Top 7 Best Infiniti G37 Mods

The Infiniti G37 is one of the most underrated cars out there. Not only does it look amazing, but it has the performance capabilities to put a smile on anyone’s face. Although it has enough power as a stock car and looks great just the way the manufacturer intended, there are certain mods you can easily do to make it even better.

The G37 is also one of the most reliable cars you can get. It’s fitted with a 3.7-liter V6 engine that puts out between 320 and 330 horsepower depending on the body style. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best G37 mods you can add to your car to boost its power and/or looks. 

Coilover Kit

Lowering a car is usually one of the first modifications people make. There are a couple of options for lowering an Infiniti G37, one of which is replacing your stock suspension components with a coilover kit.

Compared to installing lowering springs, a coilover kit allows total height adjustment of the car. Lowering springs provide a fixed ride height, while coilovers offer adjustability. This is a beneficial feature if one car is used both as a daily driver and as a track or show car. 

Adjusting the coilovers on all four corners doesn’t take much time, but you’ll need to have the unique tool required for the job. It usually comes with the kit. The basic coilover kit allows you to adjust only the height of the car, however, more advanced kits will allow you to adjust camber, caster, and stance. The best coilover kit for you depends solely on your needs and preferences.

Sway Bar Kit

The next item on our list of the best Infiniti G37 mods is a sway bar kit. Some vehicles come with preinstalled sway bars, but if your car isn’t fitted with a sway bar, it’s a great modification to further improve the handling of your G37.

The main goal of a sway bar is to reduce body roll and increase cornering stability. Adding a sway bar to a regular daily driven car won’t have such a large effect on handling, but if you use your car on the track, it will most certainly reduce your lap times due to increased handling capabilities.

The best results can be achieved when a sway bar kit is combined with either lowering springs or a coilover kit we previously mentioned.

Cold Air Intake Kit

A cold air intake is essential for increasing engine power without complicated modifications. Most commonly a cold air intake kit is a bolt-on addition that replaces the factory air filter. Aside from gaining additional horsepower and torque, a cold air intake will alter the sound of your car, making it a bit more aggressive, even with the stock exhaust.

The great thing about cold air intake kits is that they’re a very simple modification that provides instant results. In some applications, the cold air intake will increase the vehicle’s power, and reduce fuel consumption due to the increased airflow. Aside from that, a cold air intake will also improve the visual appeal of the engine bay.

Cat Back Exhaust System

Another essential modification for adding more power to any car, including the Infiniti G37, is a modified exhaust system. Installing a cat back exhaust system is a good choice for a few reasons. 

The first reason why a cat back exhaust is a popular modification is that it increases airflow. Most cars are fitted with mufflers that not only reduce the car’s noise but also restrict airflow that restricts the power output. As a result, you’ll notice a 10%-20% increase in horsepower and torque.

Secondly, a cat back exhaust system will likely improve your car’s fuel efficiency for the same reason it increases its power output.

Lastly, the reason why cat back exhaust systems are a popular choice is that they significantly improve how the car sounds. For many car enthusiasts, a cat back exhaust system will provide exactly the type of aggressive sound that’s expected from a modified car.

Universal Lip Spoiler

Installing a universal lip spoiler is one of the easiest and most affordable exterior modifications you can do. A lip spoiler will add the impression of a lowered stance without necessarily lowering your car. Because of the material they’re made of, they also protect the lower side of your bumper from scratches and are fairly resistant to cracking. 

Universal lip spoilers are either glued to the front bumper with double-sided tape or in some cases, they’re screwed in, depending on the model of lip spoiler you choose. Aside from aesthetic improvements, a universal lip spoiler will also increase downforce. In regular daily driven cars, this feature won’t be noticeable unless you use your car on the track, and you previously did modifications to your car that significantly increased power and handling capabilities.

Oil Cooler Kit

If you keep your car stock with no power increase modifications, you won’t benefit from installing an oil cooler kit. On the other hand, if you plan on modifying your car and using it on the track, an oil cooler kit will prevent oil degradation, thus preventing internal component failure and engine wear. 

Installing an oil cooler kit isn’t too complicated, however, it will take a few hours, and you’ll need some tools to do the installation properly. If you’re planning on adding this feature to a car you’re occasionally using on the track, make sure to get a kit that includes a thermostat that allows oil cooling only when it’s needed. If the oil is additionally cooled even when you’re using your car for commuting, you’ll risk damaging your car’s engine because the oil won’t be able to reach optimal operating temperature.

Precision Short Shifter

The last item on our list is a precision short shifter. This modification doesn’t affect the car’s performance or handling, but it allows the driver to reduce the time between shifting gears, thus improving lap times.

Aside from this, installing a short shifter has a few more benefits, such as an improved look of the car’s interior, and less movement while shifting gears. Installation isn’t too complicated, however, it will take some time depending on the make and model of your car. Most short shifter kits include a plastic bushing that will additionally improve shifting precision compared to the stock bushing that might have already deteriorated over time.

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