Top 7 Best PS4 Racing Games

If you’re a car enthusiast and have your own Sony Playstation 4, it’s only fitting that you know the best PS4 racing games. Have the time of your life with realistic racing simulators or with open-world driving. The PS4 offers multiple options, but we narrowed down the top 7 best PS4 racing games for your enjoyment. On this list, you’ll find classic racing franchises and fairly new ones as well. Check out our most recommended PS4 racing games that you can enjoy playing for hours.  

#1 Gran Turismo Sport

We got Gran Turismo Sport on top of the list. The Gran Turismo series is synonymous with Playstation racing. This has been the flagship racing game of the console. Real gamers know that Gran Turismo helped pave the way for today’s racing games. Gran Turismo sport checks all the boxes: amazing graphics, impressive audio, and enjoyable gameplay. You can choose from more than 150 cars and race on 18 different locations with 54 layout choices. 

You will enjoy this racing game even if you are just a beginner driver. Gran Turismo Sport offers high-level driving assist features. Even new drivers can learn from this game. Driving aids help in throttle control, stability control, steering, brakes, and more. You get to choose the features that AI will handle for you. 

When it comes to racing games or any other games that involve vehicles, customization is an essential part as this allows you to personalize a car’s exterior look and modify its performance. Gran Turismo Sport provides a photography mode that allows players to take snapshots of cars. These photos can be easily shared via the built-in social features of the game. 

Another great thing about Gran Turismo Sport is that it is PS VR compatible. Imagine enjoying the 3D experience; that would be a blast. Having Gran Turismo Sport should be automatic if you love cars and own a PS4. You don’t want to miss this in your game library. 

#2 Project CARS 2

You might be wondering why we chose Project CARS 2 and not the newer installment. This game consistently received high reviews from different notable gaming websites. In addition, the changes on the newer game somewhat displeased followers of the Project CARS franchise. 

Going back to this game, it boasts more than 140 tracks in 60 different locations. If you are a car enthusiast, this is a must-have game in your library. You can enjoy racing in all of the four seasons as this game has variable weather features that include ice and snow. The game can also be affected by different factors such as track temperatures, location, wind speed and direction, time of year, track gradients, and height above sea level. This shows how dedicated the developers were to deliver a more realistic game.

You can choose from a total of 189 cars. In addition, the handling experience really makes this game stand out. 

#3 F1 2021

If you are a fan of Formula 1 racing and own a PS4, getting F1 2021 should be automatic. You will definitely enjoy the variety of gaming options such as the story mode, single-player races, and multiplayer matches. F1 2021 features ten different cars and 21 racetracks. The story mode entitled “Braking Point” is definitely a must-play mode. 

Honestly, this game is not the most ideal for beginners as you may find better options on this list. However, experienced racing gamers will definitely appreciate everything this game has to offer. 

#4 The Crew 2

Are you more into an open-world type of racing experience? The Crew 2 is the best pick for you. This game does not revolve around cars alone as it also offers motorcycles, monster trucks, planes, and boats. Enjoy driving these vehicles across various styles of gameplay. You’ll enjoy the variety of tracks, environments, and landscapes for racing. 

The multiplayer features of The Crew 2 are just so awesome as you can play with as many as seven friends in the famous PvP mode. We like the Demolition Derby mode, where you can ride fully destructible vehicles that can be played in PvP, co-op, or solo. PvP ranked leagues are also available, so you can check how you perform against the competition online.

When compared to other racing games, The Crew 2 offers a more different feel as this game has a more open-world focus, and it’s not just moving from one event to another.

#5 NASCAR Heat 5

If you enjoy watching NASCAR racing, then this is the game for you. NASCAR Heat 5 is the official video game of the stock car racing Series. This game lets you in on the NASCAR experience and challenges you to be the Series champion. Expect this game to feature all official NASCAR teams, cars, and drivers. You can race on 38 authentic tracks. You can enjoy the immersive career mode along with multiple modes such as a quick race, test session, and multiplayer via online or split screen. 

This racing game also lets players do a full car setup. You can refine your car based on your racing style or even on the circuit that you will be competing in. For new players, there is a wide selection of driving assists to make the gaming experience easier, to begin with. However, once you start to get the hang of it, you can choose to turn them off and enjoy a completely immersive racing experience. 

#6 Burnout Paradise Remastered

Do you want to race fast cars on your PS4 without caring much about it being realistic? You’re going to love Burnout Paradise Remastered. The original version of this game was released way back in 2008. It turned out so popular that EA decided to remaster it so that racing gamers could enjoy playing it on the current generation of consoles. Expect lots of fun racing, high-flying stunts, and lots of automotive carnage. 

This game produces a fun racing atmosphere as you would need to use jumps, shortcuts, and stunts to win a race. You will only need speed and destruction as you play across Paradise City. For multiplayer mode, you can play with as many as eight players. You can select from 150 playable vehicles. Burnout Paradise Remastered comes with 8 DLC packs that include the Big Surf Island update. 

#7 Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed is one of the classic racing game franchises. If you have followed the series, we suggest that you get Need for Speed: Heat. This game was released in November 2019, but after all those years, it’s still one of the highest-rated racing games by multiple gaming websites. 

Just like with the older versions of this series, you will have to play as a street racer, and you need to win races to build your reputation. This game is very exciting to play because not only will you be dealing with the competition, but you also have to fight off or lose the cops as they will be on the hunt. 

The customization options for this game are amazing, plus you have more than 125 cars to pick from. Get immersed with an impressive street racing experience and enjoy Need for Speed: Heat. 

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