Top 9 Best Cold Air Intakes for Nissan R35 GTR

There’s no doubt that the Nissan GTR R35 is among the best platforms when it comes to modifications. Due to its immense popularity, there are tons of available aftermarket modifications you can get for this car which covers everything a car enthusiast wants like more horsepower, better handling, and great looks. 

One such mod you can get for your Nissan GTR R35 are intake systems. If you want some extra horsepower and a pretty cool under-the-hood sound, then aftermarket intake systems are the mods for you.

They can help your car breathe better, which in turn helps your engine perform better fuel combustion. 

Check out the list we’ve made for you below to see the best aftermarket intake systems you can get for your Nissan GTR R35.

#1 aFe Takeda Attack Stage-2 Cold Air Intake System

  • Manufacturer: aFe Power
  • Feature: Pro 5R filter
  • Horsepower Increase: 17hp
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2020)

Let’s start the Nissan GTR R35 intake list with something that can produce a significant amount of extra horses for your car: the aFe Takeda Attack Stage-2 cold air intake system.

It’s got a pretty unique cylindrical air filter that’s mounted horizontally right at the back of the center grille, along with two similar conical air filters in line and closer to the turbocharger. These two air filters provide early airflow and offer some much-needed extra air all across the power ranges.

aFe Takeda Attack Stage-2 Cold Air Intake Systems Features:

  • Unique three-filter design
  • It beats the stock airflow by up to 24%
  • 17hp/24lb-ft gains
  • Two auxiliary conical air filters to provide early airflow
  • Backed with aFe Power Limited Warranty

#2 NPBoosted Twin Ram Air Intakes 

  • Manufacturer: NPBoosted
  • Feature: 3″ high-flow piping made of alloy
  • Horsepower Increase: 20hp-30hp
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2008-2019)

GTR intakes aren’t just available in the form of cold air intakes: they come in short rams, too, just like the Twin Ram air intakes from NPBoosted. This intake may be cheap and all, but it packs quite a punch.

It’s got 3″ piping suitable for more volumetric airflow partnered with some air filters that clean the air before it gets sucked into the engine. The most satisfying aspect of these short rams is the horsepower increase of 20hp to 30 hp, depending on your additional mods.

NPBoosted Twin Ram Air Intakes Features:

  • 20hp-30hp horsepower gains
  • 3″ high-flow piping made of alloy
  • Exceeds the airflow capacity of the stock intake
  • Direct bolt-on installation
  • Backed with NPBoosted 1 Year Warranty

#3 GotBoost 3″ Intake System 

  • Manufacturer: GotBoost
  • Feature: GotBoost proprietary green filters
  • Horsepower Increase: N/A
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2007-2021)

Trusting a specialist can be a great way to immediately solve a problem, especially if it involves modifying your car. Luckily for you. GotBoost, a Nissan GTR R35 specialist, is here to help with their 3″ intake system.

This cold air intake system’s got a one-piece mandrel-bent aluminum tubing and some high-quality air filters, all designed to give your car a nice solid boost and excellent performance and sound.

GotBoost 3″ Intake System Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Comes with GotBoost proprietary green filters
  • Filters can be easily installed and removed
  • Can be fitted with K&N air filters
  • 100% made in the USA

#4 MAPerformance High Flow Air Intake Kit 

  • Manufacturer: MAPerformance
  • Feature: K&N filters
  • Horsepower Increase: 30hp – 45hp (w/ MAPerformance Map P1 or Map P2 GTR Kit)
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2019)

The Nissan GTR R35 has never been about raw power. That’s one of the reasons why if you’re looking for more power, you should invest in mods like MAPerformance High Flow air intake kit.

They claimed that when you’ve got your GTR hooked up to their MAP kits, you can get up to 45hp dyno-proven gains. This feat is possible thanks to the intake’s 3″ stainless steel tubing and the K&N filters that come with the intake. The High Flow air intake kit from MAPerfomance is among the best GTR R35 cold air intakes.

MAPerformance High Flow Air Intake Kit Features:

  • 30hp – 45hp (w/ MAPerformance Map P1 or Map P2 GTR Kit)
  • K&N Filters
  • Fits perfectly
  • Does Not require front bumper removal for installation
  • Backed with MAPerformance Limited Lifetime Warranty

#5 Injen SP Short Ram Intake System

  • Manufacturer: Injen Technology
  • Feature: Air Fusion Technology
  • Horsepower Increase: 30hp
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2010-2012)

Injen Technology has always been a big name in the car enthusiastic scene. They’ve serviced countless performance cars with their intake systems, and it’s about time they pay homage to the great Godzilla.

