Toyota 1LR-GUE: Everything You Need To Know

As a response to the barking of several enthusiasts regarding Toyota’s choice of engine releases and receiving commentaries about engines that will eventually leave the marketplace with an innovative one. With that, Toyota took the challenge and pushed its knowledge and talents to the next level by unlocking one of the most sought-after engines and … Read more

Mercedes M113: Everything You Need To Know

For many years, AMG took pride in making incredible engines and tuned them to be almost perfect. They mastered their craft and even earning the title as the first automakers to install superchargers on a mass-produced vehicle back in 1921 – talk about longevity. These cars have a nod from Mercedes themselves bearing the “Kompressor” … Read more

Toyota 2MZ-FE: Everything You Need To Know

The all-aluminum lineup engines are sometimes disputed as non-reliable ones by many, which contests this engine’s reputation. Even with its lightweight material, it turned out to be Toyota’s first non-reboring series that is a far more reliable and successful engine, unlike its NZ-AZ-ZZ machines. It caters the luxury vehicles and primarily sold in Japan, the … Read more