Top 5 Best iPad Holders and Mounts for Cars

For a time, taking a road trip is fun. Increasing your in-car entertainment alternatives will help you avoid the usual “are we there yet” outbursts and may even help you keep some of your sanity.

Installing an iPad mount in your car is a terrific way to provide some distraction in the back seat. Fortunately, they also function with non-Apple devices. Installing an iPad holder in your car makes logical given that you already own a tablet of some kind and that, if you have children, they undoubtedly use it frequently. In fact, according to one study, up to 75% of kids own a tablet or other electronic gadget, and babies start engaging with touchscreen technology within the first year of life.

The finest tablet mounts are affordable, flexible, and safe to mount to your car. They should also be able to take daily abuse from kids and other passengers. Here, we provide a variety of suggestions to assist you in using your tablet, which you (probably) already own, to make your vehicle a more enjoyable place for passengers of all ages.

#1 iKross Tablet Mount Kit

Brand: iKross

The iKross iPad holder attaches firmly to seat headrests and rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to select the most comfortable viewing position. The telescoping strut that enables the tablet to be positioned between the back seats is something we definitely appreciate.

The iKross is one of the most configurable and can support a selection of tablets and gadgets with screens between 4.5 and 10 inches. Buyers commended this model’s durability, reporting several years of trouble-free use.

This tablet mount can be placed on either the driver’s or passenger’s side and works with simple two-post headrest configurations. If there is any drawback, it’s that this adjustable tablet holder mounts too firmly; some users found it challenging to unmount the iKross. Extra-thick impact-resistant cases might not fit with the iKross because it can only accommodate smartphones that are up to 0.8 inches thick.

#2 TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

Brand: TFY

This TFY tablet holder attaches to the headrest of a car using a simple system that involves wrapping a wide, elastic band over the headrest and attaching it with velcro. This makes it easier to attach and detach the holder, but it also makes the black elastic strap visible on the front of the headrest. Additionally, it means that this iPad holder is incompatible with cars with fixed, non-adjustable headrests.

This product should be compatible with the majority of common tablet cases and can accommodate tablets from 7 to 11 inches. The TFY boasts an elegant profile that is devoid of protrusions and fasteners, except from the too-evident elastic band.

Despite a few customer concerns that tablets occasionally fell out of the holder when traveling on uneven roads, this product received more than 90% favorable reviews. If not for the TFY’s more constrained viewing angle and tablet posture in comparison to other models, it would have been the best out of all the options.

#3 ARKON TAB-FSM Tablet Mount

Brand: Arkon

The Arkon tablet mount, which bolts to seat attachment points or the vehicle’s floor, is a far more durable iPad mounting option than the other types discussed here. It is designed for professionals who must have their gadgets on hand when performing work tasks outside the office. This doesn’t imply you can’t utilize it for more typical uses, like keeping kids amused on a long drive. Please be aware that installation and removal will involve the use of your tool kit. You will also have to consider quite some time to get it done.

The 18-inch gooseneck and the swivel ball system, which make it simple to choose the viewing position that is optimal for you, are features we liked. Any buttons on your smartphone are also easily accessible thanks to the mounting system. According to the manufacturer, tablets with a size between 7 and 18.4 inches will fit this product.

Some customers claimed that the tension springs that keep devices in place failed, while others experienced problems with road vibrations that made it difficult to read on their tablets. We advise against driving while preoccupied. When using a tablet or other devices in your car, always exercise caution.


Brand: Macally

The fact that Macally’s HRMOUNTPRO uses thumbscrews to mount to headrest posts makes it comparable to our top pick from iKross. It has a telescopic strut so that you can place your gadget in the location of your choice. Because we believe its adjustment system falls short of our top pick iPad holder, it isn’t at the top of our list. The ball-and-socket mounting method for that tablet is very basic.

The fact that it allows for 360-degree rotation and supports the majority of devices between 4.5 and 10 inches wide makes this option still worthwhile. Additionally, it has a stabilizer to keep your tablet firmly in position, and transitioning between vehicles is made easier by its lightweight and compact design.

Although some consumers thought it was wobbly or poorly manufactured, 80% of reviews were still positive. That is the minimum standard we use to include a product on this list.

#5 Lamicall P Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Brand: Lamicall

Similar to how a shower curtain is held in place, Lamicall secures this iPad attachment to the headrest posts using a tension rod. This facilitates installation. However, the manufacturer identifies a number of makes and models that are incompatible, particularly those with headrest support posts that are spaced less than 4 inches apart.

However, the Lamicall P can rotate 360 degrees thanks to a ball-and-socket connection that is used to attach the device grip. This option is also one of the more affordable choices you can purchase. It is “universal,” according to the manufacturer, which means it can support any device. Manufacturers sometimes use words like “universal” carelessly, so we advise checking carefully to be sure your tablet will fit.

Although the Lamicall P may be more stylish than some of our other selections, it lacks their versatility. Users applauded the product for being simple to install and configure, and it received an impressive 86% of positive reviews.

Essential Information About iPad Holders and Mounts for Cars

There are several popular methods for attaching tablet mounts on your vehicle.  Most of these are temporary, making quick installation and removal possible. However, one of our suggested devices mounts to a car’s floor or its seat rails for a secure connection.

Headrest Mount

These are the most common varieties of iPad mounts for vehicles. They are designed primarily to keep passengers occupied in the backseat and are typically quite simple to install without the use of tools. Finding the ideal position is made easier by the fact that some are permanent while others have telescoping and rotating options.

Seat Rail/Floor Mount

Tablet holders that are heavier and more durable attach to seat rails or the floor of the car. They take some time to install and need tools, but the result is a considerably more secure attachment than with other types.

Windshield/Dash Mount

Although quick and simple, suction cup mounting techniques are preferable for phones and smaller gadgets than air vent mounts. In this article, we didn’t suggest any suction cup-mounted iPad holders.

Air Vent Mount

Because air vent mounts aren’t designed to support the weight of larger devices, they are a better option for your phone than your tablet. This type of device holder attaches to the directional vanes of a vehicle’s HVAC vents, as suggested by their name.

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