The Most Insane Engines EVER

Today we’re going to take a deep dive on the internet and look at some of the most insane engines you’ve never heard of. This list includes a little bit of everything and the last engine is absolutely mental, so you’ll want to stick around until the end. #1 Hayabusa V8 Okay, so you know … Read more

Why BMW is the KING of Inline-Six Engines

It’s no secret that the automotive world is filled with incredible inline-six engines. Some of the best examples include the Toyota 2JZ, Ford Inline 300, Ford Barra, and so on. But, it’s hard to deny that BMW is the one that’s actually the king of producing inline-six engines, and in this article, I’m going to … Read more

The WORST JDM Engines Ever

The Toyota 2JZ, Nissan RB26, and Mitsubishi 4G63 all have one thing in common, they’re known as legendary Japanese engines that everyone seemingly loves. But, what about the engines that not everyone loves? Well, that’s what we’re looking at today. The WORST JDM engines of all time. Preface Okay so as a quick preface, I … Read more

The Most INDESTRUCTIBLE Engines Ever

The automotive world is filled with good engines and bad engines, but some of them are so reliable and indestructible that they’ve reached legendary status. So, today we’re going to look at some of the most indestructible engines of all time. Some of these are from GM, Jeep, Honda, Toyota, and more. Alright, before we … Read more

Inside BMW’s QUAD TURBO Diesel Engine

In the world of diesel engines, we’ve seen a lot of interesting changes and trends throughout the years. But BMW took it a step further by introducing one of the weirdest diesel engines you’ll ever hear of: a 3.0L inline-six diesel with not just one, not two, not three, but four turbos. So, today let’s … Read more

Inside INNengine’s One Stroke Engine

Throughout the history of the internal combustion engine, there have been many important changes and trends. Gas engines, diesel engines, two-stroke engines, forced induction engines, and so much more. But, one thing we have yet to see is a single-stroke engine, that is, until now, thanks to a company from Spain. So, today let’s take … Read more