The Complete Lowering Mods Guide for Toyota MK3 Supra

The third generation of Supra, also known as the MK3 Supra, is a well-loved JDM car made to handle well. The Toyota MK3 Supra is a cheap yet decent alternative to its younger and more popular brother, the MK4 Supra.

It’s got a pretty respectable community. Although the options you have when choosing the third generation of Supra are very limited, getting your hands on one worth it. It’s a bang-for-buck project car and an excellent platform for aftermarket modifications. 

However, most MK3 Supra owners claimed that the car’s suspension is too lackluster. It drives like a wet noodle. It suffers from many problems like understeer, slight oversteering, and too much body roll, especially on corners.

The Toyota MK3 Supra is a great car and all, but it’s just too heavy and soft to deal with the inertia created while tackling tight corners. Luckily for you, an excellent coilover setup can fix that.

If you’re here to deal with your Toyota MK3 Supra’s suspension stability issues, then we have something in store for you. We’ve created a complete guide of lowering mods for your Toyota MK3 Supra to help you pick what coilover kit is the right one for you.

Whether you’re budget-restricted, willing to spend a few more bucks, or you can make it rain, this coilover guide will make sure that you’ll get the best out of what you can afford. Check them out!

Budget Lowering Mods

Getting your hands on some budget lowering mods is a great way to fix your Toyota MK3 Supra’s suspension issue. It’s also an affordable way of reducing your car’s ride height, which is a real win-win situation for you.

However, budget coilovers are notorious for being too stiff for the tastes of other car enthusiasts. So if you’re just planning to use your MK3 Supra from time to time and not as a daily driver, then the mods below are for you.

#1 H&R Race Spring

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Spring Type: Linear
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.6” | 1.3”
  • Compatibility: Toyota Supra (1986-1992)

Let’s start with the cheapest way to lower your Toyota MK3 Supra’s ride height and slightly improve its handling: lowering springs, particularly the H&R Race Springs. For such an affordable price, you can improve your car’s traction and as well as its handling.

The H&R Race Springs are specially designed for high performance drivers who want to limit test their vehicles. It’ll lower your car’s center of gravity, and it’ll make your Toyota MK3 Supra look as if it was born to race.

All of H&R’s springs are made out of special spring steel (54SiCr6) reported having a strength rating of 290,000 psi. This translates to extreme tensile strength and resiliency, so you can be sure that the H&R Race Springs won’t give up on you anytime soon.

Although this lowering spring can lower your car, its aspects cannot be adjusted like its coilover counterparts.

H&R Race Spring Features:

  • Lowers your car by up to 1.6″
  • Perfect for track use
  • Optimizes your car’s weight distribution
  • Built from 54SiCr6 special springs steel
  • Made from Germany 
  • Backed with Lifetime Defect Warranty

#2 maXpeedingrods Racing Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: maXpeedingrods
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 784 | 672
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

If you’re more interested in height and damping adjustments rather than just height reduction, then you’re in for some coilovers. maXpeedingrods manufactures one of the best budget coilovers out there that isn’t subject to any “budget coilover criticism.”

They’ve come up with an affordable way to make your suspension capable enough to remove the body roll tendencies of your Supra without making the ride quality too stiff. And also, the quality of the construction is pretty solid.

Most of the components of the maXpeedingrods Racing Coilovers are made from T6 6061 aluminum to ensure that it’s durable enough to hold the weight of your Supra.

What’s more, these coilovers have high tensile strength – the spring distortion is just about 0.04%, so you won’t ever have to worry about the coilovers getting damaged anytime soon.

The maXpeedingrods Racing Coilovers are a key to improve your car’s handling and achieve a sensible height without sacrificing too much of the comfortable ride qualities.

maXpeedingrods Racing Coilovers Features: 

  • Ride height adjustability
  • Preload spring tension adjustability
  • 24 levels of damping adjustment
  • Comes with pillow ball mounts
  • Made from T6 6061 aluminum
  • High tensile performance springs
  • Easy installation

#3 ZENITHIKE Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

  • Manufacturer: ZENITHIKE
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 1215 | 694
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

Budget coilovers are often called “eBay coilovers” because they’re just too generic for most car enthusiasts’ tastes. However, some beginners prefer eBay coilovers like the ZENITHIKE coilovers because they’re cheap, somehow reliable (to some extent), and pretty easy to install.

Coilovers like these are an excellent investment for those who’re just starting out building their first project cars. It’s also great for those who just want some decent coilovers to fix the wobbliness of their Toyota MK3 Supra.

Although, of course, just like cheap coilovers, the ZENITHIKE coilovers may come as too stiff, it’s enough to get the job done.

