Top 4 Best Nissan S14 240SX Exhaust Systems

The Nissan 240SX earned the hearts of thousands of fans over its ten-year period of manufacture, which was between 1989 to 1998, thanks to its classic appearance, the many possibilities of this vehicle being customized, and of course, proven durability. This car has been very much loved amongst car enthusiasts, especially regarding all the possible modifications this car can undergo in terms of performance and style. During the 10-year period, two versions of the 240sx were available – the S13 and S14.

One of the easiest and quickest modifications you can do on your Nissan 240SX is mounting a new exhaust system. This sleek car part will give you a better performance first and foremost, however, for those car lovers that thrive on deep rumbles of their cars, a new performance exhaust car provides the sound that will give you goosebumps.

You’re probably here because you’re also wondering what the best exhausts for your Nissan S14 240SX are, so that’s exactly what this article will help you with. We’ve done some deep diving into the topic to find the answer to the best exhaust. One thing is for sure, though, the best exhaust designs and brands are only as good as their consistent manufacturing, and testing processes go.

‎Morakot Racing Exhaust

The Morakot brand produces one of the most used exhaust systems in the Nissan 240SX. A good way to improve the performance of your Nissan is by upgrading the old exhaust system with a Morakot Racing one. This can help free up trapped air and increase horsepower. High-performance exhaust systems can be equipped with large pipes and low-restriction components.

This brand offers fittings for Nissans manufactured between 1995 and 1998 which are produced with high-quality T304 stainless steel which is made with CNC machined flanges. As with every exhaust system, this one too will give additional horsepower and torque. This vehicle component is an amazing optimizer of mid-range power to RPM power that will satisfy many Nissan S14 240SX owners. 

As said in the beginning, the Morakot Racing exhaust systems enable great music to everyone’s liking with deep sounds which may be rough, aggressive, or even on the other spectrum where it provides a smooth sound. 

HKS Exhaust

This is another great exhaust for your Nissan. It provides you with the necessary power as well as a nice deep tone. If you want an exhaust system that is just loud enough to hear the power it holds but not overly loud, an HKS Exhaust system is highly recommended.

HKS 3203-EX021 Hi-Power exhausts are also available for the S14 models made from 1995-1998. The HKS Nissam exhaust is made to be easy to install. This automotive component has been considered and admired by many buyers and companies for its amazing performance. 

HKS created the Hi-Power Exhaust system for both turbocharged and normally aspirated vehicles, drawing design and inspiration from Japanese endurance and GT racing. This innovative race-inspired offset muffler and pipe design, which HKS has implemented into a number of street applications, allows for a greater flow and higher power improvements because of the less limiting design. To do this, superfluous curves are removed to create the straightest exhaust stream possible.

There is a Silent Hi-Power variant of some applications that has an inner silencer incorporated right into the muffler. Hi-Power Exhaust systems are manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel muffler and tip components, just like Drager Exhaust systems. Hi-Power muffler tips come in diameters of 96mm, 115mm, and 120mm, while tubing diameters range from 55mm to 95mm.

When it comes to silencers there are numerous choices from which you can choose and improve your car’s performance. There are numerous kinds of exhaust mufflers and systems or kits created for various vehicle applications that make varied sounds, depending on the sound of your liking.

TOTALFLOW Exhaust Mufflers

This silencer works wonders for your vehicle. These parts aren’t as expensive as complete exhaust systems, but they give a lot for their price. TOTALFLOW race exhaust mufflers are ‘straight through performance exhaust mufflers’ made of 409 stainless steel that is engineered to ensure maximum outflow horsepower. These mufflers will help you with the best performance of your vehicle’s flow and the sound of your exhaust system. This gives you the best dyno scores no matter if you have a genuine dual exhaust system or an aftermarket one. 

There are 3 types available, the 20316 Straight Through Universal Exhaust Muffler, 2103 Mini Muffler, and 12104 Mini Race Exhaust Muffler, all of which are fully MIG fused for durability.

Spec-D Tuning Exhaust Mufflers

Just as the previous option, this muffler regulates your vehicle’s loudness. Spec-D Tuning exhaust mufflers or silencers are considered as automotive industry’s best designs in what they do. Their performance has been tested throughout the years and their performance value is one to envy, together with the professional service they provide. 

The Spec-D Tuning muffler has a 4″ slant tip with a 3″ inlet spiral flow that is made of stainless steel in silver color which provides long life. The Spec-D Tuning exhaust is quite loud, but after using it for some time you may become accustomed to the noise. A silencer is also a possibility. However, several users said that silencers didn’t significantly reduce the noise, albeit the exhaust has a pleasant sound.

So this concludes our journey. Big and seamless exhaust flows provide higher exhaust velocities for higher mid-range boosted performance and higher RPM power in turbocharged vehicles. As engine tuning levels rise, naturally aspirated vehicles also gain from increased exhaust flow rate. At the same time, there are mufflers or silencers that help tune down some of the noise exhaust systems make. Getting a new automotive exhaust system seems to be the crucial component in making a car sound 10 times better, regardless of the driver’s preference for exhaust sounds.

In conclusion, one of the most popular modifications among automobile lovers is an exhaust system, especially if they own a Nissan S14 240SX. The sport compact body of this car still attracts buyers together with its fun-to-drive qualities and slight cinematic feel to it. If you alter it with different exhausts, it can even make driving around more interesting.

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