Top 4 Best Cold Air Intakes for Nissan 370z

Cold-air intake systems are vital components a fast car must prioritize. If you want your engine to burn the air-fuel mixture more thoroughly and effectively, you need to find some way to force excess air into the system.

Cold-air is preferred since it is denser and rich in oxygen.

Think of it this way. Your engine just like your body needs to breathe properly for it to function properly. Now, if you want it to perform better, you need to introduce something that will help supply air into the engine.

This is where a cold-air intake comes in to level the playing field.

How does a cold-air intake even work? Installing one in your car would mean that your car’s air filter will be relocated outside the engine. This allows the intake to force more cold air into the engine.

The richer the air is, the better for the combustion process.

Installing a cold-air intake is a wise choice, especially if you own a car like the Nissan 370z. This car is made to perform and impress, so make sure that it does its job by outfitting it with the right intake.

Below are the five best cold-air intakes for 370z. Check them out!

#1 K&N Cold Air Intake Kit


FEATURES: Oversized washable air filter

POWER GAIN: 14.2 HP @ 5600 RPM

COMPATIBILITY: Nissan 370z (2008-2020)

The first one on our list is K&N and their cold-air intake kit. K&N has a good reputation when it comes to intakes and other automotive performance parts. This specific cold-air intake kit will guarantee a significant increase in both acceleration and horsepower.

That’s just what the Nissan 370z need, right?

What are the perks of purchasing this cold-air intake? Aluminum pipes that promote free-flowing and synthetic air filters that don’t require oil. The pipes are powder coated with a silver finish so it can resist corrosion.

With this cold-air intake installed, you’ll be guaranteed to have a significant power gain.

Do you know what’s great about this? It comes with a million-mile warranty! The installation is easy too. Having this outfitted on your Nissan 370z will make it accelerate quicker and an awesome sound when you step on the gas.

It may be a tad bit expensive, but every penny you spend on this cold-air intake is worth it.

#2 K&N Blackhawk InductionTM Cold Air Intake Kit


FEATURES: Oversized washable air filter

POWER GAIN: 9.31 HP @ 6500 RPM

COMPATIBILITY: Nissan 370z (2008-2020)

What’s better than a K&N cold-air intake? Another K&N cold-air intake! This is another one from K&N Engineering, but this time it’s the Blackhawk InductionTM cold-air intake.

This is cold-air intake differs from the first one in terms of quality and number of the components. 

So, what’s in the bag? A black aluminum pipe that is engineered to promote exceptional airflow and filtration. Compared to the previous one that uses an oiled cotton air filter, this one utilizes a dry synthetic air filter instead.

These filters are washable too! You’ll be guaranteed to have up to 9.31hp upon installation.

What differs the Blackhawk InductionTM cold-air intake from the previous one is the air filter that they use. As mentioned earlier, the last entry uses oiled cotton airs while the current one uses dry synthetic air filters.

Aside from that, the throttle response and the sound of the engine are significantly improved too. 

#3 AEM Cold Air Intake System

MANUFACTURER: AEM Induction Systems

FEATURES: Heat shields

POWER GAIN: 15 HP @ 7100 RPM

COMPATIBILITY: Nissan 370z (2009-2017)

The third one on the list is reserved for AEM and their Cold Air Intake System. To give proof of what the AEM cold-air intake can do, they’ve conducted tests using a dyno graph to quantify the amount of power gain your Nissan 370z can bring.

This cold-air intake can improve your car’s engine performance.

What do you get from this cold-air intake? First, performance enhancements. The sleek and progressive design made from mandrel-bent aluminum is made to promote optimum airflow. Heat shields are also available on this kit.

Some intakes don’t offer that, so that was a treat!

What’s so exciting about this cold-air intake is the reviews that it got. Reports show a significant increase in power and a steadier ride. With this cold-air intake installed on your Nissan 350z, you’ll have your driving satisfaction guaranteed.

This intake is not that easy to get into your car though, so be careful.

#4 STILLEN Generation 3 Ultra Long Dual Intake 


FEATURES: Impressive power gain

POWER GAIN: 17.5hp

COMPATIBILITY: Nissan 370z (2009-2020)

The last one on our list STILLEN and their third generation ultra-long dual intakes. This intake features ultra-long tubes; mandrel bent and polished for maximum effectiveness.

By using this intake, you are ensured to have a raised power output. 

What do you get from this cold-air intake? A whopping 17.5hp gain, that is. The polished tubes boost the excess air from the ambient into the engine so it can burn the fuel more effectively.

The filters are oiled to prevent small debris from passing through. No need to re-oil the filters though. 

This cold-air intake is fairly easy to install too! Installation can vary from one to six hours, depending on your intake installation knowledge. The awesome thing about this is how they offer a loud, deep, and growling sound while eliminating any possibility for annoying drones. 

The STILLEN cold-air intake is for car enthusiasts who are more than eager to get real and perceivable power increase for their Nissan 370z. This may be the most expensive intake on this list, but it’ll be worth your every penny.

These are the best intakes for a Nissan 370z. Make sure that you choose the right cold-air intake for your Fairlady to make sure that you get the optimum riding experience. Whatever the price of the intake may be, all of these intakes will give you the best value for your money.

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