The ZENITHIKE Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit has the typical features that usually come with coilovers, like ride height adjustability. However, it doesn’t come with details that indicate that its damper setting can be adjusted, so take note of that.

This coilover is enough to change your ride height while the suspension stiff enough to drive around corners quickly without encountering too many body rolls. Suppose you want something cheap to fix your Supra suspension problems without caring too much about other features.

In that case, the ZENITHIKE coilovers are for you.

ZENITHIKE Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit:

  • Ride height adjustability
  • Replaces stock suspension components like coil springs and shock absorbers
  • Backed with 1 year limited Coilover Maintenance Period

#4 INEEDUP Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Ineedup
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

Here’s another cheap coilovers, and this time it’s from Ineedup. Just like the previous coilovers, this one’s damper setting cannot be adjusted. We repeat: CANNOT BE ADJUSTED. However, just like the previous one (again), the ride height is adjustable.

There’s not much to say about this coilover kit because it’s similar to the previous one. It does lower your ride height, it does make your suspension stiffer, but it can’t adjust its own damper settings.

INEEDUP Coilovers Features:

  • Ride height adjustability
  • Non-adjustable damper settings
  • Springs are made from a high-quality elastomer synthetic material
  • Springs are integrated with dust caps

Mid-Range Lowering Mods

If you still think that the stigma around eBay coilovers is real and you’re not a big fan of budget coilovers that may impair your car instead of improving it, then you’d love the mid-range lowering mods listed below.

They’re decent enough to do the job of stiffening your Toyota MK3 Supra, and they’re the most commonly used lowering mods by most budget-oriented car enthusiasts.

There is no need to be skeptical about these lowering mods; they’re guaranteed to improve your vehicle in many ways suspension-wise.

#1 Godspeed MonoSS Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Godspeed Project
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 672 | 280
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1991)

MK3 Supra coilovers forum has a lot of good things to say about Godspeed. Whatever series Godspeed coilovers are, they’re reported to have high-quality. The feedback from previous and current users of the coilovers is excellent.

For the Toyota MK3 Supra, Godspeed has the MonoSS series coilovers, making your vehicle stiffer (in the right way). It’ll also allow you to go to the tracks without fearing turning over due to excessive body roll.

The Godspeed MonoSS coilovers come with 16 levels of damping adjustment, so you can choose how stiff or semi-stiff you want your suspension to be. Its internal pistons utilize the popular Koyo bearing, precisely the 6204z bearings, to ensure that the piston strokes are smooth.

The monotube stainless steel shocks use racing-grade highly viscous shock oil to make sure that the damping is done efficiently. In summary, the Godspeed MonoSS coilovers are an excellent lowering mod to get for your Toyota MK3 Supra.

And yes, unlike the previous budget coilover setups, you can adjust its damper settings.

Godspeed MonoSS Coilovers Features:

  • Ride height adjustability
  • 16 levels of damping adjustment
  • Independent spring tension and height adjustment
  • Uses Koyo Japan 6204z bearings
  • Uses Racing grade shock oil with a high viscosity index
  • Powder-coated accessories for corrosion resistance
  • Backed with 1-year Limited Warranty

#2 CXRacing Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: CXRacing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 781 | 558
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra Non-AWD Models (1986-1991)

If you’re looking for MK3 Supra CXracing coilovers, then we’ve got something special for you. Here are some CXRacing coilovers for your Non-AWD Toyota MK3 Supra. It’s a lowering mod that’s guaranteed to provide you with a fantastic ride quality without making the suspension too stiff.

Set it to full soft for daily driving, and set it to stiff if you’re in for some action-packed driving experience. It’s comfortable. It makes the MK3 Supra look. It feels sporty, and most of all, it fixes most of the vehicle experiences’ problems.

The CXRacing coilovers implement a monotube design on their shocks to ensure that they’re able to provide better damping than their twin-tube counterparts. These coilovers allow you to maneuver smoothly on all types of the road surface.I

n all honesty, it’s pretty difficult to believe that with a price tag like this, the CXRacing coilovers are actually pretty decent. Some Supra owners say that they’re even comparable to some of the more prominent coilover brands like BC Racing.

CXRacing Coilovers Features:

  • 32 levels of damping adjustment
  • Precision-control damping valve
  • Ride height adjustability
  • Uses Street Sport springs
  • Comes with pillow ball mounts
  • Passed the ARTC Durability Test
  • Backed with CXRacing 1-Year Limited Warranty

#3 Tein Street Advance Z Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Type of Construction: Twin-tube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 896 | 392
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1987-1992)

Here’s one of the most popular manufacturers that have improved countless JDM cars with their aftermarket parts. Enter Tein and their Street Advance Z coilovers, made for those specifically looking for MK3 Supra Tein coilovers.

