound quality. Or perhaps you simply don’t want a piece of lead weighing 70 pounds beneath your hood because of its massive storage capacity. 

The VP-600 is intended for automobiles with audio systems that produce about 600W RMS. That is sufficient for a high-quality system without the extreme cost. It is also lighter, making it perfect for your sports car or as a second battery put in the trunk.

#4 Kinetik Power HC-Blu

Brand:  Kinetik

For professional and semi-professional level car audio systems, Kinetik has created the HC-Blu family of 12V batteries. Batteries from the HC-Blu series are designed for people who want more for less money by forgoing a longer warranty.

This battery series has been utilized in competition to power systems that are louder than 180dB and is made with AGM leak-proof and vibration-resistant technology. The HC3800 is intended for audio power systems delivering up to 3,800 watts.

#5 Odyssey 65-PC1750T

Brand: Odyssey

While Odyssey’s AGM batteries are not expressly made for car audio enthusiasts, they are made for maximum power, prolonged life, and lightweight. This type provides up to four years of replacement and a 145-minute reserve. Up to 400 times, it can withstand being emptied to 80 percent. Odyssey also boasts the fastest top-up time of any sealed lead battery and the highest recharge efficiency.

#6 Shuriken SK

Brand:  Shuriken

For high-end car audio systems, Shuriken specifically designs its automotive batteries. This means that they employ innovations like AGM to enable you to adjust it in various ways and high vibration and heat resistance to withstand abuse from your system and daily use under your hood. 

With 950 cranking amps and a 35 aH rating, Shuriken advises using this battery with systems delivering up to 800-watts RMS. You can connect it to your vehicle’s existing system using the modular terminals, or you can use bus bars for a multi-battery professional arrangement.

#7 Stinger SPP1500

Brand: Stinger

Unlike other batteries, which have a plastic casing, this one from Stinger has a steel one. It’s leak-proof nonetheless, thanks to the absorbed glass mat design, but it’s comforting to know that your battery can withstand some damage if items are shaken around in your trunk. 

This battery has lots of power with 1,500 cranking amps and is rated for 400 full charge cycles. That is sufficient for years of use in even the worst circumstances.

#8 ACDelco Professional AGM

Brand:  ACDelco 

Since ACDelco is a brand of internal parts for General Motors, it annually produces batteries for millions of brand-new GM cars and trucks. It also provides new batteries for practically every make and model, thanks to standardized battery sizes. These batteries are made to function with a start/stop car system. when it could be necessary to rev the engine more than once at a single stoplight. They can therefore handle many large power spikes, exactly like your massive Class D amplifier in the trunk.

#9 Delphi MaxStart

Brand: Delphi

Delphi Technologies is a reputable producer of electronic components, creating and designing parts for numerous automakers globally. Its MaxStart AGM batteries are made to match the original equipment guidelines and specifications while providing a lifespan twice as long as a typical battery. This Group 47 battery has a sealed housing that resists corrosion and 600 CCA.

#10 Deka Intimidator

Brand:  Deka

You might not be familiar with the word Deka, but East Penn, the business that owns the brand, is one of the biggest car battery producers in the world. While producing batteries for numerous different businesses, it also sells some under the Deka brand. 

The Intimidator is an AGM spillproof design, and this fitting provides top and side terminals, making it more straightforward for you to connect your audio system components and the original factory battery connections. It has 775 cold-cranking amps and is intended for extreme starting and deep cycle applications.

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