Top 5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases

Many people choose to change their own vehicle’s oil instead of taking it to a shop. Others who possess a more mechanical understanding might take on more involved preventative maintenance tasks, such as changing the transmission filter or cleansing the brake fluid. But many do-it-yourself vehicle repairs overlook the need to use fresh wheel bearing grease.

Even though they might not be at the top of the list of items that need routine maintenance, your vehicle’s wheel bearings undergo just as much wear and tear and work just as hard. No matter the driving circumstances, the wheel bearings are active whenever your vehicle, truck, van, or SUV moves. Although they can go a long time without servicing, the grease does eventually dry out, and when that happens, the actual bearings within the assembly experience excessive wear.

Installing new wheel bearings or repacking your existing bearings in new grease is a rather simple task. Reaching them and smearing fresh grease all over the assembly is all that is needed. The biggest problem with this task is deciding which wheel bearing grease to purchase. In contrast to motor oil, there are wide varieties available, and most individuals are unlikely to have a particular brand of grease. In order for you to shop with the least amount of hassle, we have put together a list of the top wheel-bearing greases.

#1 Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease

Brand:  Royal Purple

Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease is a high-performance, aluminum-complex synthetic grease. It is most known for its synthetic oil, which is a step above standard engine oil thanks to additives.

The Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease is designed to extend bearing life by reducing friction, allowing bearings to run smoother, cooler, and quieter. This grease resists water and extremely high heat thanks to the Royal Purple non-corrosive Synerlec additive technology. The Ultra Performance Grease’s exceptional oxidation resistance and longer service intervals are its best features.

#2 Lucas Oil Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease

Brand: Lucas

It should not be surprising that Lucas Oil, one of the most well-known brand names in the lubrication industry, provides high-quality wheel bearing grease. Although the Lucas Oil Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease is an all-purpose product and not specifically made for wheel bearings, it nevertheless possesses all the essential qualities you should look for in a wheel-bearing lubricant.

This red lithium complex grease has components to lessen rust and oxidation. It is designed to have excellent mechanical stability and a long storage life while being able to easily withstand the abuse of heavy loads and extreme heat. Last but not least, it is water resistant, so it won’t wash off and reveal metal surfaces. Naturally, as a Lucas Oil product, this grease offers great lubrication to your bearings’ internal structures, resulting in smoother performance, less heat generation, and less wear.

Best of all, the Lucas Oil Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease is surprisingly affordable while still providing dependable lubrication from a famous brand. This is a well-liked choice for consumers looking for wheel-bearing oil that is superior to the typical factory lubricant due to the good reputation of Lucas goods and the affordable pricing.

#3 Allstar Timken High-Temp Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Allstar

If you need wheel bearing grease for a race car or other high-performance machine with intense duty cycles, this solution from Allstar’s Timken brand might be your best option. The synthetic polyalphaolefin in All-Star high-performance grease is designed to offer superior lubrication even under the harshest situations. Race cars put tremendous pressure on all four wheels, which causes temperatures to rise and bearing wear to accelerate.

By ensuring that the bearings are rolling as smoothly as possible, this recommendation lowers temperatures. This grease prevents bearings from moving even when exposed to severe heat for prolonged periods of time, helping to reduce heat while also preserving bearing life. Also, by lessening friction where the wheel attaches to the car, more engine power may be applied to the ground.

In other words, it keeps your bearings cooler, extending their lifespan while also lubricating the wheels to increase power production. Given that this grease is designed for racing, it will offer excellent lubrication for your street car, especially for people who often drive high-performance vehicles.

#4 Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Sta-Lube

Sta-New Lube’s Generation Wheel Bearing Grease can be your best option if you’re looking for a wheel bearing grease that is specifically made for the purpose and is reasonably priced. Although this grease has a foundation made of a lithium complex that is intended for professional usage, you can use it at home in your garage. 

Extreme temperatures won’t cause this substance to break down and will instead lengthen the life of the grease. Less breakdown means more constant performance over longer periods of time, which means less bearing wear and less need to repack the bearings as the miles add up.

#5 Mag 1 High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Mag 1

The Mag 1 High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease is an excellent choice if you want to repack your own wheel bearings while minimizing your expenses. While the price is substantially less, the container is bigger than some of the other greases. 

This lithium grease has additives to help it withstand high pressures, as well as extremely hot or cold temperatures. Although it offers great lubrication, it is designed to be easily pumped in both warm and cold environments. You can use the Mag 1 grease for a variety of purposes other than only lubricating wheel bearings. This grease is made to withstand water and has rust inhibitors, so it won’t rinse off, adding a layer of corrosion prevention.

The Mag 1 grease’s brand name is really the primary issue. While the brands of the other wheel-bearing grease alternatives mentioned here are all well-known, this one is a little less well-known. When purchasing lubricants, many people opt for well-known brands, but if the price is more important to you than name recognition, this grease is for you.

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