Top 8 Best Exhaust Systems for Ford Mustang S550

The exhaust note of a car has always been the top priority of most car enthusiasts, especially if they own a Ford Mustang S550. There’s a myriad of sixth-generation Mustang trims you can choose from, and all of these models have one similarity: they all sound eargasmic.

Ford certainly did a pretty good job constructing the stock exhausts fitted in these cars, but let’s admit it: as car enthusiasts, we always prefer something better. Something that feels customized.

This is where aftermarket exhaust systems come in. If you’re concerned about making the sound output of your Ford Mustang S560 more aggressive and predatory, then you should heavily consider investing in aftermarket exhaust systems.

After all, it’s not only the sound that they improve; they also provide some sweet benefits like better exhaust gas flow, an improvement in gas mileage, and most of all, extra horsepower.

So if you’re planning to get the best exhaust system, you might have started the search for one. To help you out, we’re ironically ending that exploration. The list below features the best aftermarket exhaust system you can get for your Ford Mustang S550.

We scoured the Mustang forums and car reviews all over the internet to come up with this list, so check it out so you can see what will fit the best for your Ford Mustang S550!

#1 AWE Tuning Touring Edition Axle-Back Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: AWE Tuning
  • Part Number: 3015-32086
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang EcoBoost (2015-2020)

Let’s start with an underrated Mustang S550 exhaust setup which many car enthusiasts look over: AWE Tuning exhausts, specifically the Touring Edition Axle-Back Exhaust. This is an exhaust system for you if you want something refined and civil – until you put the pedal to the metal.

It can wake up the EcoBoost engine with minimal to zero drones. It utilizes resonated layers and composite packing material to give the Ford Mustang S550 EcoBoost the appropriate amount of aggression it deserves.

AWE Tuning Touring Edition Axle-Back Exhaust Features:

  • Explicitly designed for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost
  • Zero drone
  • Hand-crafted pipings
  • Clean, straight-through piping design
  • Backed with AWE Tuning Limited Lifetime Warranty

#2 BBK Performance Parts Vari-Tune Axle-Back Exhaust Kit

  • Manufacturer: BBK Performance Parts
  • Part Number: 41115
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT COUPE (2015-2017)

If you own a Ford Mustang S550 GT and you want something reasonably affordable, then the Vari-Tune Axle-Back Exhaust Kit from BBK Performance Parts is for you. As the name suggests, this exhaust system’s tune can be set into varied settings according to your preferences, thanks to its adjustable mufflers.

It’s a one-of-a-kind exhaust system that lets you adjust your exhaust’s note and horsepower rating by simply moving the adjustment screw underneath the car.

And also, the Vari-Tune Axle-Back Exhaust Kit features a unique power valve that allows you to enjoy a mellow sound when the valve is closed and an aggressive throaty tone whenever the valve is open.

It is indeed a unique S550 Mustang GT exhaust fitted for those who change their minds when it comes to exhaust sound. 

BBK Performance Parts Vari-Tune Axle-Back Exhaust Kit Features:

  • Adjustable mufflers
  • Requires stock mid-pipe cutting for installation
  • Fits Ford Mustang GT Coupe ONLY
  • 8dB-10dB adjustment range (Closed Vs. Open)
  • Backed with BBK Performance Parts 1-Year Warranty

#3 Ford Racing Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing
  • Part Number: M-5200-M8TCA
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (5.0 Coyote V8, Gen 3) (2018-2020)

Now, if you want to replace your Ford Mustang GT stock exhaust with something made by Ford themselves, then you better check out the Ford Racing Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System.

Designed by Ford Motor Company’s high-performance division, this touring exhaust is uniquely designed and tuned to fit an optimum performance and aggressive yet mellow sound output to your vehicle.

This exhaust meets the drive-by noise standards set for aftermarket exhaust systems and is 30lbs lighter than the stock. It’s just like the stock; only better.

Ford Racing Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System Features:

  • Meets the 98dB drive-by noise standard
  • Manufactured by Ford Motor Company’s high-performance division
  • Mellow yet very aggressive exhaust note
  • 30lbs lighter than the stock
  • Backed with Ford Racing 2-Year/24,000 Miles Warranty

#4 Hooker Blackheart Header-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Hooker
  • Part Number: 70503308-RHKR
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (2015-2017) – Ford Mustang GT Premium (2015-2017) – Ford Mustang GT 50-Years Limited Edition (2015-2017)

Owning one of those limited edition Ford Mustang GTs will guarantee you a place amongst your peers. What better way to impress them with an excellent exhaust note, both in high revs and at idle?

The Hooker Blackheart Header-Back Exhaust System is your classic Hooker exhaust – but on steroids. It’s the best way to express the wild side of your pony car while keeping it compliant with road regulations.

