Top 6 Best Nissan Sentra SE-R Exhaust Systems

Getting an aftermarket exhaust system is arguably one of the easiest ways to upgrade your car. This is especially true for the Sentra SE-R Spec V, the performance-oriented version of the Nissan Sentra.

An exhaust system upgrade on this car will result in very noticeable improvements, particularly in the auditory department. Not to mention the slight performance gains the QR25DE engine can potentially receive.

There are various aftermarket exhaust systems available for the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V, even today. However, not all of them guarantee the sound quality and gains that you want.

Some are run-of-the-mill, while others can undoubtedly bring the best value for your money. There are also some people that would rather buy a bunch of parts and instead create a Do-It-Yourself version of an exhaust system.

Yes, it’s plausible, but this method will deny your car the performance gains it can receive from well-made aftermarket exhausts.

If you’re in pursuit of the next exhaust system you’d fit into your car, then we’re here to help you out. We’ve scoured the depths of the interwebs just to find the best ones you can get.T

hese exhausts vary in sound level; some are loud, while some are deep but rich. All of them have different price ranges too. Some are expensive, while others are for inexpensive.

Regardless, we’re pretty sure that each of the exhausts in our selection will satisfy your need for a better-sounding car.

Below are our picks of the best Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V exhaust systems out there today.

#1 Stromüng Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Stromüng
  • Part Number: N/A
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2006)

The Stromüng Cat-Back Exhaust System is hands down the best exhaust system you can get for your hard-earned money. And although it’s slightly pricier compared to its peers, the sound quality it produces is just too good – the price is certainly right.

A lot of SE-R Spec V owners who own this exhaust would tell you how awesome it sounds. It has a smooth low tone, and there’s hardly any raspiness present.

There are not many details about this exhaust, but what we’ve discovered is that it has a 2.25” piping. And also, it comes with an optional resonator and O2 bung for the aftermarket headers.

It sports an impressive fitment and can provide you with an extra 5hp and the classic Stromüng exhaust note that’s deep and rich. The exhaust grunt it creates isn’t loud enough to annoy people, but it’s enough to scare the pants off of old people you’re going to drive by.

This exhaust system is not for the budget-restricted enthusiast who just wants something decent. Yes, it’s expensive, but the value it brings to you and your car is unmatched.

#2 APEXi N1 Muffler Exhaust Sytem

sentra se-r spec v apexi n1

  • Manufacturer: APEXi
  • Part Number: 162-KN04
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2006)

If you think that Stromüng’s price is steep, then you might want to settle with a cheaper exhaust that bears a close resemblance to its sound quality. Most people choose the APEXi N1 Muffler Exhaust System as one of the alternatives for the Stromüng.

It can produce a deep and rich exhaust note that’s eargasmic enough to make you grin from ear to ear. APEXi created this exhaust system to be a cost-effective solution for car enthusiasts who want to make their car sound nice and perform slightly better.

So what’s with the APEXi N1 Muffler? It’s an exhaust system recognized as the first to utilize angled mufflers that use a silencer and a megaphone-style exhaust piping.

The piping is made from mild steel and powder-coated with titanium particles and can provide better exhaust gas flow because of its megaphone design.

What’s more, the N1 Muffler went through rigorous testing. The results of these tests cemented its identity as a reliable, potent, and cost-effective solution for Spec V owners who want their cars to sound good and perform even better.

#3 APEXi WS2 Muffler Exhaust System

sentra se-r spec v apexi ws2

  • Manufacturer: APEXi
  • Part Number: 116-KN04
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2006)

Not a big fan of the APEXi N1 Muffler? Are you looking for a quiet exhaust system that looks good? If so, then you’ve got to check out another one of APEXi’s creations: the WS2 Muffler Exhaust System.

This variant is the slightly silent version of the N1 Muffler. APEXi made this exhaust system for Spec V owners who want to look good roam the streets without the presence of any hard-hitting exhaust noise.

The APEXi WS2 Muffler Exhaust System is another alternative for the Stromüng. Both of them are somehow similar in terms of quietness. However, the WS2 Muffler wins when you consider both of their price tags.

Unlike the Stromüng that uses stainless steel, the WS2 utilizes piping made from powder-coated steel. This makes the latter more affordable, and therefore, more attractive for people who have budget restrictions.

Considered to be among the quietest exhaust for the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, the APEXi WS2 Muffler is an excellent choice for drivers who want fantastic low to mid-range power without excessive noise.

#4 Magnaflow Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

  • Manufacturer: Magnaflow
  • Part Number: 15764
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2006)

Magnaflow has been around for quite some time now, and if there’s anything they’re good at, it’s making top-tier free-flow stainless steel exhaust systems. For the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, they have the Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System.

It can provide a rich and deep tone Magnaflow is famous for, far better than most run-of-the-mill exhausts that sound like old lawnmowers.

The Magnaflow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust System features a 2.25” stainless steel piping, capable of efficiently flushing out the exhaust gasses out of the car. The entirety of this exhaust is polished to perfection, so you can be assured that your car would look a lot better with tit installed.

What’s more, the Street Series exhausts have moderate exterior sound without any presence of droning.

What seems to be the winning element of this exhaust system is not its stainless steel construction but its sound quality. It sounds deep, and you’ll hear how awesome it is under wide-open throttle.

#5 Megan Racing Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust

sentra se-r spec v megan racing

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Part Number: MR-ABE-NS01
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2003)

Most people would argue that buying cheap car parts would do you more harm than good. It is true to some degree, but not always. An exception to this is Megan Racing, mainly their Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System for Spec Vs made around 02’ to 03’.

It’s affordable, sounds good, and looks decent enough for people to know that you’ve got an aftermarket exhaust installed instead of stock.

The Megan Racing Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System is for drivers who want to modify their exhausts to their own taste. This exhaust acts as a direct bolt-on solution to the OEM and works with the stock mid-pipe.

It’s made from T-304 stainless steel and has a polished mirror finish. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s considerably lighter than the stock and offers a more power-to-weight ratio.

Yes, it may sound decent when partnered with OEM parts, but it would be in your best interest to use it in conjunction with other aftermarket parts. This will make the sound quality louder, throatier, and more profound.

However, keep in mind that this exhaust system is relatively cheap, and you’ll get what you pay for. We advise that you lower your expectations and don’t expect too much from this exhaust.

#6 Tanabe Medalion Concept G Cat-Back Exhaust System

sentra se-r spec v tanabe

  • Manufacturer: Tanabe
  • Part Number: T80055R
  • Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (2002-2006)

Lastly, we have an exhaust system very suitable for street driving: the Tanabe Medalion Concept G. It’s an exhaust system that allows you to enjoy high power gains while maintaining a non-obnoxious and responsible sound level.

Many love this exhaust because even though it can only produce around 93db of noise, it still sports a deep and rich exhaust tone that’ll send shivers up your spine once you first hear it.

Developed with a motorsports mentality, the Tanabe Medalion Concept G Exhaust System has got many sweet benefits in store for Spec V owners. First is its SUS304 stainless steel construction design with optimal pipe routing in mind.

Second, its sporty appearance makes it an ideal choice for people who want to make their cars look sportier, all thanks to its angle-cut tips. And third is weight reduction.

This exhaust uses hollow exhaust hangers and pressed flanges to eliminate any excess weight as much as possible.

There are undoubtedly many aftermarket exhaust options for a car like the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. Although there are variants that produce loud exhaust grunt, for some reason, many prefer the ones that sound relatively quiet but deeply rich.

Regardless of the driver’s taste in exhaust notes, all car enthusiasts would agree that getting an aftermarket exhaust system is the key to making a car sound ten times better.

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