Zero Emissions Diesels: How Ducted Fuel Injection can Save the Diesel Engine

Emissions. This has been a massive focus of the US Government and governments all over the world, for that matter, for the last few decades. More specifically, emissions output from vehicles, and especially diesel engines, has been under the watching eye of the EPA. As we’ve discussed in other articles and videos, the EPA has … Read more

How the EPA Spent 35 Years Destroying Diesel Trucks

The diesel engine. Without it, goods couldn’t be transported across countries; construction/farming/mining equipment wouldn’t be as efficient, public transportation wouldn’t be as good, and so much more. While the internal combustion engine is quite literally one of mankind’s most important inventions to date, the diesel internal combustion engine takes it even further. And even though … Read more

What Makes the GM L8T So Special?

I think at this point, it’s no secret that the GM LS and LT are very popular engines, and for good reason. They’ve packaged very small thanks to their cam-in-block design OEM heads that have incredible flow, a simple cam swap can pick up massive power, there are tons of different levels of displacement to … Read more

9 Crazy Car Myths You Still Believe

I know a lot about cars, you know a lot about cars, but how many old myths have you heard and believed without realizing they weren’t true? It’s less common now thanks to the power of the internet giving all of us loads of information from multiple sources, but even with that, there are lots … Read more