It’s got lightweight stainless steel construction and a header-back kit that significantly impacts performance and as well as fuel economy. The straight-through mufflers utilized by this exhaust system are high-flowing enough to guarantee an aggressive note during acceleration and a sweet mellow tone at idle.

Hooker Blackheart Header-Back Exhaust System Features:

  • Lightweight stainless steel construction
  • 4″ 304 stainless steel exhaust tips etched with the classic Hooker logo
  • Tube geometry for optimum ground clearance
  • Works with Hooker Blackheart Long Tube Headers
  • Backed with Hooker Blackheart Limited Lifetime Warranty

#5 XForce Varex Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: XForce
  • Part Number: ES-FM15-VMK-CBS
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT Fastback(2015-2017)

The XForce Varex Cat-Back Exhaust System is a unique take on S550 Mustang exhausts directly from the land down under. With this exhaust system, you can dramatically alter the sound output of your Ford Mustang GT with just a push of a button.

This exhaust system features electronically adjustable mufflers. You can close the butterfly valves to stay low-key and open them up to let all of the people around you know that the Coyote has arrived.

The construction of this exhaust system is pretty impressive too. It’s durable, free-flowing, and looks very good on the rear. 

XForce Varex Cat-Back Exhaust System Features:

  • Electronically-adjustable exhaust sound
  • Can switch between Street Mods and Race Mode anytime
  • Includes two Remote Key Fobs
  • Consists of a mid-pipe resonator and adjustable mufflers
  • Backed with XForce Electronics Warranty (1-year) and Muffler Warranty (5-years)

#6 MagnaFlow Competition Series Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Magnaflow 
  • Part Number: 19299
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 (2015-2020) – Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R (2020-2021) – Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020)

The Shelby is arguably the best model of Mustang you can get your hands on. Magnaflow understands that, and to further spoil you, they’ve got the Competition Series Cat-Back Exhaust System for you.

Magnaflow Competition Series exhausts are explicitly engineered for those who want their Shelby to perform at maximum performance. This exhaust system is far lighter than the stock and imparts a pretty aggressive race car sound that attracts the people near you.

The MagnaFlow Competition Series Cat-Back Exhaust System guarantees an increase in horsepower and torque to give you the best race track experience possible. DISCLAIMER: It’s made for competitive racing, so it may not be compliant with local regulations. 

MagnaFlow Competition Series Cat-Back Exhaust System Features:

  • Quad Split rear exit
  • Carbon fiber muffler tips
  • 409 stainless steel construction
  • Fit for track racing
  • Backed with Magnaflow Limited Lifetime Warranty

#7 Borla ATAK® Axle-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Borla Performance Industries 
  • Part Number: 11890
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang EcoBoost (2015-2020) – Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium (2015-2020) – Ford Mustang GT (2016) – Ford Mustang GT Premium (2016) – Ford Mustang V6 (2016)

The name Borla is almost synonymous with exhaust systems. Their exhaust systems are amongst the most favored ones available in the aftermarket scene today. The Borla ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust System can guarantee a very aggressive exhaust note, whether you own a GT, an EcoBoost, or a V6.

The exhaust system feature’s Borla’s patented ATAK® Technology. The mufflers are filled with solid and perforated cores adjusted to produce just the right exhaust note fitting for a wild freedom-loving pony car like the Ford Mustang S550.

ATAK® exhaust systems are tuned like a graphic equalizer and promises to give you an aggressive high-volume output you want for your vehicle.

Borla ATAK® Axle-Back Exhaust System Features:

  • ATAK® Technology
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Turbo Muffler Type 
  • Iconic Borla exhaust note
  • Backed with Borla Million-Mile Warranty

#8 Roush Performance Quad Tip Axle-Back Exhaust Kit

  • Manufacturer: Roush Performance
  • Part Number: 421927
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (2015-2017)

Lastly, we have the Roush Performance Quad Tip Active Exhaust Kit. This exhaust system is suitable for car enthusiasts who don’t care much about being budget-oriented and are looking for the best premium exhaust systems their money can get.

Roush Performance’s exhaust gives you the freedom to adjust your exhaust note using their own exhaust app. With the Active exhaust feature, you can pick whatever sound output level you want: Touring, Sport, Track, and even Custom.

Roush Performance Quad Tip Active Exhaust Kit Features:

  • Active Exhaust system
  • Different sound output level (Touring, Sport, Track, and Custom)
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Comes with an IOS app
  • Backed with Roush Performance 90-Day Warranty

The Ford Mustang has, and always will be, an American icon. Car enthusiasts love how it drives, handles, and, most of all, sounds. Matching the car with the right exhaust system, whether a cat-back, an axle-back, or a header-back, will indeed give the Ford Mustang a new auditory appeal.

With this newfound aggressive sound output, your sixth-generation Ford Mustang will be twice as fun to drive.

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