The Injen SP Short Ram intake system is jam-packed with R&D like Air Fusion and MegaRam technology that’s responsible for the 30hp and 25lb-ft of torque you’ll be getting once you have this GTR R35 intake installed.

Injen SP Short Ram Intake System Features:

  • Horsepower and torque gains of up to 30hp and 25lb-ft
  • Air Fusion Technology
  • MegaRam (MR) Technology
  • Uses Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter
  • Backed by Injen Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty

#6 HKS Racing Suction Full Kit

  • Manufacturer: HKS
  • Feature: Premium Suction Piping
  • Horsepower Increase: 11hp
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2007-2021)

If you’re looking for some GTR R35 intake that’s built solely for racing, then you might want to sit tight for this one. The HKS Racing Suction Full Kit is one of the ultimate intake systems for the Nissan GTR R35.

The package comes with two Racing Suctions. Each has two polyurethane layers with high-viscosity adhesive for top-tier air filtration and Premium Suction Piping necessary to allow more airflow to the engine.

This intake system is explicitly made for GTR owners who want to transform their vehicles into true blue race cars.

HKS Racing Suction Full Kit Features:

  • Package includes Racing Kit and Premium Suction Piping
  • Great for total intake tuning
  • Produces sporty race car intake sound
  • Designed to stabilize intake temperature
  • Backed with HKS 1-Year Limited Warranty

#7 ETS Twin Turbo Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: ETS
  • Feature: Heavy-duty mounting brackets
  • Horsepower Increase: N/A
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2021)

Spending too much money on mods is overrated. Only a few people know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your car breathe fresher air so you can crank up its horsepower rating.

If you’re opting for cheap yet effective air intake systems, then the ETS Twin Turbo air intake kit is for you. It’s got genuine K&N air filters, and it uses heavy-duty mounting brackets and some heavy-duty clamps to make sure that your intake system stays in place for a very long time.

 ETS Twin Turbo Air Intake Kit Features:

  • One-piece construction
  • Heavy-duty mountain brackets
  • ETS 4 ply silicone couplers
  • Heavy-duty clamps
  • Uses genuine K&N air filters

#8 Agency Power Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: Agency Power
  • Feature: Agency Power high-flow air filters
  • Horsepower Increase: N/A
  • Compatibility: Nissan GTR R35 (2009-2017)

Here’s another affordable yet effective air intake system, and this time it’s from Agency Power. The pipings are made from 3″ mandrel-bent aluminum for utmost durability.

It also got CNC machined mass air flow mounts made from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum. Besides that, you can be sure that this intake will fit perfectly because Agency Power made sure that it’ll fit from the throttle body forward.

There will be two air filters that are going to be responsible for filtering the air, so rest assured that the incoming air will be crisp and clean.

Agency Power Intake Kit Features:

  • 3″ mandrel-bent aluminum piping
  • Utilizes two Agency Power high-flow air filters
  • Components made from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum
  • CAD designed to ensure a perfect fit
  • Backed with Agency Power Lifetime Limited Warranty

Nissan GTR R35 Intake Systems: Are They Worth It?

The Nissan GTR R35 is an excellent car on stock, but as a car enthusiast who wants to unshackle every bit of horsepower locked up inside your car, you might want to get your hands on some aftermarket intake systems – or not.

If you’re still undecided and you’re still wondering if aftermarket intake systems for your very own Godzilla are worth it, then strap yourself down your seat because we’re going to answer that question for you.

Yes. Getting an aftermarket intake system for your Nissan GTR R35 is worth it. 

There’s just too much benefit you can get from aftermarket intake systems. The fact that the car is turbocharged means that the VR38DETT engine would need every fresh and oxygen-rich air it could get.

By removing the stock intake system and replacing it with a new one, you can enjoy benefits like better fuel economy and a slight increase in horsepower and torque output. What car enthusiasts love about aftermarket air intake systems the most is the engine sound it produces – it’s just too good!

Overall, a Nissan GTR R35 equipped with aftermarket air intake systems is destined to drive better. With cleaner and richer air being supplied into the engine, the GTR R35 can be slightly faster. Aftermarket intake systems can also be a great way to make your car’s fuel combustion more efficient, thus improving your overall fuel economy.

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