Top 5 Best Exhausts for Nissan R32 GTR

When we first think of Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, we’re often invoked with thoughts of a track-winning race machine. This vehicle is streamlined, sleek, and even if it’s three decades old, it’s still a sight for sore eyes.

Many car enthusiasts believe that it’s the most good-looking model of all the Nissan GTRs that ever existed, even trumping the latest modern aesthetics of the Nissan R35 GTR.

It’s a good platform for modification too. Many car enthusiasts who own a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR look at the car as an icon of modification, a machine qualified for the most extreme tuning.

Many types of mods are introduced into this car throughout history, one of which is exhaust systems. There are so many aftermarket modifications you can integrate into this car. Still, an exhaust system stands above the rest when it comes to the auditory benefits it offers the driver.

So what can an aftermarket exhaust system offer? The most prominent of benefits would be a satisfying sound that leaves car aficionados wanting for more. Exhaust systems are famous for their capability to produce a deep, growling, and aggressive sound that really transforms the vehicle’s character.

Not only that, it improves the horsepower out of the car, and as well as its fuel economy.

If, by any chance that you’re looking for the best R32 GTR exhaust system, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you the top five exhaust systems for the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

These mods have been tried and tested, and they’re guaranteed to produce top-tier benefits for your vehicle. Be sure to check them out so you’d know which of them would be best for the King of Monsters.

#1 APEXi RS EVO Muffler

  • Manufacturer: APEXi
  • Part Number: 113AN002
  • Compatibility: Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1989-1994)

The first on our list would be an R32 GTR APEXi exhaust, particularly the RS EVO Muffler. If you prefer a discreet exhaust sound output to the typical loud and obnoxious ones typical of street mufflers, then this is a great exhaust system for you.

It’ll be a great addition to your Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, not only because it sounds great but also because the polished stainless steel looks really great on your vehicle.

The APEXi RS EVO Muffler is a hybrid muffler that integrates APEXi’s popular products: the N1 muffler and the Hybrid Megaphone EVO Muffler.

It’s got the N1 style that many car enthusiasts love on their car, married to APEXi’s proprietary megaphone piping structure design that has a piping structure known for producing top-tier torque and throttle response throughout the entire powerband.

On top of that, this exhaust system features a discrete sound output that’s not too loud but aggressive enough to attract any passerby’s attention.

The piping design integrated into the APEXi RS EVO Muffler swirls the exhaust gas, creating an effect that will ultimately result in better fuel economy, an increase in horsepower, and, as said earlier, an improvement in throttle response throughout the rev ranges.

Although this exhaust system’s price is somehow high, you can be sure that this exhaust system for the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR will a bang for the buck purchase.

APEXi RS EVO Muffler Features:

  • N1 exhaust tips style
  • Specifically designed for the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
  • APEXi logo stamped on the exhaust tip
  • Hybrid Megaphone piping structure
  • Backed with APEXi 3-Year Limited Warranty

#2 HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: HKS
  • Part Number: 31006-AN012
  • Compatibility: Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1989-2004)

Now, if you’re looking for some legitimate low-cost aftermarket exhaust system that has been proven and tested for performance, then you need to check out the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust.

What makes this exhaust system a great addition to your Nissan Skyline R32 GTR is that it’s made by HKS, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive performance parts.

The name HKS is almost synonymous with high-quality, and that’s evident in the build quality of their exhaust systems.

For the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, they have the Hi-Power 409 Exhaust. When you look for aftermarket exhaust systems for Godzilla, you’ll be surprised with the price tags that they carry: they’re pretty expensive!

Well, not the HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust, no. Because of its stainless steel construction coated with SUH409, HKS managed to reduce the cost of their exhaust down to a level where even beginner car enthusiasts can manage to buy the product.

What’s more. The HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust is a valid street muffler that’ll take you to heights you’ve never experienced before.

Aside from the inner work that this exhaust system does, such as efficient gas flow management and the use of ADVANTEX glass wool, it’s capable of producing a pretty sweet aggressive R32 GTR exhaust sound output.

The HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust is JASMA approved, so you can be sure that this exhaust system is a guaranteed banger of a mod.

HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust Features:

  • Efficient exhaust gas flow
  • Aggressive exhaust sound output
  • JASMA approved muffler
  • Comes with a main silencer
  • Uses ADVANTEX glass wool
  • Backed with HKS 1-Year Warranty

#3 Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: Kakimoto Racing Co.
  • Part Number: N31308
  • Compatibility: Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1989-1994)

The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR is a JDM masterpiece. What better way to improve this race machine than to consult the help of a Japanese aftermarket auto parts manufacturer like Kakimoto Racing?

After all, they’re one of the best aftermarket mod providers in Japan. And for the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, they’ve got something pretty special: the Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev Exhaust.

We can all agree that a sports car like the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR deserves a muffler designed to explicitly meet the specifications of the RB26DETT. The Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev exists to achieve the highest specification possible to help the R32 GTR achieve peak engine performance on the streets.

It emphasizes improving the engine’s power response at high revs and torque at medium to low rev ranges that helps avoid impairing the ease and convenience of driving Godzilla on the street.

This exhaust system is somehow tricky to acquire since it’s primarily available in Japan, but if you can import it, then you’ll be a winner. R32 GTR Kakimoto exhausts are jam-packed with R&D and can be acquired at a relatively low cost.

So if you want a Japanese-made exhaust system that’s not that expensive, doesn’t sound obnoxiously loud, and looks badass as hell, there’s no doubt that the Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev exhaust is perfect for you.

Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev Exhaust Features:

  • Straight-through pipe design
  • JASMA approved
  • Large mid muffler
  • Cannonball muffler type
  • Made straight from Japan

#4 Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Fujitsubo
  • Part Number: 790-15068
  • Compatibility: Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1989-1994)

Here’s another Japanese-made exhaust system for the street Gojira – the Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust. Like most exhaust systems on this list, this R32 GTR Fujitsubo exhaust features a pretty mellow sound output.

It may sound mild when compared to the overly loud exhaust installed on most cars, but it’s pleasant enough to instill respect over your car enthusiasts friends who, like you, love modified Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

So what’s with the Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust System? For starters, it is an exhaust system explicitly designed for street use. It’s powerful enough to improve the car’s power both on the low-end to mid-range and produce a deep yet quiet tone, which is preferred by many R32 GTR owners.

This type of setup makes driving the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR daily enjoyable and pleasant.

The Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust System is another Japanese-made aftermarket product that promises extra airflow and horsepower improvement. And just like the Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1 + Rev muffler, acquiring it can be a challenge.

Still, we’re pretty sure that there are some select distributors out there that are willing to give you this exhaust system for a reasonably affordable price.

Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust System Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Improves the car’s throttle response
  • Mellow yet deep and aggressive exhaust note
  • Made straight from Japan

#5 GReddy EVOlution GT Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: GReddy
  • Part Number: 10128305
  • Compatibility: Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1989-1991)

The last exhaust system on our list will be an R32 GTR GReddy exhaust, specifically the GReddy EVOlution Exhaust. With a reasonably low cost, you can get yourself a JDM-style exhaust system that’ll highlight the aesthetics of your Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

Not mentioning a deep and aggressive growl you’ll get. The sound is not too loud and not too subtle either – just the right amount of aggression enough to keep your ride experience fun and thrilling. 

The GReddy EVOlution GT Exhaust is a cheap yet highly effective solution to introduce some extra horsepower to your vehicle. It’s got a compact EVO GT muffler connected to a 76mm piping, capable of providing an excellent exhaust gas flow with its straight-through pipe design.

What’s more, this exhaust system, the EVO GT muffler, has an offset tip which allows you to have a better ground clearance when compared to the stock exhaust system.

GReddy EVOlution GT Exhaust Features:

  • Hand-weld stainless steel construction
  • Resonated sound
  • Deep, mild, and aggressive exhaust tone
  • Sound level reaches 100dB @5600RPM
  • Backed with GReddy Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR has always been an iconic vehicle, an impressive platform for car enthusiasts eager to personalize their own cars by installing many vehicles’ modifications.

One of the most popular choices for modifying a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR is aftermarket exhaust systems. They are highly favored by many people in the car tuner scene because it provides better sound, extra horsepower, and better fuel economy to some degree.

These benefits are highly prized by the community and are among the most sought-after aspects when choosing for the best exhaust systems.

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