Top 10 Best Oil Additives

Most drivers are aware that frequent oil changes are necessary to prolong the lifespan and performance of their vehicles. A simple oil change schedule based on mileage will go a long way toward ensuring that your car operates smoothly for many years.

Engine oil additives can benefit your engine’s performance and lifetime in a variety of ways. We’ll help you narrow down your selections by looking at the best oil additives on the market.

#1  Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Brand: Lucas Oil

It is small and impactful, with two sets of gears hidden beneath a plastic cover and each hooked to a crank handle. It also alters engine oil, making it thicker and stickier. This keeps the engine’s coated metal surfaces free of any foreign solids or acids. This oil stabilizer will frequently aid in reducing any little valvetrain noise.

#2 Marvel Mystery Oil

Brand:  Marvel Mystery

The Marvel Mystery Oil has two functions. It starts by removing sludge and buildup from the oiling system. Then it adds another layer of defense to prevent the engine from becoming clogged with more of the same muck. As a result of reduced sludge and friction, this improves performance and fuel efficiency.

This product cleans the fuel’s passage through the fuel system, including the injectors and carburetor. Marvel Mystery Oil can be used with various types of oil, including ethanol blends, but it cannot be used with gasoline, diesel, or biodiesel.

#3 Prolong Super Lubricants Engine Treatment (PSL11000)

Brand:   Prolong Super Lubricants

The Prolong Engine Treatment uses an anti-friction metal treatment to coat everything in the oiling system, unlike some of its rivals which employ solid particles. Instead, to lessen friction and heat, this substance forms a chemical link with the metal surfaces.

Also, it acts as a lubricant layer until the oil is fully circulating. This reduces engine wear during cold starts, but it’s not the only advantage of the Prolong oil addition. The freer-moving rotating assembly and valvetrain components result in increased power and fuel economy. 

#4 Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator

Brand: Hot Shot’s Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator starts by removing any deposits from your vehicle’s engine. That component of stiction is removed as the sludge is washed away. The Stiction Eliminator then applies a layer of “carbon nano lubricant” to the engine oiling system’s interior to prevent metal-to-metal contact on cold starts.

This product is advertised to owners of diesel engines; however, it also works with gasoline engines. That being said, if it can battle the internal sludge produced by a diesel engine, it should be useful with a standard gasoline engine.

#5 Archoil Oil Additive (AR9100)

Brand: Archoil 

Archoil Oil Additive creates a solid boundary lubricating coating, which increases engine performance and protects it. In other words, as the additive mixes with the engine oil, it forms a thin layer throughout the oiling system. Friction is decreased by this coating, enhancing power and fuel efficiency.

The AR9100 will clean the engine grime, and the coating will stop further buildup. This product will assist in clearing out the channels in engines that use an electronic unit injector system that is hydraulically actuated. Finally, this oil additive can be used in your transmission, differential, and power steering systems.

#6 Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier

Brand:  Liqui Moly

Cera Tec Friction Modifier is an anti-wear additive for engine oil and some manual gearbox fluids. This device uses ceramic compounds to coat all of the moving parts with a thin layer of friction-reducing material, enhancing efficiency and performance.

It also helps in the prevention of metal-on-metal contact. Also, it might lessen engine noise, and under the correct circumstances, it might make the engine run more smoothly. This product’s coating can be used in high boost applications, including diesel engines, because it is pressure-resistant. It can impressively withstand both hot and cold temperatures in extremes.

#7 REV X High Performance Oil Additive

Brand: REV X 

Another product that is well-liked in the world of high-performance diesel pickups is called REV X High-Performance Oil Additive, but it may also be used on any gasoline-powered car, truck, or SUV. In reality, you can use this additive in your gearbox, transfer case, differential, or hydraulic systems in addition to engines. In place of solid particles or acids, REV X applies a chemical barrier to every moving part that lowers heat generation and friction.

When the engine oil ages and starts to degrade, the product nevertheless protects against friction wear.

#8 Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant

Brand: Restore 

This recommendation, even at high pressures, fixes the small grooves in the combustion process. This indicates that high boost applications are compatible with this Engine Restorer & Lubricant product. After passing through the oil system, this product fixes minor scratches on all of the moving engine components. Additionally, the product coats everything, so it both corrects issues and works to stop further harm from occurring.

Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant assists in enhancing performance, lowering friction, and boosting fuel efficiency in older models. It also helps to reduce oil consumption.

#9 Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Brand: Sea Foam 

Sea Foam is another “wonderful addition” to the automotive market, performing several roles with a single product. It will also help to prevent gasoline freezing in fuel lines and diesel fuel gelling in extreme cold. The Sea Foam Motor Treatment cleans the combustion chamber and the intake valves of carbon buildup after it has gone through the fuel system. It also lubricates the top of the cylinders.

It can be utilized in ethanol and biodiesel mixes as well as gasoline and diesel engines’ fuel and lubrication systems.

#10 Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair

Brand: Bar’s Leaks

If you own an older vehicle that doesn’t operate well and leaves oil puddles everywhere it travels, this product also helps in stopping leaks. The Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair is packaged in a two-part bottle with the same spout. You combine the two fluids and pour them into the crankcase. The second cleans sludge from the oiling system while also providing a protective layer to prevent future sludge accumulation. Oil and fuel usage is lowered as a result of this one-two punch.

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