Nissan RB25 vs RB26: Which is Better? 

The difference between the RB25 and RB26 engines is merely based on their power, torque production capabilities – most of the time. But what is more than that? How about the upgrades? Electrical, Mechanical, and Technical improvements. Both engines are powerful in their own right. They have enhanced turbocharged variants to improve the engine performance, … Read more

Nissan SR20VE: Everything You Need To Know

Nissan is one of the most recognized and respected automakers in the industry. They always try to think outside the box and shocks us with engines that will make us raise our eyebrows and say, how come we haven’t think of that concept. Anyway, Nissan’s engine lineup is outstanding. Just think about the Skyline vehicles, … Read more

Nissan VG30DETT: Everything You Need To Know

Among the long list of performance engines that Nissan produced, one stood out and rose above. These engines are the most widespread choice in their own engine family choices and encompass their naturally aspirated and turbocharged siblings. Released in early 1990 in the United States, it gave a glimpse of the actual capability and potential … Read more

Nissan VH41DE: Everything You Need To Know

In the late 80s, the hype that surrounded its bigger brother, the Nissan VH45DE, was unmatchable, especially for V8s during that time. This was when Japan was using the 4-cylinder engine for high fuel efficiency. So Nissan decided to make a V8 that can conquer the V6s. It is incredibly reliable, can handle high temperatures … Read more