The Street Advance Z is the latest iteration of Tein’s Super Street Series. With all the great deal of R&D and innovative components, the Street Advance Z coilovers are great for spirited drivers who want to use their Toyota MK3 Supras for daily driving and the adrenaline-filled street skirmishes.

The STREET ADVANCE Z provides the driver a sporty ride feeling and a matching aggressive stance. Using Tein’s very own Advance Needle Technology, this coilover kit allows the driver to noticeably feel the change in the suspension’s damping force.

This is great for meticulous drivers who want to get a grip on every detail they can get their hands on while driving their cars. The coilovers’ shortened shell also provides optimum damper stroke.

Overall, the Street Advance Z is a coilover setup perfect for aggressive drivers who want to limit-test their Supras.

Tein Street Advance Z Coilovers Features: 

  • 16 levels of damping adjustment
  • Thread-type ride height adjustability (through the spring seat)
  • Advance Needle Technology 
  • Larger piston diameter
  • ZT coated adjustment tubes
  • Full-length dust boots
  • Powder-coated damper body for corrosion protection
  • Comes with an aluminum spring seat with a Delrin thrust washer
  • Made in Japan

#4 Tein Flex Z Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Type of Construction: Twin-tube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 784 | 336
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra GT Turbo (1986-1992) – Toyota MK3 Supra GT Twin Turbo (1986-1992)

Can’t get enough of Tein? Good! Here’s another masterpiece from Tein: the Flex Z coilovers. As Tein’s most popular lowering mod, the Flex Z comes with a lot of tech advancement and R&D, just like the Street Advance.

The main difference between the two Tein products is the Street Advance Z coilovers are for spirited street drivers who like the maneuverability that comes with speed, while the Flex Z coilovers are for street drivers who dream of dominating the tracks.

Both of them have a sealed structure, which means that they can’t be rebuilt once damaged.

The Flex Z integrated a twin-tube design on their coilovers to make it comfortable when driven on the streets. It also got a full-length ride height adjustability set up to allow you the advantage of maintaining a good ride quality even if the height gets adjusted.

What’s more, they use the same Advance Needle Technology that the Street Advance Z has to ensure sufficient damping force adjustment at whatever range you want.

Whether it’s the handling of a sports car that you wish to or the ride quality of a multi-passenger car, Flex Z’s got your back.

Tein Flex Z Coilovers Features:

  • 16 levels of damping adjustment
  • Full-length ride height adjustability
  • Advance Needle Technology
  • Compatible with EDFC Series
  • ZT coated adjustment tubes
  • Comes with a unique adjusting wrench
  • Comes with an aluminum spring seat with a Delrin thrust washer
  • Springs doesn’t sag
  • Utilizes high-spec shock oils with stable viscosity characteristics

#5 Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: KSport
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 784 | 403
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1987-1992)

Here’s one of the slightly premium-priced MK3 Supra lowering mods: the Kontrol Pro coilover kit. This mod provides you with one of the best suspension technologies needed to make your vehicle a perfect fit for both the track and the streets.

The Kontrol Pro is Ksport’s entry-level coilover kit, so expect every feature that comes with an entry-level coilover kit, except one-upped. There’s a lot of discussions about the quality of the Kontrol Pro, but if you’re looking for coilovers with a great build and you’ve got the cash, then here’s your pick.

The Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers are for Supra owners seeking to lower their car’s stance while looking forward to making their vehicles more streetable and track-worthy.

This coilover kit has components made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, an excellent choice for those who want something light, durable, and corrosion resistant for their suspensions.

What’s more, the Ksport Kontrol Pro has adjustable lower mounts that allow maximum suspension travel. With this, you can adjust your ride height without worrying about getting bottomed out.

Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit Features:

  • 36 levels of damping adjustment
  • Camber adjustments
  • Adjustable spring perch for ride height adjustment
  • Comes with pillow ball top-mounts
  • Components are made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum,
  • Adjustable lower mounts that allow maximum suspension travel

#6 D2 Racing RS Series Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: D2 Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

Here are some MK3 Supra D2 Coilovers for you to check out. The D2 Racing RS Series coilover kit is the perfect choice for avid car enthusiasts who have modified every part of their car.

Being D2 Racing’s most popular coilover kit, the RS Series perfectly fits the Toyota MK3 Supra. It looks like these coilovers are made from high-quality materials: because they are. They even have Teflon coated threads to prevent rusting lines, which may make setting adjustments harder.

With the packaging and the look of the components themselves, you can see that the guys from D2 Racing who made RS Series coilovers have emphasized workmanship. As for its performance on the road, it balances itself between form and function.

