Top 6 Best Steering Wheel Locks

Your vehicle will be gone in 60 seconds if a thief wants it. Like they say in those crappy old driver education commercials unless you do something to make it harder for thieves, forcing them to give up and move on to another vehicle that is an easier target.

A smart way to do that is using steering wheel locks. When they hook onto and lock your steering wheel, they limit how far a thief can move the wheel, even if they manage to get over the other built-in security measures. They are simple and easy. It can also protect your airbag against theft, which is another easy thing for criminals to take from your parked vehicle.

Here is a list we’ve put together of the best steering wheel locks for vehicles.

#1 The Club 3000

Brand: Winner International

The original that is. The Club is a simple, secure, and visible device that should fit almost any steering wheel, making it nearly hard for a would-be thief to drive off in your car. 

This one features a twin-hook design that is meant to make removal even more difficult without the key. It’s easy to install; rip it apart and insert the hooks into your steering wheel rim, and your automobile will be secure thanks to keyless locking. For durability and to withstand sawing, prying, and hammering, this suggestion is constructed of Chromoly steel.

When it’s time to leave, put the key in and push the ends of the unit together to start your car. It fits swiftly and conveniently beneath the seat.

#2 OKLEAD Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock


The OKLEAD steering wheel lock comes with an extra cover that provides two levels of extra protection to make your ride safe. First, the cover makes it more challenging to defeat since the metal shield prevents access to the steering wheel rim. Second, the system makes it far more difficult to steal your premium driver’s airbag from the rim rather than the entire vehicle.

The product is built of steel to be resistant to various means of defeat and is very conspicuous to serve as an obvious deterrent to thieves from a distance. It has a metal bar that prevents sawing and will withstand pry. The interior of the cover has a foam and rubber border that fits over your steering wheel even when a cover is attached, protecting the expensive steering wheel’s leather or plastic. This cover and lock will shield steering wheels with a diameter of up to 17 inches, which should be enough for most vehicles.

#3 FLK Tech Steering Wheel Lock

Brand: FLK Tech

If someone tries to drive away with your vehicle, most steering wheel locks function by striking your door or center console. This item attaches to the top of your steering wheel and points forward in your vehicle. That indicates that it is stopped by the top of your dashboard rather than making a wide swing left and right.

This increases its visibility to criminals but also limits their options if they decide to try and steal your car. So, they will find it more difficult to drive, which will increase their likelihood of giving up and switching to a simpler target. Due to its round key, the lock should be harder to pick than a standard lock, thus discouraging theft. It’s important to keep in mind that not all steering wheel forms will operate with this lock due to the way it clamps to the wheel.

#4 Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

Brand: Disklok 

The entire steering wheel is covered by the Disklok, no half-measures there. That prevents one of the most popular techniques used by criminals to bypass your steering wheel lock and protects against damage to your wheel in the process. Thieves cannot use the complete metal cover to unlock the factory steering lock since it rotates on the wheel.

Disklok comes with three keys and is available in three sizes to fit different steering wheels. Each key has a numbered tag so that in the event that it is lost, you can order a replacement from the manufacturer.

 The lock barrel is anti-drill and equipped with ten internal disks that spin if picking is tried to avoid pickling; this makes it nearly tough to open. The lock, bar, and circular cover are manufactured out of hardened steel so that they are not only visible inside the car but also very difficult to open with simple hand tools.

#5 Vechkom Steering Wheel Lock

Brand: Vechkom 

Do you often misplace your keys? Or perhaps you’re just using a keyless entry and starting the vehicle and don’t want to take it out of your pocket only to lock the steering wheel? This Vechkom steering wheel lock is simpler and easier for you to use because it doesn’t require a key and instead uses a pin.

The lock is made of a strengthened alloy that has a 25-year service life and is cut-proof, anti-drill, anti-saw, and anti-smash. The passcode lock eliminates the fear of misplaced or stolen keys by having no gaps between the cylinders that could help a thief in having access. The passcode can be reset, but you must know the current one and need two particular items to do so, which helps to keep your automobile safe. In order to prevent accidentally scratching your interior, whether using, removing, or installing the lock, the U-shaped ends and the bar are protected.

#6 The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

Brand: Winner International

The Club steering wheel lock has a chrome-plated locking housing.

Its new solid steel hooks improve security while also acting as a visual deterrent. It is ideal for heavier trucks, SUVs, and recreational vehicles because of its larger diameter. To prevent damage, it can also be mounted behind the steering wheel. Even though some units come with sticky residue, laser encrypted keys are resistant to picking, hammering, and freon penetration.

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