Crazy Semi-Truck Drag Racing

We’ve all seen plenty of drag racing in our lifetime, but have you seen semi truck racing? This is an event held a few times a year in Canada, and they bring tons of modified semi’s. They strap equal amounts of weight to the year of each one, and race down a narrow street. Check … Read more

Plymouth Sundance 10-Second Sleeper

Who doesn’t love a good sleeper? Especially an 80’s grocery getter, that your grandmother probably owned. This Plymouth Sundance has triple the factory horsepower, a giant turbo, a crazy transmission, and a Ford 9″ rear end. Check it out. Be sure to also checkout the video below.

V6 Mustangs Kill a 720hp GTR

What comes to mind when you think about a Mustang? Probably not the V6 model. The guys over at Limitless Performance strapped a huge turbo to a V6 Mustang, some nitrous, and surprised everybody on the streets. They took down a 720hp R35 GTR like it was nothing, and not even giving it all the … Read more

How to Run From the Police 101

So you’re out cruising on your street bike, probably racing around and doing wheelies. A cop pulls in front of you and tries to stop you. Here’s what you need to so to run away from them. Check it out. Also be sure to check out how not to run from the cops below!

Ducking from the Cops in a 1000HP Cobra

The biggest things in street racing are safety, and not getting caught. Unfortunately one night on the streets of Texas, the police showed up. Some cars ran, some just slowed down, and the Cobra decided to get off the highway going the wrong way. Check it out. Be sure to check out the video below … Read more

1951 Chevy Business Coupe SLEEPER

Who doesn’t love a good sleeper? This one happens to be a 1951 Chevrolet Business Coupe, with a nitrous sniffing 5.3 LSx swap. You’d never expect it out of this car, it just looks like some old car. But, once you spot the Hoosier drag radials you’ll start to get suspicious. Check it out. Be … Read more