Many previous and current RS Series users claimed that the ride quality is smooth. Yet, the handling is just slightly offset from the OEM. But when you try to look at all the features included in the RS Series, you can say for yourself that it’s going to be a bang-for-buck purchase.

D2 Racing RS Series Coilover Kit Features:

  • 36 levels of damping adjustment
  • Full ride height adjustability
  • Ride height adjustment comes with a separate spring preload
  • Anodized finish and Teflon-coated threads for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Backed with D2 Racing 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Comes with pillow ball mounts
  • Components are made from 6061 aluminum

#7 Megan Racing EZ II Street Series Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 784 | 448
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

If you’re a seasoned car enthusiast, then there’s a high probability that you’ve heard about Megan Racing. They’re one of the most popular and most trusted brands in suspension lowering mods like coilover kits.

If you’re specifically looking for MK3 Supra Megan coilovers, then you’re in the perfect place and time.

Megan Racing created the EZ II Street Series coilover kits for the old MK3 Supra, offering budget-oriented enthusiasts with the bare essentials that come with an aftermarket coilover setup that doesn’t compromise quality and performance.

The Megan Racing EZ II Street Series coilovers are meant to be used on the track. The coilovers are made from high-grade materials and enough R&D to extend suspension service intervals, saving you money and time.

It’s got rubber dust boot covers to keep dirt away and conservative spring rates that are neither too soft nor too stiff. The Megan Racing EZ II Street Series is an affordable coilover setup that provides all of the basic things you need to make your suspension stiffer.

Megan Racing EZ II Street Series Coilover Kit Features:

  • 15 levels of damping adjustment
  • Full ride height adjustability
  • Conservative spring rates
  • Comes with rubber dust boots
  • Backed with Megan Racing 1-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

#8 BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: BC Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 784 | 448
  • Compatibility: Toyota MK3 Supra (1986-1992)

BC Racing may not be a veteran in the aftermarket industry. Still, they sure did an excellent job in making cars better by improving their suspensions. The BR Series coilovers are among the most popular suspension lowering mods available in the market today.

Many car enthusiasts are fond of BC Racing because they are affordable and highly effective. These coilovers pretty much eliminates the suspension issues of the MK3 Supra.

The BC Racing BR Series coilovers are a great entry-level coilover setup for those who want to flaunt their Supras on the streets and have fun in the road course during the weekends. Unlike the others, the BR Series coilovers have easily accessible adjustment knobs.

This is ideal for fine-tuning your damper settings and your car’s ride height more conveniently. At a very reasonable price, these MK3 Supra BC coilovers are enough to fix your car’s handling issues while keeping its stance stylish and aggressive.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers Features:

  • 30 levels of damping adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment is done on the shock body and not the spring
  • Comes with custom spring rates and Swift Springs
  • Backed with BC Racing 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Rebuildable – parts can be purchased if damaged

4 Things You Should Look for When Buying Coilovers

You’ve finally decided to buy coilovers for your car. That’s great! However, if you’ve checked out all of the lowering mods above and you still have no idea what to look out for when buying coilovers, we’re here to help you. 

1. Damper design

It’s the epic rivalry of the twin-tube and monotube dampers again. Twin-tube dampers specialize in providing more suspension stroke and better ride quality. On the other hand, Monotube dampers deal with heat dissipation better, and therefore dramatically improves the responsiveness of your damper.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for performance-oriented coilovers for aggressive driving on the street and track, pick monotube. Otherwise, if you just want better handling that doesn’t cost as much, pick twin-tubes.

2. Spring Rates

The higher the spring rate is, the stiffer the springs would be. By getting the right coilovers with the proper spring rate, you’ll be able to effectively reduce your car’s body roll and make its handling more predictable.

Before you pick a coilover, determine first what application you will be using: street driving, drag racing, autocross, etc.

3. Spring and Valve Adjustability

Aside from fixing their vehicle’s handling, coilovers are usually bought because they’re capable of lowering a car’s ride height effectively. Having easy and convenient adjustability for the ride height, damping, and spring preload is necessary when picking the right coilovers.

4. Top Mounts

Manufacturers usually use rubber bushings for their OEM parts because it deflects more and is typically the cause of suspension precision failure. On the other hand, Pillow ball bushings are static; it doesn’t move, which makes it better in providing a more precise feel when the suspension and steering are in action.

There’s a lot of options you can choose from if you want to lower your Toyota MK3 Supra. With the abundance of aftermarket parts manufacturers and a bustling Supra community, you’ll be having a great time looking for some lowering mods for your third-generation Supra.

If you’re budget-restricted, you can opt for eBay coilovers. However, if you want a decent set of coilovers and you’re prepared to spend a bit more to get them, then there are a lot of mid-range lowering mods you can choose from.

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