Top 10 Best Oil Drain Pans

Regular oil changes are a necessary aspect of keeping your car’s engine in good working order unless you drive an electric vehicle. However, most vehicles can have their oil changed in the convenience of your garage or driveway, so you don’t necessarily have to go to your dealership or neighborhood mechanic. You’ll need a jack; jack stands, an oil filter wrench, and an oil drain pan to collect all the used oil when performing your own oil change. Of course, this is in addition to giving your engine new oil and an oil filter replacement.

Although we’ll concentrate on the top oil drain pans in this post, the majority of them are actually quite subpar.

#1 Hopkins FloTool Super Duty Drain Container

Brand: Hopkins 

Hopkins produces one of the most well-liked oil drain pans on Amazon. The Hopkins FloTool has a 16-quart capacity and a leak-proof design with sturdy caps and seals, ergonomic handles, and lengthy basins to catch oil. This American-made oil drain pan is designed for maximum capacity, so you can perform several oil changes before having to empty it out. It may be kept upright or flat without leaking.

#2 Lumax Black Drainmaster Pan

Brand: Lumax

The 15-quart Lumax Drainmaster Pan has a heavy-duty construction, an E-Z handle design, and E-Z roll wheels. Large eight ′′ opening with screw cover located at the top of drain pan to hold used oil filters. A catch-all basket makes it simple to recover your filter and drain plugs, and an o-ring seal guarantees that your liquids stay inside the container. This is the drain pan to get if you’re ready to spend a little extra and want the convenience of additional wheels.

#3 ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

Brand: ATD Tools

If you want something simpler, ATD Tools sells an 18-quart oil drain pan that is 15.25′′ in diameter and six ′′ deep. It has a big spout on one end for simple pouring when getting rid of used oil, and it has molded handles for easy carrying. All of your liquids are kept inside the drain pan with the help of an anti-splash lip. This oil drain pan may appear to be rather straightforward, but many of its owners adore its design, particularly the spout, which enables direct draining from the pan without the use of a funnel.

#4 ARKSEN Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank

Brand: ARKSEN 

Not everyone requires the portable waste oil drain tank from ARKSEN, but if your car needs a more complex system, you need this. This is a commercial oil drain tank that holds 80 quarts and has a venturi-vacuum extracting system. You may swiftly transfer the oil from the tank to your secondary container by using an air compressor.

The height of this oil drain tank is adjustable from 45 to 72.5 inches. Even though this oil drain tank is pricey, it is made of durable steel that will last the lifespan of your car and be longer. ARKSEN has given the tank two fixed 6″ wheels and two 3″ swivel casters for convenient mobility.

#5 Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

Brand: Capri Tools

The drain pan from Capri Tools has a huge 18-quart capacity and an anti-splash lip, making it comparable to the drain pan from ATD Tools on our list. For long-lasting durability, this oil pan is made of sturdy polyethylene material. The big hole can be used to drain oil directly, and the molded handle and one ′′ diameter spout make carrying, pouring, and storage simple.

#6 Matrix Concepts Oil Drain Container

Brand: Matrix Concepts

If you’re into it, Matrix Concepts sells a clear oil drain pan. This oil drain pan features a built-in container, a screw-on cover, and a plug for a secure seal. It is made to be simple to store, carry, and empty. Emptying the container is similar to pouring a glass of milk, and the extra-large carrying handle is comfortable and secure to hold. However, since there isn’t a built-in spout, you’ll probably need a funnel to empty the container without making a mess.

#7 Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan

Brand: Custom Accessories

With this alternative, which has a 6-quart capacity at a really low cost, Custom Accessories offers the solution. It doesn’t have any distinctive traits, and a quick look at its snapshot conveys all. Just be aware that the spout’s design isn’t ideal because some owners have complained that pouring from the pan can be difficult.

#8 NEIKO Oil Drain Pan

Brand: NEIKO

This drain pan by NEIKO has a two-gallon capacity and is 12.55″ in diameter and 5″ deep. This oil drain pan is made of recyclable polyethylene plastic, is corrosion-resistant, and will hold up well to carrying oil or other liquids like gasoline or antifreeze. A curled lip edge helps to reduce splashing while moving the pan, and grip handles are located on both sides of the pan for simple movement.

#9 Lisle Oil Lift Drain

Brand: Lisle

This oil lift drain has an unusually shaped, translucent 32-quart jug and can be changed from 36.5′′ to 74′′ in height. Four 2.5′′ ball bearing wheels at the bottom of the container rotate and roll effortlessly. A heavy-duty adjustment clamp, a sizable handle, a huge pour spout with a threaded cap, and a large 15-inch funnel with an integrated strainer to capture drain plugs are other features.

#10 Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan with Pump

Brand: Goplus

This oil drain pan is one of the most expensive on our list, but it’s also one of the most useful if you’re willing to spend the money. The Goplus portable oil drain pan is outfitted with four 4′′ swivel casters for convenient mobility and has a sizable 68-quart capacity. The tank is light and tough because it is composed of high-impact polypropylene. A 29′′ T-handle that folds for simple storage and an 8′ hose for increased mobility with the pump for practical emptying are attached to the oil drain pan.

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