Top 5 Best Power Inverters for Cars

Power inverters provide power for accessories that USB ports could not offer. Even if brand new cars offer USB ports for charging mobile devices, they can’t offer enough power for larger accessories. With power inverters, you can provide household AC power perfect for charging laptops, small appliances, and camera batteries. If you are planning to go on a camping trip or even tailgating, you can take advantage of a power inverter for smaller appliances such as a small TV or a coffee maker. 

Power inverters are very useful as they convert the DC electric power of your car into AC electric power. Life is much easier when you go on the road with a trusted power inverter. You have more flexibility because you may bring small appliances on your trip.

When you shop for a power inverter, you may notice different types with technical details that you may not bother to read about. We came up with our top 5 best power inverters for cars to help you with your decision-making. 

#1 KRIËGER Power Inverters


Out of all the power inverters that we checked, the KRIËGER power inverter is the most impressive. Power Bright Technologies is the parent company of KRIËGER. They have been a reputable company that creates products for companies such as Energizer. Their power inverter lineup is highly regarded in the market. 

The safety features such as temperature, short circuit, and overload protection make the KRIËGER power inverter a reliable choice. This product also comes with an LCD display where you can see the battery level, output wattage, and input voltage.

The inverters are directly connected to the battery of your car. This can help draw more power. This model has two 2.1A USB ports and two standard AC outlets. It also comes with a cooling fan. For your peace of mind, the product also has a UL certification from Metlabs. 

KRIËGER’s power inverters come with a parts and labor warranty of up to three years. This is a great offer aside from the product’s wide range of power offerings, safety features, price point, and included installation kit. The only reason that some car owners might look elsewhere is that this product needs to be connected under the hood. Overall, we highly recommend KRIËGER’s power inverters. 

#2 Cobra PRO Professional-Grade 3,000W Power Inverter

Brand: Cobra

If you are in need of a power inverter for heavy-duty use, we recommend the Cobra PRO Professional-Grade 3,000W Power Inverter. Being a company that has been popular for radar detectors and CB radios, Cobra also has an impressive power inverter lineup. The Cobra PRO Professional-Grade 3,000W Power Inverter specifically offers continuous power of 3,000 watts and peak power of 6,000 watts. This product is capable of powering different types of appliances such as gaming consoles, TVs, power tools, and even microwave ovens.

The Cobra PRO Professional-Grade 3,000W Power Inverter has an LCD display that presents voltage, watts, kilowatts, and error codes. This product also comes with a wired remote. In terms of safety, you don’t have to worry because it offers protection against reverse polarity, over-voltage, and overheating.   

The product comes with three-amp USB-C and USB-A ports and four standard AC outlets. The remote also has two USB ports. 

The downside of getting this product is that it gets hot. It’s not compatible with smaller cars. Nevertheless, we love this product because of what it has to offer. The Cobra PRO Professional-Grade 3,000W Power Inverter comes with a two-year warranty. 

#3 BESTEK Power Inverter


Are you looking for a power inverter that’s easy on the budget? The BESTEK Power Inverter is your best option. The list of the top 5 best power inverters will not be complete without this product. It offers continuous power of 300 watts and instantaneous power of 700 watts. This power inverter can handle the majority of light electric appliances. It can charge a laptop and a small TV. It can power up a portable fridge and even an air compressor. 

We like how compact this power inverter is. It can fit your glove box well. The BESTEK Power Inverter comes with two 2.4A USB ports and two 110V AC outlets. It also plugs into the cigarette lighter receptacle because it comes with a 24-inch cable. 

It offers standard safety features such as short circuit protection, over and under voltage charging protection, and overheating protection. For added protection, a 40-amp fuse is also built-in. 

This power inverter is as durable as it gets. It has a strong metal housing that can protect the inverter from accidental drops. There is also an integrated cooling that works to prevent shortages and reduce heat. When you purchase the BESTEK power inverter, you can take advantage of its 18-month warranty.

When it comes to cons, this power inverter is not capable of handling heavier appliances. The built-in fuse that comes with this inverter is also not easily replaceable.

Overall, we highly suggest this power inverter for those with a limited budget.

#4 SUPERONE 150W Power Inverter


If you need a power inverter that showcases convenience but not a big punch of power, you should opt for the SUPERONE 150-watt power inverter. This power inverter can fit in a cup holder. With its smaller capacity, it can only handle small electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, DVD players, small TVs, and game consoles. You can easily secure it by placing it in a cup holder. 

The SUPERONE 150-watt power inverter comes with one AC outlet, a two-socket splitter, and two USB ports. This is perfect for charging your devices daily while you are on the go. It comes with a smart cooling that turns when the internal temperature of the inverter reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you need a high-power inverter, this is not the best choice for you. We recommend this for those who prefer convenience over power. 

SUPERONE offers this product with an 18-month warranty.

#5 GoWISE Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Brand: GoWISE

Are you on the lookout for a pure sine wave inverter? The GoWISE Power inverter is your best option. It offers 1,200 watts of surge power or 600 watts of continuous power. It utilizes AC120v for output and DC 10-16V for input. It also comes with cables for connecting to your car’s battery. Regarding safety features, the GoWISE pure sine wave inverter offers overload protection, thermal protection, and under-voltage and over-voltage shutdown.

There is one USB port and two 120V AC outlets available on this inverter. 

The only disadvantage that we see from this product is that it would require a six gauge direct wiring to be able to produce full power. Overall, it’s a great pure sine wave option. 

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